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The World of Darkness Merits and Flaws

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This page contains ALL of the World of Darkness Merits and Flaws. Merits and Flaws for Vampire the Masquerade, Garou, Ghoul, Kinkfolk ect. The list goes on. Click on the above links to take you to you to your desired area.


Acute Sense
You have exceptionally sharp hearing, smell, vision or taste. The difficulties of all dice rolls that relate to the sense in question (e.g. Perception +Alertness to hear a faint noise, taste poison in food or see an oncoming attacker) are decreased by two. Combined with Auspex, this Merit can grant truly superhuman sense. This Merit can be purchased multiple times (a Cainite could have Acute Vision and Acute Taste for instance).

Additional Discipline
You can take one additional Discipline (Storyteller discretion) as if it were a clan Discipline . All costs to learn that Discipline are paid out as if it were native to your clan. A character can not take this merit more than once.

Alternate Identity
In addition to your normal identity, you�ve taken up an alternate role that allows you to run with another group or sect of vampires. This other self has a believable history and back-story that can stand up to at least cursory checks, and he is accepted at face value (more or less) by his associates. However, you sire, Allies, Contacts, etc. don�t know you maintain this second identity, and treat this "stranger" accordingly.

You have a high degree of off hand dexterity, and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. The normal penalty for using both hands at once to perform different tasks (such as fighting with a weapon in each hand) is a +1 difficulty for the "right" hand and a +3 difficulty for the other hand.

Animal Affinity
You've an innate understanding of & rapport w/ a certain type of animal, such as dogs, bats, rats, cats or wolves. Animalism & Animal Ken rolls w/ these animals have their difficulty reduced by 2.

Assamite - Marijava Contact
You have an ally who is a member of the Marijava ghoul family, and can be called upon for a favor from time to time. Likewise, your Marijava friend may call upon you for help occasionally. The clan is aware of this relationship and will normally grant you leave to help your ally (knowing that you have given your word to do so),provided that the clan�s interests are not compromised in the process. The Storyteller creates the ghoul character, but should not reveal Trait score and other game-sensitive information to you.

Assamite - Multicultural
The Assamites have spread over an immense amount of territory, and they have encountered a wider array of cultures than many other clans can conceive of. Either in life or unlife, you have traveled among many different cultures and gained an almost instinctive understanding of how to blend in and not offend. You enjoy a -1 difficulty bonus on all attempts to move smoothly through a foreign society (though speaking the language is still a function of Linguistics), as you reflexively come across as familiar and knowledgeable in areas where other outlanders would be at a loss. This also applies to such tasks as appearing native in an area where you don't belong (such as a French Assamite hiding from German Ventrue pursuers in the markets of Constantinople).

Assamite - Unconquered Ally
You have a friend and ally among the Unconquered. The Storyteller creates this character, but should not reveal any information to you beyond that warranted by the two character�s acquaintance. Your Unconquered ally may be called upon for assistance and may also enlist your support from time to time. Naturally, neither of you may do anything which endangers your side of the clan without incurring the considerable wrath of your superiors.

Assamite - Unconquered Ally
You have a friend and ally among the Unconquered. The Storyteller creates this character, but should not reveal any information to you beyond that warranted by the two character�s acquaintance. Your Unconquered ally may be called upon for assistance and may also enlist your support from time to time. Naturally, neither of you may do anything which endangers your side of the clan without incurring the considerable wrath of your superiors.


Baby Face or Sanguine Humor
You look more human than other vampires, enabling you to fit in the human world much more easily. Your skin is pink, you never really stopped breathing (even though you don�t need to), and even sneezing comes naturally. You can make your heart beat as long as you have at least one Blood Point. This Merit cannot be taken by Nosferatu.

Bali - Apostate
It is said that dread Shaitan himself forged the ranks of the first followers of Baal from those Cainites of other lineages he could sway to his side. The practice continued to this day; a substantial minority of the bloodline are not Baali by blood at all, but rather, stem from n adopted parentage - converts to the Baali banner. This unpredictable and versatility of talents has proven to be one of the infernalists greatest strengths - but it does not always benefit those diverse within the bloodline. Characters with this Merit started their unlives as descendants of other blood, later converting to the Baali creed, or are sufficiently close decent from one such convert so as to maintain some link to her ancestral clan affinities. Apostates may replace either Obfuscate or Presence with any one Discipline, as appropriate to her ancestral clan. (Daimonon is innate and cannot be replaced). Furthermore, Apostate Baali can still pass with relative ease for member of other clans. A determined effort will still root out an Apostate, but how many Cainites are willing to make that sort of effort? The one negative to this Merit is strictly a political drawback. Apostate Baali are forever barred from leadership roles in the bloodline because of their "inferior" blood.

Baali - Unholy Aura
The other side of Infernal Aura�s coin, Unholy Aura allows a Baali to remain undaunted by most expressions of True Faith, The stench of spiritual corruption surrounding the Baali is literally so strong that holy things cannot abide it. Minor relics crumble to dust in the Baali�s hand, holy men and women flee his gaze (or suffer horrible consequences), and even consecrated places can be tuned to evil by the Baali�s mere presence. Any being with True Faith who faces a Baali with Unholy Aura must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or else flee the scene in terror. A botch on the roll indicates that the Baali�s infernal power has literally reached out to taint the victim, causing some sort of injury (stigmata are popular) or even stripping True Faith away.

The Beast is in you, but you know how to direct and make use of it. You have the capacity to frenzy at will, and this able to ignore your wound penalties. However, you must pay the consequences of your actions while in frenzy, just as you normally would. Your chance of entering an unwilling frenzy is also unaffected.

You can ward off the effects of Presence up to level 7. However, there is one type of person who can use presence on you, and it will work, no matter what. For example, a female Toreador singer.

Blush of Health or Baby Face
You look more hale and health in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend with human society much more easily. You still retain the color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cold to the touch.

Someone owes you a favor. The vampire in your debt might be the lowliest neonate in the city or might be the prince herself; it all depends on how many points the Merit costs. You only have that single favor owed to you (unless you take the Merit multiple times), so using it properly id of paramount importance. Depending on status and other factors, the vampire who owes you a favor may well resent his debt, and might go out of his way to "settle" it early - even going so far as to create situations form which he must "rescue" you and thus clear the slate.

Broken Bond
You were once blond bound but have secretly slipped the leash, an you are free to act as you will once more. Your regnant has no idea that you are not in fact bound, and continues to threat you as if you were. At Storyteller discretion, the experience of having been bound once may render you immune to even being enthralled again.

Your appearance is sufficiently thug-like to inspire dear or at least disquiet in those who see you. While you�re not necessarily ugly per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you. You are at -1 difficulty on all Intimidation rolls against those who have not demonstrated their physical superiority to you.

Brujah - Bearing of Kings
Unlike their primarily rivals the Lasombra and Ventrue, Brujah do not concern themselves with Embracing mortals of noble lineage. The Zealots, more than any other clan, encourage humans to influence change for their own well-being, rather than that of vampiric masters. Such leaders as the Brujah seek require rare qualities. While they may not possess a single drop of noble blood certain Brujah possess a force of personality that could make the most confident of monarchs show deference. A Brujah with this Merits is at -2 difficulty for all rolls involving Presence.

Brujah - Compassionate
You have the moral character of the Brujah of old, the proud warrior-poets who did what they did because their hearts called to them. If you ever fail a Conscience (but not Conviction) toll, you may spend a point of Willpower and attempt the roll again, at a difficulty of I higher than the last. If you succeed on this roll, it counts as if you succeeded on the first. You may do this only once per Conscience roll; you must accept the results of the re-roll. If you botch this second roll, you lose one permanent point of Willpower in addition to any consequences of the failed Conscience roll.

Brujah - Dynamic Personality
People are drawn to you, due to some characteristic appeal you exude. You may purchase additional Backgrounds using your experience points at the end of each story - two experience points earn you one Background dot from the following group: Allies, Contacts, Herd, Retainers.

Brujah - Fury�s Focus
Whether they accept the truth of it or not, susceptibility to frenzy is a distinguished characteristic of the Brujah. Certain brethren of the clan, through their devotion to Entelechy, have more fully integrated their awareness of Beast and Self. While unable to resist the call of the Beast any more than their less disciplined brothers, these Brujah can for a brief time control he direction their frenzies take, A player with this Merit must spend a Willpower point and roll her Self-Control or Instincts at a difficulty one higher than the original difficulty to resist frenzy. For each success achieved the character may control her actions for one turn.

Brujah - Mentors Tutelage
The character has a scholarly mentor, not necessarily his sire but one with the patience and resources to school the character in various courses of study. At the end of each story, so long as the player has extended contact with his patron, the player may roll as many dice as he has in the mentor Background (difficulty 10 minus the characters Intelligence). For each success, the character gains one experience point to spend on increasing a Knowledge. No more than half the points spent to increase a Knowledge can be from use of this Merit. Obviously, a Brujah with this Merit must posses at least one dot in Mentor.

You�re part of the brute squad the local sheriff calls on when he needs some muscle. As a result, you get in on action that others miss entirely, score points with those in power, and occasionally get a change to act outside the law. How far outside the law the sheriff is willing to let you go depends on circumstance and how much the sheriff likes you.


Calm Heart
You are naturally calm and well-composed, and do not easily fly off the handle. Raise the difficulties of all your frenzy rolls by two, no matter how the incident is provoked.

Capable Assistant
You have another vampire who acts as your right hand in everything. She's loyal, capable & powerful enough to stand against those in her way. She may be Blood Bound to you, but would serve your will anyway.

Cappadocians - Prescience
Some Cappadocians bear the strange gift of foresight, though their revelations are brief and dim, Prescience gives little insight of immediate or tactical value, but it does prepare the vampire somewhat for the future. This insight may be anything form knowing whether or not an individual may be trusted, recognizing an object of value, or any other effect that the Storyteller will allow for the sake of the story. The exact nature of the characters premonitions are handled by the Storyteller. It is worthwhile to note that the Grave robbers visions are not "possible futures". Rather, they are murky and vague fragments of a definite time to come.

Cappadocians - Giovanni Lineage
The Cappadocians have recently Embraced key members of the Venetian Giovanni family. These necromancer-merchants posses a keen insight into what may one night become a legitimate Discipline, and their Embrace encourages its development. Characters with Giovanni Lineage may take and learn the founding Discipline of Necromancy as an additional clan Discipline. Giovanni characters may not begin a chronicle any lower than 11th generation, nor may they take Prescience or Mad Visions; they peculiarities are curiously absent among Giovanni Cappadocians.

You own a castle w/ at least 50 rooms & maybe as many as 500. You also control a large estate around the castle. The servants, if you have any, are provided for if you choose this Merit. The castle can be in as poor or as good condition as you wish. The more inhabited it appears to be, the more attention it will garner.

Catlike Balance (Banned currently)
You possess an innately perfect sense of balance. Characters with this Merit reduce difficulties of all balance related rolls (e.g. Dexterity + Athletic to walk along a narrow ledge) by two.

Celebrated Lineage
Your mortal lineage brings you certain status, even if you may have fallen far from the tree. You get some preferential treatment at tourneys and at court, and troubadours will pay special attention to you. In circumstances where she judges it appropriate, the Storyteller may give you a -1 diff bonus on social rolls. This is a variable merit, where cost indicates the repute of your lineage. A 1 pt version indicates that your family is relatively minor but said to descend from heroic stock. A 4pt version indicates that you are a recognized member of one of the prominent royal houses of Europe, such as those of Anjou or Aquitaine. Note that this Merit does not indicate your own reputation or power, only that of your relatives.

Charmed Existence
Your unlife is somehow protected, and you do not face the perils that others must. It could be that you are simply lucky. Whatever the reason, you may ignore a single "one" on every roll you make. This makes it far less likely that you will ever botch, and grants you more successes than others obtain.

Childe, Loyal
Your childe loyalty goes beyond any Blood Bond, being born of true affection and admiration. She would do almost anything to aid you, and you trust her as you do no other among the Kindred. You would be grief-stricken should anything happened to her.

Church Rank
You were part of the Church in life, and somehow maintain the illusion that you still live, thereby still possessing some of the advantages of church rank. You can influence local politics to some extent, an locals respect you as a representative of God. One point of this Merit might mean you are a summoner or deacon; 2 a monk, nun or pardoner. Three points represent a local friar or ranking monk. Higher ranks - these ranks carry a great amount of influence and a grave level of responsibility.

Church Ties
You have influence and contacts in some local churches, and have them means to create protest rallies and raise money. The more you use your ties of course, the greater your risk of being found out.

Clan Friendship
For any number of different reasons - appearance, bearing, background, or demeanor - something about you appeals to members of a clan other than your own (your choice). The difficulties of all rolls related to social dealings with members of this clan are two less. This can be a two edged sword: you are also marked by others as a sympathizer with that clan, whether you like it (or deny it!) or not. For 4 points: One particular clan (not your own) has a special liking for you. You might have done the clan as a whole a favor at some point, or perhaps you�re just a loud voice in support of their aims. Whatever the cause, you�re at -2 difficulty on Social rolls involving members of the clan in question. Of course, the reaction your cozy relationship with another clan is likely to draw from your own clan leaders is an entirely different can of worms.

Clear Sighted
You can see through all levels of Kindred Obfuscate, Chimerstry & other related Disciplines or Gifts w/ a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty of the opposing power's level + 3)

Code of Honor
You have a personal code of ethics to which you strictly adhere. Even when you are in frenzy, you will attempt to obey it (an thus get three extra dice to your Self-Control rolls when in danger of violating your code). You can automatically resist most temptations that would bring you in conflict with your code.

Coldly Logical
While some might refer to you as a "cold fish" you have a knack for separating factual reporting from emotional or hysterical coloration. You may or may not be emotional yourself, but you can see clearly when others are clouding the facts with their feelings (-1 difficulty on all Sense Deception and related rolls)

Common Sense
You have a significant amount of practical, everyday wisdom. Whenever you are about to do something contrary to common sense., the Storyteller should alert you to how your potential action might violate practicality. This is an ideal Merit if you are a novice player because it allows you to receive advice from the Storyteller concerning what you can and cannot do, and (even more importantly) what you should and should not do.

Computer Aptitude
You are familiar with and talents in the uses of computer equipment. Other Kindred may not understand computers, but to you they are intuitive. All rolls involving computers at -2 difficulty for you.

You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances. Any penalty to a difficulty or Dice Pool arising from a distraction or other inauspicious circumstance is limited to two, though no extra benefits are gained if only one penalty die is imposed.

Corporate Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in the local corporate community. You understand the dynamics of money in the city and have links with all the major players. In times of need, you can cause all sorts of financial mayhem, and can raise considerable amounts of money (in the form of loans) in a very short period of time.

Corporation CEO
You have a particular influence and sway over a major corporation and associated companies, just as if you were its chief executive officer. Indeed, you may have owned this company before your Embrace, and retained your control. Through this corporation, you know much that takes place in the corporate community, and have the means to wage economic warfare. This Merit provides you with some informal Contacts and Resources, the exact extent of which are determined by the Storyteller.

Crack Driver
You have a natural affinity with driving motorized wheeled vehicles, such as cars, 18 wheelers and other tractors. The difficulty of all rolls requiring risky or especially difficult driving maneuvers are two less.

It is known that you once donned the crusaders cross and successfully returned from the Holy Land, having done your duty to God. In all likelihood you joined forces of Richard the Lion-Hearted and Philip Augustus in the Third Crusade and may even have seen Jerusalem (although not freed it). This accomplishment gives you special standing and repute among those knights, lords and ladies who never made the journey to Out Remer. Jongleurs may request you share stories that they may turn into fanciful tales, and others may ask your opinion about events in the Latin Kingdoms or Iberia. You gain a -1 diff on social rolls in circumstances where a crusading background comes into play and on Knowledge rolls related to the region and events you experienced. Note that in some areas, the courts and tourneys may be bursting with former crusaders, making this Merit so common as to be meaningless.


Danger Sense
You have a sixth sense that warns you of danger. When you are in danger, the Storyteller should make a secret roll against your Perception + Alertness; the difficulty depends on the remoteness of the danger. IF the roll succeeds, the Storyteller tells you that you have a sense of foreboding. Multiple successes may refine the feeling and give and indication of direction, distance or nature. This Merit is more reliable and specific than Level One Auspex power, the two can be combined to create and even more potent warning system.

You are good at taking risks, and even better at surviving them, When attempting exceptionally risky actions (such as leaping form one moving car to another), characters with this Merit add an additional three dice to their rolls, and negate a single botch die that may result from such a roll. Generally, such action must be at least difficulty 8 and have the potential to inflict at least three health levels of damage if failed.

Debt of Gratitude
An elder owes your gratitude because of something either you or your sire did for her. The depth of gratitude the elder owes depends on how many points the player wishes to spend. One point might mean an elder owes the character a favor, three points might mean that she owes the character her unlife.

Deceptive Aura
Your aura is unnaturally bright and colorful for a vampire. You register as a mortal on all attempts to read your aura.

You have a great destiny, though you may well not realize it. Your destiny will become more and more apparent as the chronicle continues. Prophesies and dreams guide your way, and grant you clues to your ultimate goal. The sense of direction and security helps you overcome fear, depression and discouragement caused by anything nor relevant to your destiny. Until your destiny is fulfilled, you may suffer setbacks, but nothing will thwart you permanently. How this played is up to the Storyteller.

You were once of the Cainite Heresy, but no longer. You have had the scales lifted from your eyes, and you see the faith for the insidious monster that it truly is. You now devote your efforts to destroying the Heresy, and you have the advantage of knowing how it (or at least the fraction of it to which you were exposed) truly works. You work as openly as you can, trying to raise allies (mostly unwitting) and expose corruption without destroying yourself in the process. Nevertheless, the Heresy has noticed your efforts, and may well make efforts to end the threat you represent very soon...

The prince has given you exclusive rights to a piece of territory. The size and importance of that territory are in direct proportions to the cost of the Merit. A few blocks worth of row-houses might be worth two points, while four square blocks in the cities financial district could be worth four.

Double-Jointed (Banned Currently)
You are unusually supple, Reduce the difficulty of any Dexterity roll involving body flexibility by two. Squeezing through a tiny space is one example of a use for this Merit.

"Downey" is Victorian slang for a practiced liar and deceiver. Each level of this merit, up to a maximum of three levels, adds one die to social tests involving deceit and manipulation.

Dual Nature
You have two distinct Nature, both of which have an influence on your personality and behavior. When you pick these Natures, be careful to choose Archetypes that are somewhat compatible. Dual Nature does not mean schizophrenia (that is a Derangement). This Merit allows you to regain Willpower using both Natures. You may still choose a Demeanor, and it can be as different from the characters Natures as the player desires.


Early Riser
You always seem to be the first to rise & the last to go to bed. You always get up at least an hour before everyone else, even stay up until dawn. You seem to have the ability to exist on less rest.

Eat Food
You can eat food, an aptitude you picked up early in your undead existence. Although you peers may find this disgusting you can pass for living with much greater ease.

Ecclesial Rank
In addition to being a member of the Society of Leopold, you are also a member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. This Merit determines your standing within the hierarchy. Note that anyone possessing a high rank within the Church is usually at least in their mid 30's.

This is a Merit of dubious benefit. You are prone to the features of religious ecstasy: stigmata, glossarial (speaking in tongues), visions & trances, et al. While some may distrust your religious hysteric, you'll be highly regarded among other Inquisitors as "touched by God" Add one die to any rolls involving social interactions in the Society.

Although you're steadfast in your own faith, you recognize the working of the Holy Spirit, which "bloweth where it liseth," in other religions. Usually, when using True Faith, you must use a holy symbol from your own religious tradition.

Efficient Digestion
You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood. Every two Blood Points ingested increase your Blood Pool by three. Round down so leftover halves are ignored. For instance, taking four Blood Points raises the Blood Pool by six, and so does taking five Blood Points.

Eidetic Memory
You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail. By gaining at least one success on an Intelligence + Alertness roll (you can recall any desired sight or sound accurately, even if you hear it or glanced at it only once (though the difficulty of such a feat would be high). Five successes enable you to recall an event perfectly: the Storyteller relates to you exactly what was seen or heard.

Elysium Domain
You control some part of the city's Elysium. You're its recognized protector & in many ways it's considered your domain. However, it doesn't belong to you & other Kindred can enjoy it freely. While this merit involves some measure of responsibility, you can enjoy this Elysium domain at your leisure & you gain respect & Status as its protector.

Elysium Regular
You spend an unusual amount to time at the various Elysium�s in your city. You see and are seen to such an extent that all of your movers and shakers of Elysium know who you are. Extended time spent in Elysium also gives you extended opportunities to interact with the harpies and other Kindred of that stature - and they�ll know your name when you approach them.

Enchanting Voice
There is something about your voice cannot ignore. When you command, they are cowed. When you seduce they swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, pausing or simply talking, your voice commands attention. The difficulties of all die rolls involving the use of the voice to pursued, charm or command are reduced by two.

You have taken at least the first few steps on the steep and complex road to Golconda. Although you have by no means achieved this exhaled state of being, you are more aware of the proper approach than the vast majority of your kind will ever be. Much of your time is spent in the quest for further information on Golconda and on attempting to progress towards this distant goal.

Making money comes easy to you & you know what it takes to succeed in business. All rolls that involve acquiring money through business reduce their difficulty by 2.

Exceptional Steed
You own a warhorse of supreme quality, one with greater speed or courage than the norm. It also has a special bond with you, and you receive a -1 difficulty bonus on all Animal Ken rolls with it and on Ride rolls that involve stunts on one kind or another (simply chasing an opponent does not qualify, but jumping a hedge to do so does). The 2 point version of this Merit indicates an exceptional but natural warhorse; the 3 point version indicates a ghoul horse. Note that you must have Animal Ken 1 or Animalism to purchase the 2 point version. You should develop a background for this steed. Where did you get it? Who trained it? If it is a ghoul, what dangerous qualities has it developed?

Extremist Group
You have both Influence over & Contacts within an extremists group of some sort. This could be a group of insane survivalists w/ a cause. some hate groups or a terrorist group. This group provides you w/ assistance & possibly even agents to handle your dirty work. It may also provide you w/ ties to similar groups. The more often you use your ties, the weaker they grow.


Faerie Affinity
Your presence does not frighten faeries; indeed it attracts them, and you are naturally attuned to their ways. You are able, unlike most Kindred, to enter Arcadia, the mystical kingdom of the faeries, provided you find an entrance.

Family Member
A member of your mortal family is also a vampire. You have a good relationship w/ that member & he'll come to your aid if you call. However, he may also call upon you for aid someday. If the family member is close by, this is a 2 Pt Merit. If the family member is in your pack, it's a 3 Pt Merit.

Fast learner
You learn very quickly, and pick up on new things faster than most. You gain one extra experience point at the conclusion of each story (not each a game session)

Fist of God
With this Merit, sometimes called the "Witch-Hammer" you can cause aggravated damage to a Kindred or other supernatural creatures by simply striking him/her. Work with your Storyteller to create a good reason fort his effect, and how it developed. The damage done is standard Brawling damage, only its considered aggravated against supernatural�s. Only mortals with a Humanity of seven or higher may purchase (or keep) this Merit.

Former Ghoul
You were introduced to the Blood long before you were made Kindred. Your long experience as a ghoul gives you insight into and comfort with vampiric society. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls when in the presence of other neonates (particularly those who haven�t been educated by their sires), and have a standing -1 difficulty on rolls relating to knowledge of the Kindred.

Fountain of Life
The healing power of God runs through you. Non-aggravated damage (normally an irrelevant distinction for mortals, who have no supernatural means of healing damage) heals as though it is one level less. if you're wounded, you'll heal in one week. if you're bruised, you will heal in a matter of hours. If you're not wounded, then those under your medical care will heal at your enhanced rate as well. Note that this might seem "miraculous," but it will not be scientifically verifiable. You wont get canonized for this. Unfortunately, vampires find your blood particularly strong & tasty: twice as potent as that of other mortals, in fact. Even better, you heal more quickly. Vampires consider you in the same manner you look at an all you can eat buffet.

Friend of the Underground
While you�re not a Nosferatu, you know your way around the sewers, tunnels, ducts, subway tubes and other subterranean passages of your home town. The local Nosferatu (and any other creatures dwelling down in the muck) may not actually like you, but they�re not inclined to kill you on sight when they see you in their territory. You are at -1 difficulty on all Sewer Lore rolls, and rolls involving the subterranean world (sneaking from place to place underground routes, finding routes into sub-basements and so on). Nosferatu cannot purchase this Merit.

Friendly Face
You have a face that remained everyone of someone, to the point where strangers are inclined to be well-inclined toward you because of it. The effect doesn�t fade if you explain the "mistake" leaving you at -1 difficulty on all appropriate Social-based rolls (yes for Seduction, no for Intimidation, for example) when a stranger is involved. This Merit only functions on a first meeting.


Garou - Ancestor Ally
You are strongly linked to one particular Past Life; the diff to channel him is -2. Create the ancestor, give him a name, abilities for which he was known and decide how renowned he was among other Garou. You must have the Background: Past Life to purchase this Merit.

Garou - Animal Magnetism
You are especially attractive to others of your breed. You receive a -2 diff on seduction or animal attraction rolls.

Garou - Bad Taste
You�re just plain nasty. Your flesh exudes oils tasting so bad that anyone whose mouth parts touch you becomes nauseated. The would-be biter must make a successful Willpower roll each turn for the remainder of the scene or be unable to act while he is retching. Lupus and wolves may react poorly to you, they obviously won�t lick you. These oils aren�t odorous in any way, but you must, constantly wipe oily sweat from yourself.

Garou - Compensatory Senses
If your metis deformity involves weakened senses, such as being hard of hearing or lacking a sense of smell, another sense group has gotten a bit stronger in order to compensate. Choose another sense group and lower the diff by 2 for any rolls that involve that sense.

Garou - Elemental Affinity
You are tied to one of the four elements, earth, air, fire or water. You feel especially attuned to that element and can derive certain powers from that bond. Storytellers who wish to emphasize this connection may add other benefits, but should also require greater maintenance of the tie such as services to be rendered.

Garou - Fair Glabro
Your Glabro form can pass for Homid, albeit a large and bulky one. You lose no Social Attributes when in Glabro.

Garou - Favor
An elder Garou owes you a favor for some reason. The extent of the favor depends on the Merit�s value. 1pt being a minor favor, 3pt being the elder owes you their life.

Garou - Immune to Wyrm Emanations
You have a special boon from Gaia: You are immune to the toxins of the Wyrm. You receive no penalty from supernatural radiation, balefire, Wyrm elementals and the like. Likewise, you are immune to Bane possession. Your sept recognizes this invulnerability and thrusts you into many dangerous perils with the expectation that you will use your immunity for the good of others.

Garou - Intertribal Fosterage
You are of one tribe, but were fostered in another. You may choose your tribal Gifts from among those available to either tribe and may learn skills usually only known to nations associated with the other tribe.

Garou - Local Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in local circles of some sort. This can be from government to business, the level of the Merit will determine what it is. Please speak with your Storyteller about taking this flaw.

Garou - Longevity
Gaia has blessed you with a long life. You do not suffer aging effects until you are 90 years old or more. You can expect to reach 120 to 130 years of age barring death in combat.

Garou - Mixed-morph
It is easy for you to transform certain body parts only, such as a hand to a claw while you remain in Homid form or changing your Lupus vocal cords into a human voicebox. Your diff for such changes is only at 6.

Garou - Metamorph
You find it extremely easy to change forms and can do it even in your sleep. You do not need to roll to shift forms nor do you need to spend a Rage point to instantly assume a desired form. In addition, if ever you were knocked unconscious you can make a roll of Wits + Primal Urge (diff 8) to assume whatever form you wish instead of reverting to your breed form.

Garou - Moon-Bound
You are especially tied to your auspice, and when Luna is in the waxing phase of your auspice, you receive an extra die on all rolls. However, when your moon phase is waning, you lose one die on all rolls.

Garou - Natural Channel
You find the Gauntlet between worlds thinner than most Garou do. Your diff to step sideways is one less, and spirits react a bit more favorably to you. Even if you aren�t a Theurge, you won�t find it difficult to obtain training from the Garou shamans.

Garou - Phantom Mask
Your metis deformity is concealable with some work. For example, you may be able to hide your third eye under a scarf. This serves you just fine, unless the other werewolves find out. They�ll hate you for being a coward in addition to whatever prejudices they have against metis, and you�ll be the object of particular scorn by other metis.

Garou - Prosthesis
If your character has a physical deformity or missing limbs, you�ve somehow obtained prosthetics to compensate. This does not mean your deformity is cured. However, these prosthetics may help offset some of your penalties when worn.

Garou - Silver Tolerance
You have an immunity of sorts to silver. You are able to soak silver, although it still causes you aggravated damage. Also, any Gnosis loss from carrying silver items is halved for Garou with this Merit. Instead of losing one Gnosis for every silver item you possess, you lose one Gnosis for every pair of silver items.

Garou - Unnoticed
Maybe they�re just being polite, or else your deformity doesn�t matter to them. Whatever the reason, humans, including Kinfolk, tend to ignore your metis deformity. Some may even find it enticing or exotic. Werewolves, on the other hand, tend to look at you askance. Wolves are even less forgiving.

Garou - Black Furies - Caern Child
A Garou character with this Merit, was born during a Rite of Bearing the Caern. This birth alone is considered to be a very strong positive omen; the character receives +1 die on all Social rolls when dealing with Garou of her home sept. Additionally, the totem spirits of the caern to which the character was born pay special attention to her; she receives 1 point in the Totem background for free, so long as her pack�s totem is one of the sept�s totem spirits. This background does bring negative attention to the character as well. Should she fail in any task the Theurges and Galliards of her home sept are likely to wail and gnash their teeth, as the character�s fate is said to be linked to that of the caern. The character may receive a mentor or two that she didn�t seek out or ask for, due to the sept�s need to keep her safe and strong. She is certain to receive unwelcome attention from the local Wyrm population, who believe - probably quite rightly - that the first step to corrupting the new caern is to force the character down the Black Spiral, corrupting her rather than killing her outright.

Garou - Black Furies - Camp Affinity/Enmity (Merit OR Flaw)
Camp Affinity indicates that a particular camp of Black Furies has a particular fondness toward you. Perhaps you did them a great favor, or perhaps they are trying to sway you to join their group. Regardless, you have a -1 diff on Social rolls when interacting with that camp. You should not be a member of this camp when you first take this merit, although you can shift into that camp during play as the chronicle permits. - Camp Enmity indicates that a particular camp of Black Furies has it in for you. This works best when the character is a member of a particular camp to which the other camp already has some opposition, like the Sisterhood and the Order of Our Merciful Mother, or the Bacchantes and the Amazons of Diana. Or perhaps you�re not in a given camp, but you have done something to give offense to one. No matter the cause, this Flaw gives you a +1 diff on Social rolls when interacting with that camp.

Garou - Black Furies - Infertile ( Merit OR 3pt Flaw)
Your character is infertile, for whatever reason; perhaps she contracted a virulent disease as a youth, suffered from battle scars to the abdomen, or was the victim of a botched abortion before her First Change. She cannot bear any children. This is the cause of some lowering of status within the Black Furies; she loses 1 point of Honor Renown. If the character has never borne any children, then she will be considered a Maiden until such time as she goes through menopause and becomes a Crone - this is the 3pt version of the Flaw. She cannot learn any Mother Gifts or rites. If the character has had children, and simply can have no more, this is only a 1pt Flaw. At the Storyteller�s option, depending on the traditions of the sept, the latter version of this Flaw may lead to the character�s being considered a Crone.

Garou - Black Furies - Unusually Fertile
The character with this merit is far more likely to become a parent than another Garou is. While Garou are not substantially less fertile than humans are, a Garou with Unusually Fertile is twice as likely as an average human to either become pregnant or cause a pregnancy after a single unprotected sexual encounter. The children of a character with this Merit are no more likely to be Garou than are the children of another character not so blessed. The specific effects of the Merit are best left to the Storyteller and player involved, especially if the character is female. For obvious reasons, metis may not take this Merit.

Garou - Bone Gnawer - Ratkin Buddies
You poor bastard. Ratkin like you. For some reason, an entire pack of them has taken a personal interest in you. On a good day, they�ll swarm into your life and solve one of your pesky little problems, sometimes however making it into another problem all together. Sometimes even taking care of an enemy for you. However on bad days, they might show up at your place for shelter, east all your food, borrow your stuff or generally raise hell. No more than one Garou in a pack can take this Merit.

Garou - Bone Gnawer - Shame
Your distant Garou ancestors weren�t Bone Gnawers. The good news is that you can still draw upon the strength of a few of your more esteemed ancestors. The bad news is that elders may learn of or even recognize your shameful lineage. Each time you meet an elder for the first time..roll perm Glory against a diff of (your Rank +5). If the roll scores even 1 success, your family�s dark past is revealed. You then gain +2 diff on all Social rolls with elders in that sept.

Garou - Bone Gnawer - Struggling
By hard work and diligence, you�ve gotten yourself off the streets. You can�t have points in the Resources Background, thus mustering up just a few bucks is difficult for you. At the start of each chapter, the Storyteller rolls your Wits (diff 6) for every 2 successes you gain a temporary 1 point in Resources for the rest of that chapter. Whether through a botched roll or negligence, you can fall through the cracks again at any moment.

Garou - CoG - Distant Sire
Children of Gaia adopt so many pups that some Children maintain family ties with Garou parents in other tribes. This Merit simply means that you know of a parent who is Garou (not kin) in another tribe. (Male Children may claim sire-right among the Black Furies). The tribe needs to be specified and the Storyteller needs to give permission for you to choose the tribe that you specify. In some cases he may refuse. The Storyteller will create your parent, but will not reveal everything about them to you. In general, this Merit functions as a dot of Allies within another tribe, although it will also tend to spawn its own subplots.

Garou - CoG - Supporter
You inspire all around you to greater efforts. Whether by speaking, writing or leading by example, you give anyone who works with you reason to go on and hope of success. You have a -2 diff to Social rolls and you give any group effort +1 to its total dice pool.

Garou - Get of Fenris - Alcohol Tolerance
The Fianna pride themselves on their brewing, but the Get are still able to show the Fianna a thing or two about drinking. With a successful Stamina roll (diff 7), a Garou with this Merit can shake off the effects of intoxication, suffering no coordination penalties that might normally affect a drunken fighter. This Merit works against all natural intoxicants, through not against poisons. Naturally, a werewolf with this level of tolerance has a much more difficult time getting drunk, which may spoil her fun a bit.

Garou - Red Talons - Homid Ancestor
The character must have at least 1 dot in the Ancestors Background to purchase this Merit. Somewhere in the far-flung mists of the past, you have a human-born relative. Maybe a homid relative of yours bred with a wolf that was Kin to the Red Talons, perhaps a more recent relative was actually born to another tribe. Either way, you have a slightly better grip on human thought than most lupus. Reduce the diff on rolls involving logic and abstract thinking by 1 and the diff on using Ancestors to access Abilities such as Crafts, Melee, Etiquette, and Politics likewise drop by 1. On the minus side, if word of your lineage gets out, you might lose some temporary Honor depending on what kind of sept you live in.

Garou - Red Talons - Winter Garou
You have been chosen as one of the Winter Garou. Unless you are a member of an all-Red Talon pack, you are probably a spy and instigator for your tribe, and are acting under orders from a superior. In game terms, you effectively have Mentor 3, and can expect favors from your tribe. You may also learn Winter Pack Gifts, and receive extra Renown from your tribe for your efforts. However, you are expected to kill humans at any opportunity, and the only excuse that the tribe will except for failing to do so is that your pack was watching and would have discovered your allegiance. If you are ever found out, the Red Talons will either spirit you away or kill you rather than allow the truth of the Winter Council to become common knowledge in the Garou Nation.

Garou - Silent Striders - Long Distance Runner
You must have a minimum Stamina of 4 to purchase this Merit. When running, you may double your normal speed for one hour per point of Stamina. Gifts improving movement are calculated from the new speed. Thus, possession of this Merit and movement-improving Gifts allows you to travel at amazing velocity.

Garou - Silent Striders - Noted Messenger
Your reputation as a reliable and incorruptible messenger precedes you. You can enter most septs unchallenged, as long as you have a message for someone residing there. In addition, few Garou will attempt to hinder you in your duties, and most will let you cross their territories unmolested. However, the mere word of your presence will sometimes stir up rumor and intrigue, as the locals wonder what message it is that you carry.

Garou - Silver Fangs - Notable Heritage
You come from a distinguished family, even by Silver Fang standards. Your family epitomizes the high ideals of your tribe by word and deed. This is not Pure Breed; the noblest families may be of humble birth. Most Garou who know of your family respect it. You are at -1 diff on all Social rolls dealing with Garou who are aware of your family�s reputation.

Garou - Stargazers
The character has been officially recognized as the reincarnation of a famous Garou hero or sage. He thus begins with 3 extra points of temp Renown. If the previous life was a Stargazer, the cost of this Merit is 2pts, for there is a certain amount of social status that comes with it.

Garou - Uktena - Human Tribal Status
You not only maintain an active part in the human community you came from, but you have attained a position of status within that society as a spokesperson, healer, medicine worker or council elder. The number of points you spend determines your relative authority. You must come from a Native American tribe or reside in a distinct ethnic community to purchase this Merit. Lupus and metis Garou may not take this Merit.

Garou - Wendigo - Heart of Sasquatch
You have a gentler spirit than most of your tribe. Those who know you claim that you are a throwback to the manitou of Sasquatch, before he grew bitter and became the cannibal-monster known as Wendigo. You often act as a go-between for fighting Kinfolk or Garou tribes. You get 1 additional success when trying to resist your rage, and have one less effective success on any Rage roll only for the purpose of determining frenzy.

Garou - Wendigo - Spirit Parent
Your mother or father was a spirit. While it was probably a Wind-spirit, it may have been an animal spirit, a plant spirit or any type of spirit. If the spirit was your mother, you may not know the truth immediately. - The character begins with 2 extra points of temp Renown allocated according to the spirit parent - Banes hate the character more than usual and single him out of a pack for assault or punishment - The character has a spiritual boon - The character must take a mild drawback, some not-so-beneficial trait - The cost of the character�s pack to take the parent as its totem is 1 point less than usual.

Gangrel - Without a Trace
The wilderness is your friend, working to hide your passage. You leave no trail to follow as the earth swallows your footprints, and the trees and grasses cover your scent. Even magical means of tracking you are inhibited. You pass through places like the wind, leaving nothing behind but a whisper. Even Lupines have trouble following you. Normal means of tracking you (with Survival, the use of dogs etc) fail automatically. Supernatural methods of tracking you, such as with Auspex, have a chance, but with greater difficulty (+2 diff).

Ghoul - Pale Aura
Due to some quirk of fate or your reaction to the Blood, your aura is naturally pale. Vampires reading your aura via Auspex assume you to be Kindred unless they have strong reason to suspect otherwise. This Merit can be of great use if you wish to impersonate a vampire, but can also cause some very dangerous misunderstandings.

Ghoul - Blood Flaw Immunity
For some reason, you are resistant to the bloodline flaws of any vampire from whom you drink. You can guzzle Nosferatu vitae until your stomach bursts, and your complexion won't suffer a whit.

Ghoul - Benevolent Domitor
You must purchase the Domitor Background to buy this Merit. For whatever reason, your domitor is actually rather fond of you. Perhaps your service has been exemplary, or perhaps you simply remind him of someone in his past -- given the alien nature of the vampire mind, you may never know for sure. Your domitor treats you with some measure of compassion and does not casually endanger your life. Of course, he still expects you to give your life for his if need be, but until that night, the two of you are something akin to friends.

Ghoul - Kinfolk
Whether you know it or not, you are kin to a werewolf tribe. You carry the blood of the Garou in your veins, and your own children may be Garou. For ghouls, being Kinfolk can be an advantage or a hindrance. If purchased as a Merit, then you are still on amicable terms with your relatives (Garou 'and Kinfolk alike). Although they will never allow you to bring any vampire "friends" into their territory (and may well use lethal means to enforce their privacy ), they have an interest in your well-being and give you aid so long as this doesn't compromise their principles. Of course, your kin do not want you to be a ghoul forever, as they would like you to return to their society and raise a family of your own. Typically, only independent ghouls may purchase Kinfolk as a Merit. However, it's more likely that the Garou consider a ghoul Kinfolk to be a serious threat. If bought as a Flaw, then your extended family believes you may compromise their security. They seek either to remove you entirely from your diet and/or domitor's influence, or to kill you as a favor to your corrupted soul. This Flaw earns you dangerous enemies, one from whom your domitor (if any) is very unlikely to intercede and rescue you. This Flaw is more appropriate for vassal ghouls, as no werewolf would agree to let one of their precious Kin be sworn to a vampire. Revenants cannot be Kinfolk, either as a Merit or as a Flaw.

Ghoul - Supernatural Companion
You are allied with a supernatural being, but not a vampire. This may be a werewolf comrade, the ghost of a relative, or even a friendly mage. You may ask for her help in times of need, but she may not always be able to help. She may also require your help at inconvenient times (such is the cost of friendship). It is highly improbable that your allegiance is looked on favorably by her kind, and any Kindred who discovered your relationship would almost certainly disapprove. The Storyteller will create your companion, be it werewolf, wraith, mage or something else entirely, and won't reveal her full capabilities. (Note: This Merit supersedes those of Werewolf Companion and Spirit Mentor in The Vampire Players Guide.)

Ghoul - True Gypsy
The blood of the Rom runs true in your veins. Perhaps you have a Ravnos domitor who chose you for your potential, or perhaps you simply acquired a taste for Kindred blood in your travels. You may purchase Blood Affinities, or other Gypsy only abilities from World of Darkness: Gypsies. Your relatives may or may not approve, depending on the whys and wherefores of your ghouling. Revenants may not purchase this Merit under any circumstances.

Ghoul - Unbondable
You cannot be Blood Bound to a vampire, no matter how often you drink from his veins. This Merit is obviously very useful for one whose powers depend on vitae, and its cost is accordingly high for ghoul characters.

Ghoul - Vicissitude Modifications
Although you may not be talented at the Tzimisce forms of fleshcrafting and boneshaping, at some point you have been... modified into a more warlike form. Generally speaking, you're a szlachra, and most modifications necessitate the purchase of the Flaw: Monstrous. As a role, the Tzimisce make sufficient cosmetic alterations to rain the looks of all their battle-ghouls, even those whose modifications are not in and of themselves hideous. These modifications are permanent unless shaped away by further Vicissitude. Although dangerous, any weaponry causes normal damage only; despite its horrid appearance, your arsenal is still only mortal flesh and bone. You may purchase as many modifications as you can afford, but your social abilities are probably doomed.

Ghoul - Digestive Modifications
You are able to digest any organic material that you can break up and swallow. Your Stamina is treated as two points higher for purposes of resisting ingested poisons.

Ghoul - Spurs
Long bone spurs protrude from your forearms, back and/or legs. You may slash with these for Str + 2 damage; however, they are hard to conceal, and you must subtract three dice from any Social Dice Pools save those involving intimidation.

Ghoul - Carapace
You are covered with bony or horny plates that protect you from attack. You may add two soak dice to your pool, but you must take the Monstrous Flaw.

Ghoul - Patagia
Your bones have been hollowed, and flaps of skin (from yourself or another hapless soul) have been grafted onto your arms, giving you the appearance of a human pterodactyl. You may use these flaps to glide, though you may not actually fly. While gliding, you may not use your arms. Furthermore, you subtract one from all soak pools to resist strikes from fists and blunt weapons, or any other force of concussive damage ( your bones are hollow) . You must take the Monstrous Flaw. Note: Ghouls may never heal Vicissitude modifications, not even with vampire blood. In this respect they are as helpless as mortals. The exceptions are ghouls who themselves possess Vicissitude, though a lowly Zantosa may well find herself helpless to repair the mutilation inflicted by a seventh-generation Tzimisce (to repair Vicissitude alterations, a ghoul must have a level of Vicissitude superior to that of the vampire who inflicted the mutilation).

Ghoul - Virulent Strike
Through strange Thaumaturgical sorcery, unknown rituals or even an odd quirk of your ghoul physiognomy, you have been imbued with the power of the supernatural. You can cause aggravated damage to supernatural creatures by striking them, biting them, raking them with bonecrafted spurs whatever. This is considered standard Brawl damage against mortals, and should normally apply to only one attack form (bite, bone claws, etc.). You should work with the Storyteller to find an explanation for this Merit, and the Storyteller may disallow this Merit entirely if she so chooses.

Giovanni - Sanguine Incongruity
Giovanni manifesting this peculiar trait are quite rare - there are fewer than a dozen reported instances. Those possessing it do not ear the Curse of the Lamia; their Kiss causes no more damage than the blood loss itself. However, these vampires acquire a peculiar pallor upon their Embrace - they look like corpses, and no among of ingestion will flush their features (as other vampires are able to do). Giovanni with this Merit are afforded wide berth, as their Trait is reminiscent of the Cappadocians clan weakness and the Giovanni tend to be quite superstitious about it.

Guardian Angel
Someone or something watches over you and protects you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you have an idea that someone is looking out for you. IN times of great need you may be supernaturally protected. However, one can never count upon a guardian angel. The Storyteller must decide why you are being watched over, and by what (not necessarily an angel, despite the name).


Everyone in the city knows you, and knows that you�re no threat to their plans. While that sort of estimation may seem insulting, it�s also what kept you from being killed. No one considers you worth their time to deal with, and that low opinion keeps you safe. Of you start acting in a way that demonstrates that you are not longer harmless, others� reactions to you will likely change as a result.

You count yourself among the harpies, the vampires who rule the roost in Elysium. Yours is one of the voices that mock, exalt or humble the Kindred of the city.. Your opinion is very influential, which means that you�re going to face all sorts of attempts - from bribes to threats - to change it. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls when acting in your official capacity.

Healing Touch
Normally vampires can only seal the wounds they inflict by licking them. With but a touch, you can achieve the same effect.

Hidden Diablerie
The tell-tale black streaks of diablerie do not manifest in your aura.

Higher Purpose
You have a goal that drives and directs you in everything. You do not concern yourself with petty matters and casual concerns, because your higher purpose is everything. Though you may sometimes be driven by this purpose and find yourself force to behave in ways contrary to the needs of personal survival, it can also grant you great personal strength. You gain two extra dice on all rolls that have anything to do with this higher purpose. You need to decide what your higher purpose is. Make sure you talk it over with the Storyteller first. (If you have the Flaw Driving Goal, you cannot take this Merit).

Holder of Office
You currently hold one of the official Camarilla positions in your city. The degree of the power you possess depends on the cost of the Merit.

You own a number of properties that have been in your possession for years. These have all been modified to provide you with protection, numerous places to rest and emergency escape routes. Although such holdings are often ancient castles, museums and the like, they can also be specifically prepared apartment complexes, mountain lodges, old churches, etc. For every point taken in this Merit you have two such holdings, which can almost anywhere in the world. While the rights to this territory are yours, there are responsibilities that come along with it. If those responsibilities are not met, the prince may well strip you of your holdings.

Holy Aura
Your aura, no matter what color it takes, is unusually brilliant to those who can see it; you're practically a beacon among other mortals, burning w/ a religious devotion. Even those who cannot see auras are immediately drawn to your presence.

Huge Size
You are abnormally large in size, possibly over seven feet tall and 400 pounds in weight. You therefore have one additional Health Level, and are able to suffer more harm before you are incapacitated. Treat this extra Level as an extra Hurt Level, with no penalties to rolls.

Humanity's Window
Although otherwise monstrous in appearance, you retain one striking feature from your mortal life. Beautiful eyes are the feature most commonly presserved this way, but Humanity's Window can encompass any aspect of what you once had, such as a wonderful voice or sensitive fingers. This merit adds one die to the character's dice pool for social interactions with others encountering the character for the first time. It can be purchased only by characters of Appearance 0, such as Nosferatu and Gargoyles.

Hypersensitive Palate
You have an almost supernatural ability to analyze the blood you drink. Any sip of blood you are able to sample allows a single Perception roll (difficulty 7 + [the age of blood in hours]) to detect familiar tastes or distinction. If any successes are scored, the Storyteller may require a second roll to correctly identify the flavors tasted (water from the Thames, French merlot, Lingenwald factory soot, a particular family's blood).


Inconnu Associate
You're friends w/ another Kindred who belongs to the Inconnu. Though you may call upon your friend in times of need, she may call on you as well. Neither of your sects appreciate such relationships, & your leaders would punish you if your friendship were discovered. Arranging methods of communication & meeting places will be difficult.

Innate Magical Ability
You have some sort of magical ability that makes you unique. this ability is different from any normal vampiric power or Discipline. The exact nature of your ability should remain mysterious to you, though you have some say in what that ability is.

Inoffensive to Animals
Animals do not fear or distrust you the way they do most of the Kindred. They treat you as they would any mortal and do not shy from your touch.

Inquisitor - Bitter Blood
The Lord has made your blood bitter to the foul tongues of the undead. One taste of your blood and a vampire will never feed from you again. There�s nothing preventing a vampire from bleeding you just for the fun of it, of course, but you�re the last vessel from which a nightwalker would willingly choose to drink. A vampire taking even one blood point from you must make a Willpower roll (diff 9) to continue doing so, even if starving. A vampire in hunger frenzy, however, will drain you dry without batting an eyebrow.

Inquisitor - Callous-Sensitive
You know well that inquisitors aren�t always the paragons of piety that others expect them to be. Furthermore, when other inquisitors have become Callous, you can sense it. Roll Perception + Empathy (diff 6) any time the character is in the presence of a Callous cohort. Even one success reveals who it is who has fallen to Callousness. At the Storyteller�s discretion, more successes may reveal other information, including the duration of this period of Callousness or just how Callous he is.

Inquisitor - David�s Arm
Your aim is blessed, like David�s when he let loose his sling stone against Goliath. Your perception of distance and understanding of other relevant factors give you a clear advantage on all ranged attacks. Double all benefits gained from aiming.

Inquisitor - Divinely Favored
You are the beneficiary of an extraordinary degree of divine grace. While others seem to suffer Curses as some form of atonement or punishment for their access to divine power, you seem to bear that burden lightly, only rarely gaining the Curses that befall other inquisitors. In addition to whatever other modifiers may come into play, all rolls related to acquiring new Curses are subject to a -2 diff.

Inquisitor - Evangelist
Your joy in your faith is a palpable thing that others can sense. Good Christian folk enjoy being in your company and often come away with their own belief renewed by conversation with you. You have a knack for remembering apt Biblical quotations that help people through their days. You receive a -2 to all Social difficulties when interacting with other God-fearing Christians.

Inquisitor - Gifted Exorcist
You have a talent for forcing demons and other possessing spirits out of physical bodies that do not belong to them. You are probably well known and highly sought after for your abilities in this context. The diff on all exorcism rolls decreases by 3. Furthermore, if conducting the exorcism in conjunction with other inquisitors and one of them botches, you may take the burden upon yourself and expend a permanent Willpower point to prevent the loss of the group�s accumulated successes.

Inquisitor - Grace
Not only do you take great pride in doing God�s work, but you also have the compassion and humanity to avoid the hazards associated with such high levels of Conviction. Your conviction can be up to two points higher than your Piety before you show signs of Callousness. An inquisitor with this Merit will never become Callous if her Piety is 8 or higher.

Inquisitor - Hale
God has granted you a strong constitution, so you may better serve His cause. You are rarely less than robust health and take ill infrequently. Subtract 2 from all difficulties to resist disease, whether natural or supernatural in nature.

Inquisitor - Halo
You are blessed, and it�s unmistakable. You have a halo, not a traditional halo of light so much as a divine aura, actually, but it serves you well. Characters with this merit radiate a sense of divine serenity. While it�s possible to take aggressive action against such a character, those agents of the Devil who would do so must spend 1 Willpower point each time.

Inquisitor - Holy Aura
God�s touch upon you has an odd effect on the people around you. They sense that there is something different about you. The religious are drawn to you and the criminal or heretical tend to avoid you instinctively. However, everybody finds it hard to lie to you or hide his true nature from you. All difficulties on rolls to lie to you or conceal something from you are increased by 2.

Inquisitor - Holy Art Natural
One of the paths of the Holy Art comes very easily for you. For some reason, the Lord has blessed you with a particular aptitude, so that you may serve him better. Whatever the cause, the experience cost for your chosen path is (current rating x4). You need not begin with any dots in your chosen art; if you choose not to, the cost to buy the first dot is 8 experience points.

Inquisitor - Initiate (Merit OR Flaw)
You have agreed to take on a young inquisitor as your student. He does not have any Blessings yet, but he is showing a fine aptitude for the business of inquisition and a firm resolution in the face of the enemy. This is a heavy burden, though, for you are responsible for this child�s soul as well as his life. If Initiate is taken as a Merit, the student is intelligent, faithful and diligent in his studies and prayer. He will fight for you only in the most extreme of circumstances, but willingly does research or runs errands for you when called upon to do so. He may well yet be blessed by the Lord. If taken as a Flaw, the Initiate is a problem who hinders your work. He�s incompetent, lazy, petulant and he lacks dedication to his faith. He can be a danger and a liability to the safety of your chapter.

Inquisitor - Inviolate
Your body is so filled with the Holy Spirit that invading spirits cannot worm their way in. You cannot be possessed by demons, ghosts, vampires, or any other creature. This merit only protects from Dominate 5.

Inquisitor - Order Prodigy
You are perfectly attuned to the wisdom and tenets of your order, so much so that your almost intuitive grasp of your order�s Endowments prevents you from suffering Curses when learning them. Even under difficult or rushed circumstances, you do not acquire Curses from learning your order�s Endowments. Learning the Endowments of other orders, however, still puts you at risk. Murnau and Red Order Characters cannot take this Merit.

Inquisitor - Orthodox
While others adopt Catholicism with one or two tiny private changes that make them feel better about the religion, you accept Catholicism entirely on its own grounds. You are a complete and utter true believer, happily ignoring any evidence that might give you second thoughts about the Church�s theology or its earthly hierarchy. The Powers That Be like you because you accept as God�s own truth whatever they tell you. It�s easy to get along when you accept everything you are told. All social rolls pertaining to representatives of the Church are made at -2 diff, so long as you do as you�re told and wholly embrace the Catholic Church�s stance on everything.

Inquisitor - Pain Resistant
The disciplines of faith, self-denial and mortification have granted you an unusual resistance to pain. Let Satan�s spawn do their worst: The flesh matters not. All wound penalties are reduced by one. (So at the Wounded health level your character loses one die, not two.)

Inquisitor - Pure
Most inquisitors begin play with an Acolyte-level Curse. You, however, do not - Either you have atoned for your sins sufficiently to negate the need for divine retribution, or you simply lead such a blameless life that no contrition is necessary. Whatever the case, you begin with an order Endowment, but no Curse. Obviously, this Merit is not available to characters beginning with their order benefit and drawback in lieu of an Endowment.

Inquisitor - Religious Heritage (Merit OR Flaw)
When taken as a merit, Religious Heritage indicates your family has a history of dedicated service in the Church, with many of your relatives gaining prominent positions through the years. That reputation works to your benefit as well. If taken as a Flaw, however, your family has a dark reputation as heretics, demon thralls or pagans, a problem that taints your name. You receive a -2 to Social difficulties when interacting with members of the Church or anyone else who would be impressed by your lineage (if taken as Merit) or a +2 difficulty on such rolls (if Flaw) . House Murnau characters may not take this Trait.

Inquisitor - Saint�s Conscience
Like all Christians struggling with life, you can make mistakes. On occasion, however, in times of great moral ambiguity, you can pray to God for guidance and receive it. Once per game session when the character is in a morally confusing situation, he can pray and get a clear answer directing him to one course of action that is the most moral. Characters may use this Merit to keep themselves from acting in ways that would lead to Callousness or other similarly negative outcomes. The Storyteller determines which path the character is better off taking and guides him in that direction.

Inquisitor - Talented Liar
Others may give themselves away when they lie. A stammer, a glance at the ground, a quaver in the voice, they all suggest deceit to the would be duped. Not you. You can tell even brazen lies and make them sound entirely truthful. Even old priests have a hard time discerning when you�re lying. If you�re crafty, you may even be able to figure out ways around the Endowments of your fellow inquisitors. All rolls to discern whether or not you�re lying are at a +2 diff. In the case of something really obvious, it is still a +1 diff.

Inquisitor - Tough as Nails
You come from hardy, thick-skinned stock, or perhaps God has favored you. You shrug off damage easier than most. All soak rolls are made at -1 diff.

Inquisitor - Uncanny Logic
All inquisitors have to be able to separate truth from falsehood and right from wrong. You, however, have an uncanny reasoning ability that allows you to take apparently innocuous facts and ruthlessly deduce their true meaning. There is nothing supernatural in this: God has merely granted you an ordered and uncluttered mind that can work through trains of thought more fully than others can manage. All difficulties on rolls involving deduction decrease by 2.

Institutional Control
You begin play with absolute control over one mortal institution of your choice. Either you are the head of this institution, or you have mastered its leader. In the first case, think about how you will retain control without being able to appear to your followers during the day (it may be impossible to remain in command for long). If you control the mortal leader, then think about how you keep him loyal. (Blackmail? The Blood Oath? Dominate? Presence?) The cost of the Merit depends upon the size and power of the institution. Control of a small hermitage with six monks is a 2 point Merit. To control and opulent monastery with 200 brothers is a 5 point Merit. Plausible institutions include: monasteries, friaries (3-5 points) cathedral chapters (monks attached to a cathedral; 5 points), hermitages (2 points), hospitals (hostels for the poor and sick; 3 points), city guilds (2 to 5 points, depending on size and power), city law courts (3 points), etc.

You have keen insight into the ulterior motives of all your actions. Through this nightly exercise, you also have incredible insight into the underlying motives of others� actions. Add two dice to your Perception dice pool when you must take an action against someone with the same Nature or Demeanor as you.

Invisible to Kindred
Your very nature makes it difficult for Kindred to even look at you. To them, you have a Level 1 Obfuscate.

Iron Will
When you are determined and you mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. You cannot be Dominated, nor can your mind be affected in any way by spells or rituals. However, the Storyteller may require you to spend Willpower points when extremely potent powers are directed at you.


You have a large pool of miscellaneous skills and knowledge obtained through your extensive travels, the jobs you�ve held or just all-around know-how. You automatically have one dot in all Skill and Knowledge Dice Pools. This is an illusory level, used only to simulate a wide range of abilities. If the character trains or spends experience in the Skill or Knowledge, he must pay the point cost for the first level a "second time" before raising the Skill or Knowledge to 2.

Judicial Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in the justice system. You know most of the judges as well as the attorneys in the prosecutor�s department , and can affect the progress of various cases and trials with limited difficulty to intervene in a case, you can influence it in one direction or another. These ties can also make it easy to acquire search warrants.


Kinfolk - Feral Appearance
Whether you�re more hirsute than the average person or have a lean, hungry look to your features, the werewolves like what they see. It isn�t a matter of physical beauty; there�s just something about you that stirs their animal natures. You get an extra die on all rolls involving Appearance when dealing with homid Garou, and you are considered to have an extra dot of Charisma among lupus Garou (although you can�t exceed 5).

Kinfolk - Fetish
You own a fetish, one you can actually use. You may have inherited this item, received it as a gift or found it on your own. In any case, the fetish is highly valuable. Fetishes aren�t common among Garou, much less Kin. You and your Storyteller should work together on constructing the item and establish how it came into your possession. 5 points equals a Level One Fetish, 6 points a Level Two and 7 points a Level Three Fetish.

Kinfolk - Gall
Audacity, guts, luck - whatever it�s called, you�ve got it. You aren�t afraid to stand up to anyone, from naughty children to tribal leaders. This isn�t brash, foolhardy behavior, you�re still polite, after all. You simply don�t get the shakes when the Silver Fang Ahroun comes over to speak to you. Many werewolves and Kin respect you for your honesty and forthrightness. Add an extra die to any Social roll involving a display of backbone.

Kinfolk - Gnosis
More than any other blessing, the possession of Gnosis among Kin is a special mark of Gaia�s favor. It�s extremely rare for mortals to be so gifted. Having Gnosis grants many privileges, such as the ability to learn Gifts, use fetishes and in case of a vampire�s Embrace, the chance to die with dignity and honor rather than suffer unlife. Five points spent on the Merit grants one point of Gnosis, 6pt merit gains 2 points of Gnosis and the 7pt merit equals 3 points of Gnosis.

Kinfolk - Good Old Boy
For either gender, this Merit means the same thing: You�re an intrinsically nice person and you genuinely care about your fellows. Depending upon the setting, werewolves and other Kin tend to like you and confide in you. Even lupus Garou may approach you in a friendly manner; something about you just seems trustworthy and inviting. Take an extra die on all Social rolls involving interaction with Garou or other Kinfolk.

Kinfolk - Recognize Garou
Over the years, you�ve become adept at picking out the werewolves in a crowd. Rather than having any kind of mystical awareness, you�ve simply learned what physical and personality traits tend to mark Gaia�s warriors. They just stand out to you once they�ve undergone the Change. This merit does not allow you to find those who have not had their First Change. All Perception attempts to notice which people in the room seem to have that special touch of rage or wilderness that could indicate they are werewolves are at -2 diff.

Kinfolk - Supernatural Kin
This merit is not for mortals. Supernatural Kinfolk is for vampires who are also kinfolk.

Kinfolk - Wolf-sense
This Merit is a blend of folk wisdom, practical sense and animal instincts. If you have Wolf-sense and make a successful Int roll, the ST can opt to give you advice on whether you�re about to do something stupid. It doesn�t mean she�ll tell you what you should or shouldn�t do, but at least you�ll have some warning.


Lasombra - Armed Vessel
You have been given the captaincy of an armed vessel by the clan, this gives a certain amount of prestige in the clan, but it is also followed by a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

Lasombra - Cargo Ship
You have been given the captaincy of a cargo vessel by the clan, this gives a certain amount of prestige in the clan, but it is also followed by a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

Lasombra - Controllable Night Sight
You can choose to invert the effects of light and darkness on yourself. Spend on turn in concentration to turn Night Sight on or off, plus one per each heal level of injury you currently suffer. While Night Sight is active, pitch-black darkness seems brightly and uniformly lit to you, while any light brighter than a hundred-watt bulb creates a zone of pure darkness. The penalties for partial darkness instead apply instead to weak illumination. This Merit doesn�t allow you to see through Obtenebration-created darkness, which glows with pure white light that obscures all details.

Lasombra - Executive Officer - or Armed Vessel
Serving as the executive officer of a such vessel does confer a certain amount of esteem as well, though not as much as the privilege of command.

Lasombra - Natural Swimmer
The character takes to the water as if she were born in it (perhaps she was). Her swimming speed is calculated as if her Athletics score were one dot higher, and all rolls for maneuvering underwater are made at -2 difficulty. This merit only costs 1 point for aquatic characters such as rokea.

Lasombra - Pelagic Harmony
Being close to the sea calms you and reinforces your self control. All Willpower rolls made while you�re on or within sight of the sea have their difficulties lowered by one.

Lasombra - Prestigious Confessor
You have been granted the favor of confession with one of the ranking priests among the Lasombra. This provides you with access to one of the "powers that be" in the clan, as well as providing you with a certain prestige among your equals. After all, it was you who was called to the cathedral, not they. Of course, given time and the appropriate background you may become a confessor of this sort, granting you access to all sorts of interesting information - subject to the sanctity of the confessional booth, of course.

Lasombra - Strength of Shadows
Allows to strengthen the shadows called forth so that even daylight will not immediately dispel them. The Strengthen shadows dissipate after four hours in the sun.

Lasombra - Weather Sense
This acumen is very much prized among seafaring Lasombra. A few sires manage to pass on its intricacies to their childer. You subconsciously sense impending bad weather. The Storyteller makes a Perception + Survival roll (diff 7) on your behalf to give up to several hours� notice of storms and other weather problems before they manifest.

Library of Heresies
You have access to one or more of the core texts of the Cainite Heresy in some form. Whether those texts are complete or not, accurate or not, or even legible or not is up to the Storyteller. What matters is that you know what you possess and you know what it is worth, both to yourself and to others.

Light Sleeper
You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. The rules regarding how Humanity restricts the number of dice usable during the day are waived.

Lightning Calculator
You have a natural affinity with numbers and a talent for mental arithmetic, making you a natural when working with computers or betting at the racetracks. The difficulties of all relevant rolls are decreased by two. Another possible use for this ability, assuming you have numbers on which to base you conclusions, is the ability to calculate the difficulty of certain tasks. In appropriate situations, you may ask the Storyteller the difficulty rating of a task you are about to perform.

Likeness of a Saint
Through some quirk of fate, your visage is identical to that of one of the saints whose image is commonly enshrined in the region where you dwell. How you trade on this coincidence is up to you, but you are at -1 difficulty in all Social situations with persons who have especial veneration for the saint in question.

You are able to read and write without the benefit of having been formally schooled. Either you are self-taught (very difficult) or an ally, acquaintance, mentor, or even a family member, when you were living, taught you to decipher the letters and words and to form them on paper. The level of literacy this merit covers is more functional than naunced. You might have little grasp of actual grammar and syntax, but you cna understand written passages and create your own.

Living Icon
You have a band of mortals convinced that you are, in fact, a saint or other divinity of some sort, perhaps even the Messiah. Your followers do not doubt your divine status for an instant, and they follow your every command within their capabilities. Their devotion is such that they gladly give up their lives for you, either as sustenance or to root out any who blaspheme against you. Your band of worshipers is, of course, limited; the population of a single village is about the most you can expect without unnecessary complication. The only fly in the ointment of this scenario is a simple one. Should your followers ever be convinced that you are not in fact divine after all, they are sure to turn on you with all the fury the can muster. Furthermore, it may not take very much - say, the appearance of another Cainite whose powers are as impressive as your �divine� ones - to trigger such an adverse reaction.

You were born lucky - or else the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you may repeat any three failed rolls per story including botches, but may try only once per failed roll.

Lunar Influence
The moon has an unusually strong effect on you. During periods of the new moon, your Strength, Dexterity & Stamina are cut in half. During periods of the full moon your Strength, Dexterity & Stamina are increased by half again. During the waxing & waning phases, the Attributes stay the same.


Malkavian - Benevolent Blood
Your blood still carries the Curse of Malkav, but its effects have been lessened just a little bit. Any ghouls you create suffer none of the usual deranging side effects of drinking Malkavian blood - they ca be loaded to the gills with your blood and not come one step nearer to gaining a derangement. Of course, any childer you Embrace will still gain a derangement after the Embrace as usual - although our vitae is easily diluted by mortal blood, the pure stuff carries the Curse as one would expect.

Malkavian - Deadened Nerves
Whether it was a condition you held in life or an odd side effect of the Embrace, your nervous system is missing a few connections. You suffer a +3 difficulty to all tactile-related Perception rolls. However your deadened nerves also protect you from pain, allowing you to ignore your wounds until your flesh is literally blasted from your bones. All penalties for wound levels are halved, rounding down.

Malkavian - Disembodied Mentor
The voices in your head may tell you things, but by God, they're useful things. You have a personal guide and advisor who exists largely in your own skull. Your mentor can also be a real distraction when you're trying to do something he finds irrelevant. You're not freed from running errands for your mentor just as often as any other pupil would, if not more so.

Malkavian - Immaculate Aura
Whether because of your iron control or some fluke chance, your aura does not give away your insanity. The aura doesn't shift or swirl at all, even when you're confused, frenzied or in a psychotic fit.

Malkavian - Sympathetic Bond
For whatever reason, you unconsciously cause a peculiar supernatural form of feedback through the links of the blood bond. Although you're not immune to being blood bound (and you can not take the Merit: Unbondable), if you do become bound to someone, your regent also becomes blood bound to you to an equal extent. Even if she was already blood bound to another, she now has the unenviable position of being regnant to two vampires at once. This can obviously lead to some unplanned and quite twisted codependent relationships.

Mage Companion
You have a friend & ally who just happens to be a mage. Though you have the right to call upon her in times of need, she can call on you as well. Most likely this mage is of the Euthanatos or verbena, but she can be of any Tradition or Convention.

Magic Resistance
You have an inherent resistance to the rituals of Tremere and the spells of mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty of such magic, both malicious and beneficent, is two higher when directed at you. You may never learn the Discipline Thaumaturgy.

Magic Sensitivity
You have a supernatural gift that allows you to know if any magic is in use or had been used recently within a 10-ft radius of yourself. this includes all supernatural Disciplines as well.

Malkavian - Blessed
You exude an aura of holiness, your voice is like that of an angel and an inner light radiates from you. Others worship you, and even those who want to harm you find it hard to take action. The true source of this blessing is unknown, but those who observe you believe God has anointed you in some manner.

Manse or Mansion
You own a large manor - a home with 25 or more rooms - as well as the surrounding estate. The servants, if you have any, are provided for if you choose this Merit, although they cannot be used as Herd or Retainers unless you purchase the appropriate Background. The mansion is assumed to be fences or walled in, and makes an excellent haven. While the mansion can be in as poor or good repair as you wish, the more inhabited it appears to be, the more attention (from tax men and the like) will it garner. Similarly, superstitious mortals will go out of their way to avoid a "haunted" manor�

Mechanical Aptitude
You are naturally adept with all kinds of mechanical devices (note that this aptitude does not extend to electronics devices such as computers). The difficulties of all dice rolls to understand, repair or operate any kind of mechanical device are two less. However, this merit doesn�t help you drive any sort of vehicle.

Media Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in the local media. You can suppress and create news stories (though not always with 100 percent efficiency; journalists are an unruly bunch and you have access to the files and gossip of the staffs of newspapers and TV stations.

You possess the natural affinity to sense and hear spirits, ghosts, and shades. Though you cannot see them, you can sense them, speak to them and, through pleading or cajoling, draw them to your presence. You may call upon them for aid or advice, but there will always be a price.

Mercantile Ties
You have influence & contacts in the local merchant community. You understand the dynamics of money in the city & have links w/ all the major players. In times of need, you can cause all sorts of financial mayhem & can raise considerable amounts of money.

Miracles of the Faith
Somehow, in some way even you don�t understand, you are able to conjure miracles. You cannot do so on command, or even very often, but when the power comes upon you, the results are impressive. Fountains turn from water to blood, bread turns to flesh and other such impossibilities occur in your presence, usually when you need them to manifest to convince unbelievers or inspire the faithful. The source of your powers is unknown, though you most probably see it as a mark of divine favor. Whether or not that is actually the case, or if there are darker powers involved, is a question you prefer not to examine.

Misplaced Heart

Your heart has actually moved within your body, though no more than two feet from its original position near the middle of your chest. Those who attempt to stake you find it very difficult to find the right location (which should be your most tightly guarded secret).

You have an informer buried in the Sabbat (or, less likely, one of the independent clans or the Anarach Free States) who funnels all sorts of information as to what her peers are up to. What you do with the information us up to you, but abusing the knowledge might be a good way to get your informer killed. The other side has spies too, you know�

Mummy Companion
You have one of the world�s few mummies as a companion or close associate. Your relationship is one of relative equality, with neither of you able to dominate the other, and you find this most refreshing. Although it would not be condemned by the Kindred, you both take pains to keep the association secret. Other powerful elders might wish to take advantage of your companion and the benefits he occasionally provides you. Other Kindred may even attempt to destroy the mummy or turn him against you rather than allow you access to his great stores of information and abilities.

Mystic Ability
For some reasons you have visions. the visions are not necessarily precognitive, but like precognition, the visions occur outside your control. You may make yourself more sensitive to them through ascetic practices, but you can never consciously induce a vision. The again you may have a vision as you're walking down the street minding your own business.


Natural Cypher

You have a natural flair for mathematical aptitude. You may have little to no formal schooling that involves numbers or logic, but when presented with a problem that involves numbers or logic, you are able to tackle it with great facility. Add three dice to your dice pool when employing this Merit against logic problems, mathematical problems, and games that require mathematical aptitude.

Natural Leader
You are gifted with a certain magnetism to which others naturally defer. You receive two extra dice when making Leadership rolls. You must have a Charisma rating of 3 or greater to purchase this Merit.

Natural Linguist
You have a flair for languages. This Merit does not allow you to learn more languages than the number permitted by your Linguistics score, but you may add three dice to any Dice Pool involving languages (both written and spoken)

You own a moderate-sized nightclub, perhaps one of the hottest nightspots in the city. This club brings in enough money to support you in moderate luxury ($1000 a month, but it can grow) , but more important than the money is the prestige. You may use the nightclub as your haven, or you may simply hang out there. The name of the nightclub, its style, design, and its regular patrons are all up to you. Variations on this there could include a restaurant, theater, comedy club, sports arena or retail store.

Nine Lives
Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live - and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another re-roll is made until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count of how many lives the character has remaining.

You possessed a mortal title before your Embrace and have somehow managed to pass yourself off as alive. Consequently, the advantages of nobility are open to you. You are presumed to be landless unless you purchase the Resources Background. One point of this Merit translates roughly as minor title with little prestige (a knight, say). With 2 points, you could be a baronet, and with 3 you might be a minor baron. Higher titles should be given to players only at the Storyteller�s discretion. In the Dark Medieval world, they represent great power, but require an equally great amount of work to maintain.

Nosferatu - Blood Bloat
Somehow you�ve developed the ability to store more blood in yourself than is normal for your generation. You are a fat little sausage saturated with vitae, and your skin is strained and partially split whenever you are full. Every point in this Merit increases your capacity to carry blood by one extra point above your generation maximum. You have a larger reservoir, but you cannot process or expend the vitae any quicker than your peers can. Whenever you are fully fed, your skin is a ruddy color, and other Cainites can smell the blood trying to squeeze past your pores (perception + alertness 7). This can cause frenzies in hungered vampires.

Nosferatu - Disgusting
You have the ability to contort your body and face in all sorts of shocking and grotesque ways. You can drool blood, pop your eyes out to double their width, spontaneously grow and burst boils on your flesh, extend your tongue three feet out of your mouth, etc. In addition, you are an accomplished practitioner of the fine art of disgusting others, and take considerable pride in your ability to gross out anyone or anything. By concentrating for a turn and spending a Blood Point, you may will your body to do something vile, making a Wits + Intimidation roll (difficulty of the opponent�s Wits + Self-Control). Each success on this roll subtracts one from the opponent �s Dice Pool for any action taken next turn (the opponent is so repulsed and horrified by your antics that concentration is broke).

Nosferatu - False Reflection
When using Mask of a Thousand Faces, a Nosferatu with this Merit can create a false impression of his disguise on recording media. He can have his picture taken, show up on a videotape and even record an imitation of the subject's voice. Nosferatu without this Merit cannot disguise themselves to machines using the Obfuscate Discipline.

Nosferatu - Feeding Tongue
This merit gives the Nosferatu a cartilaginous tongue through which he feeds. It is believed to stem from the Larvae Nosferatu and any of their progeny. The tongue cannot extend more than six inches past the mouth, but it does cause aggravated wounds (treat the attack as a bite). Unlike the Kiss, this feeding is very painful for the victim. It�s much like a giant mosquito plunging a spike-sized needle into the flesh and siphoning blood fast enough to collapse blood vessels.

Nosferatu - Foul Blood
Your blood tastes truly awful. Opponents who bite you in combat must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or spend the next turn retching and gagging; the idiot who actually tries to commit diablerie upon you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) and score three successes to complete the process.

Nosferatu - Gaping Maw
You've got a nasty gash where your mouth should be. It can smile, it can frown, and most importantly, it can grin two or three inches wider than any human mouth can. An ordinary vampire can suck up to three blood points in a turn. You can drain up to four points a turn, provided you can latch your tooth-filled orifice around enough skin.

Nosferatu - Legendary Accomplishment
Somewhere in your past you accomplished a great feat of Nosferatu cunning, turning you into an immortal legend. Perhaps you stole the Pope�s miter or convinced a Lasombra lord he actually possessed a reflection that looked just like you. Regardless, your one exploit has marked you in the annals of clan history, and it�s unlikely the legend will die during your existence. As a result, you gain 2 dice in any social interaction with other Nosferatu based on status (Intimidation, Leadership etc). Unfortunately, all other actions and exploits are measured up against this one great accomplishment. Nothing you can do can equal to that one moment of greatness, and younger Nosferatu are constantly competing to outdo you.

Nosferatu - Lizard Limbs
When your limbs are restrained or grappled, you may spend a Blood Point and make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). If you succeed, you may "shed" a limb, leaving it in your opponent�s grasp while you escape. The limb may be regrown normally. If you shed enough limbs, you can escape nearly any bonds, though it is hard to flee the scene of captivity when one has not legs�.Nosferatu with this Merit often use it for practical jokes (Let�s shake on it�).

Nosferatu - Long Fingers
Your fingers are unnaturally long and spidery. You gain one extra die to Dice Pool involving digital coordination or grappling.

Nosferatu - Oversized Fangs
When you grew your fangs, you really grew�em. Your fangs are enormous, snaggly things resembling cobra fangs or possibly even tusks. Your bite does one additional die of damage, and you may add one to your Intimidation Dice Pool.

Nosferatu - Oversized Mouth
Your mouth is huge and you are able to open it to prodigious width, You may drink an additional two Blood Points from your victim each turn.

Nosferatu - Patagia
Leathery wings fold up into your horrid little body. Picture the gliding wings of a pterodactyl or a flying squirrel. Now visualize them hanging off the twisted skeleton of bat-like wings. With the aid of an updraft or a strong wind, you can glide for short distances � rather useful for Nosferatu who skulk along rooftops, don�t you think? Storytellers should know that a vampire with this Merit can glide at his normal walking speed. MET: You can�t actually fly or hover with this Merit, only glide like a flying squirrel on flaps of leathery skin that stretch from under your arms and down your sides. You may not carry passengers and only personal items may travel with you (Storyteller discretion). Furthermore, you need wind to carry you, and if there�s none, you just drop like a stone (so don�t even think about using this indoors). When gliding, hold your arms out at your sides and wear a tag indicating your unusual appearance. You may glide at a normal walking speed. Consult the Storyteller before taking this Merit.

Nosferatu - Projectile Vomiting
This talent is like the Eat Food Merit, but twice as versatile. Food comes in; food goes out very, very fast. A vampire with this ability can ingest, and possibly even taste, food and drink. He cannot gain any nutrtional benefit from this ordinarily digestible matter, but he can store it for later use. When this need arises, the Nosferatu can not only disgorge his stored supply of food, but also aim it with a degree of precision. For the record, projectile vomiting in the Storyteller system usually requires a Stamina + Athletics roll; the diff is 8, and a victim can attempt to dodge this bolus of ejected victuals. Although this attack does not cause damage, the type of food ejected may temporarily obscure a victim's vision, cause him to slip or merely force him to weep with shame at a Camarilla Toreador's grand ball.

Nosferatu - Reptile Buddy
Yes, those legends about albino alligators in the sewers really are true. You've been nursing a few of them with your vitae in the local spawning pool for years. Your careful breeding and vigilant training has produced a reptilian slave of exceptional intelligence. It has a mind as sharp as that of a five-year-old child and teeth as keen as butcher knives. The beast understands your native language perfectly and can even follow complex directions. Faster and deadlier than any human ghoul, it is a highly efficient killing machine fully capable of patrolling your domain with ruthless efficiency. Reptile buddies also love to play "fetch" with human limbs (whether attached or severed).
Nosferatu - Rugged Bad Looks
Your face is hideous, but it could almost pass for that of a really ugly human. If you were to cover every other part of your body, you could shamble into mortal society looking only slightly suspicious. While you might have a hunchback, reptilian scales over parts of your flesh or a foul stench that never dissipates, you can actually walk among mortals � with extensive precautions � with-out automatically breaking the Masquerade. Other vampires give you no end of grief for not looking like a �real� Nosferatu. By the way, this is as �attractive� as a Nosferatu ever gets; no Merit will ever increase a Nosferatu Appearance above zero.

Nosferatu - Sleep Unseen
You can use the Obfuscate Discipline to hide while you sleep during the day. Such prolonged use of this ability requires an extra blood point to keep your body hidden for a full day. Of course, you must at least be hidden from sunlight, and vampires using the Auspex Discipline can still detect you, but mortals will ignore your very presence. This is a useful Merit for Nosferatu emissaries and travelers; many would perish without it.

Nosferatu - Slimy
Your skin secrets slime like that of a worm or mollusk. Opponents must score two more successes than normal to grappled you, and your difficulty to soak fire damage is reduced by one.

Nosferatu - Swarm Attractor
You must have at least one dot in Animalism to take this Merit. Your skin exudes a grease that attracts flies, gnats, bees and other flying insects. While these insects normally buzz passively about you in a thick cloud, you may command them in a limited fashion, The bugs may travel up to 20 feet from you to sting and distract your foes. The swarm does no actual damage, but any being caught in the swarm must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). If the roll fails, the victim loses two dice from her Dice Pool that turn; if it botches, she may take no actions whatsoever.

Nosferatu - Tough Hide
Your skin is thick and leathery, resembling that of a pachyderm. You gain one extra dice on your soak Dice Pool (though not to soak fire and sunlight).


Occult Library
You possess a library of occult material which may include at least one version of the Book of Nod. You are not necessarily familiar with the contents of these volumes of knowledge (that is a function of your Abilities), but in time of need your library can be an invaluable source for research.

Old Pal
An acquaintance form your breathing days was embraced at the same time you were. Fortunately, your friendship has endured even death and unlife, and you find a constant source of support and aid in your old friend. She expects the same of you, which isn�t always convenient, but at least you each have someone to hang onto who remembers the good old night - and days.

Open Road
Unlike many Kindred, you like to travel. You have a solid knowledge of safe travel routs and methodologies, not to mention haven space available in any number of destinations. Unless someone out there knows your exact route and is specifically looking for you, you can move between cities unimpeded by random encounters with Lupines, overzealous state troopers and the like.

Oracular Ability
You can see and interpret signs and omens. You are able to draw from these omens, for they provide hints of the future and warnings of the present. When the Storyteller feels that you are in a position to see and omen, you will be required to make a Perception + Occult roll, with the difficulty relative to how well the omen is concealed. If successful, you may then roll Intelligence + Occult to interpret what you have seen, the difficulty again relative to the complexity of the omen.


Pack Distinction
You have a certain degree of fame within your pack. The reason relates to some great heroic action that possibly saved many of their unlives. You may consider this 2 points that can be added to Pack Recognition. You may not be a pack leader, but you may be more respected than the leader.

Pale Aura
Any color your aura takes has a pallor to it like a Vampire�s. In fact, if a Vampire makes less than 5 successes on an Aura Perception roll, she believes you to be one of them.

You have had a long-term (minimum 75 years) relationship with a fellow Kindred. Although you may have had your disagreements over the many years, you are generally loyal to each other. You know most, if not all, of your paramour�s secrets, and your paramour knows as much about you. You have both come to each other�s aid several times over the years, and you would be aggrieved were anything to happened to your love. The cost of this Merit depends on the relative power and position of your paramour in Kindred society (3 for an ancilla, 4 for another elder of equal power, 5 for a more powerful elder).

Paranoia, Limited
You know that there are many vampires, hunters, Garou, and the like who would love to destroy you. You go out of your way to prepare contingency plans, vary your movement patterns and habits, and otherwise make yourself a difficult target. As a result, you are less likely to be attacked unawares (-1 difficulty to spotting ambushes and the like).

You have learned the wisdom of patience in all things. Passions may burn brightly; but as they say revenge is served best cold. Often, with enough patience, new avenues of endeavor open, enemies grow careless and favors shift. Those who wait and watch are in a position to take full advantage of the vagaries of time. Due too your mastery of patience all Frenzy rolls are made with a -1 difficulty modifier.

You can manipulate and have some control over other vampire - one of higher generation than you. Your hold was likely formed through Blood Bond, but can also come from a variety of other sources, such as blackmail, bribes or threats - you make it up. The pawn does not necessarily know that it is being controlled.

Pelagic Harmony
A rare state of mind that runs counter to this disorder, seems to grant the reverse effect, giving added mental equilibrium (-1 difficulty to all willpower rolls) if the character is on or within sight of the sea.


There is something about you that others pity. This causes them to care for you as if you were a child (see the Archetypes section). Some Natures will not be affected by this Merit )Autocrat, Deviant, Fanatic, Sycophant), and some Demeanor may pretend they are not. You need to decide what it is about you that attracts such pity, and how much (or how littler) you like it.

Poisonous Blood
Your blood is poisonous to kindred, though they will not know until they drink it. Every blood point drunk causes 1 health level of damage (lethal) to them.

Police Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in the local police department. You can, with a single phone call, cause a APB to be issued. However, the more often you use your ties with the police department, the weaker they become, and the more attention you attract towards yourself. Your influence is not solid (that can be achieved only through game play), and can let you down at times.

Political Ties
You have both influence over and contacts among the politicians and bureaucrats of the city. In times of need, you can shut off the power and water to a building or neighborhood, and can unleash many different means of harassment against your enemies. The more you use your political ties, the weaker they become. Total control can only be achieved through game play.

Powerful Childe
You have a childe in a position of power within vampiric society. This child is loyal, and often serves as both an information font and protection. Although she sometimes asks favors of you, you are most definitely in control of the relationship, as it is right for a sire to be.. The cost of this Merit depends upon the power and position of the childe (1 for leading anarchs, 2 for an Archon, 3 for a primogen, etc., determined in conjunction with the Storyteller). This Merit must be taken separately for each such childe. Having this childe Blood Bound to you costs two extra points.

You learn quickly. The time for you to pick up a particular Ability (or Abilities, at Storyteller discretion) is cut in half, as is the experience cost.

You have the ability to perceive events before they happen. this ability is not under your control. The premonitions come to you when you least expect them to. The focus of the premonition is not under your control either.

Presentation Gifts
One or more Kindred currently owe a boon to you. You may have gifted them with favors or material items sometimes in the distant past, or just last week, but they now owe you a debt. This grants you an advantage in your dealings with these Kindred (-1 to the difficulty level of any checks to influence them). Although you would not give up you current position lightly, you may also call in this debt 9or debts) should you require aid. Such aid must be commensurate with the initial value of you gift of Presentation. The number of points in Presentation Gift must be determined by both the player and Storyteller, based on the number and magnitude of the debts owed to you, and the importance of the Kindred who owe them. The exact nature of this Merit should be worked into the elder character�s journal or memories.

Prestigious Order
You are a member of one of the most prestigious of the knightly orders of the day, most likely the Templar�s or Hospitalers. By your membership, you stand as a paragon of Christian knighthood, a warrior monk. You gain a -1 diff on social rolls among knights not part of the order. This Merit does not define your status within the order. Note also that Templar�s and Hospitalers generally cannot have the Resources Background as they take a vow of poverty.

Prestigious Sire
Your Sire had or has great Status in the Camarilla, and this has accorded you a peculiar honor. Most treat you respectfully as a result, while some have only contempt for you, believing you to be nothing compared to them. This prestige could greatly aid you when dealing with elders acquainted with your sire. Indeed, your sire�s contacts may actually approach you at some point offering aid. Though your sire may no longer have contact with you, the simple fact of your ancestry has marked you forever.

You are part of the ruling coterie of vampires in the city in which you reside. Your voice is one of the few to which the prince must listen, and you have tremendous influence in your clan. On the other hand, there are always others plotting to take your place, making your position a precarious one.

Primogen Friendship
The ruling council of the city values you and your opinions. You are called in to consult on decisions, and your recommendations carry great weight. Your positions may not be an official one, but it�s powerful nonetheless.

You see the future and detect pivotal moments in time. You may have some ritual or routine to perform when you try to glimpse future nights, but most often, your ability is sporadic and involuntary. You might be harassed by distant sounds echoing backward through time, or you might receive terrifically vivid mental images of a single future moment. The Storyteller may require a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty based on your proximity to a person or place that will be instrumental to history) to make sense of your prophetic signal. Prophecies may be important or insignificant and may relate to the future of the world or your future alone.

Prophetic Ability
God speaks to you in signs and portents, visions and images. Some visions may be precognitive, while others might be warning or advice. You can not request or induce others a prophetic vision; they come in on their own. These visions will range from the obvious to the symbolic; the exact nature and effect of the visions is up to the Storyteller. This Merit should provide dramatic moments, and players should not come to rely upon them for plot resolution.

Your sire watched you for some time before Embracing you, and spoke glowingly of you to acquaintances. These vampires may be inclined to look favorably on you by dint of your sire�s recommendation; you are at -1 difficulty on Social rolls with all those who�ve hear good things about you.



Ravnos - Charmed Samadji
Your family or sire has gifted you with an item of power. You are expected to carry this powerful draba until you sire your own progeny, then pass the gift to her. Power levels of samadji vary greatly; a samadji might reduce target numbers on certain actions (1-2pt), or even provide the user with effects equivalent to low-level Disciplines, such as Unseen Presence(4pt). Samadji may be activated in any a number of ways. Design your samadji with the Storyteller, who will assign a final value to it.

Ravnos - Family Allegiance
Through your travels, you have gained the favor of a mortal Gypsy family. The family aids you in your exploits whenever possible, providing shelter from enemies or acting as a method of transportation to or from a city. All difficulties numbers involving social interacting with the family in question are reduced by two. So long as you do not abuse your trust (such as using family members as steady sources of blood), the family will not turn away from you. Note: You may not take a Family Allegiance with the Tsurara or Ravnos families.

Ravnos - Phralmulo
You were Embraced from within the Rom, from one of the families of power. Because of your heritage, you may be able to regain Blood Affinities by feeding on Rome and may begin with Abilities or Backgrounds available only to Gypsy characters. In addition, phramulo characters need not pick a specific crime as their weakness; the phralmulo show a general (but compulsive) contempt and disregard for all the laws of the gaje. Note: Without this Merit, a Ravnos player character is assumed to be Georgio.

our fame has exceeded the bounds of your sect. Everyone knows who you are. What you�ve done and what you�re supposed to have done 9which might not be the same thing). The publicity can be good or bad; what matters is that everybody knows your name. Whether individuals outside your immediate social circle know enough to match your face to your name is a different matter.

You have a good reputation among the Kindred of your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from you sire. Add three dice to all Dice Pools for social dealings with the city�s Kindred. A character with this Merit may not take the Flaw Notoriety.

Resemble Kindred
You look like a Vampire - usually pale and thin like them. You can move among them as one of them, but they may force the new strange before the Prince for recognition, and he may ask for a Blood Bond. This Merit does not automatically make you aware of vampires or anything associated with them.

Rising Star
You�re one of the up and comers in your city, a rising star in the Camarilla�s firmament. Everyone wants to know you and be your friend, even as those in power groom you for positions of higher responsibility. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls against any Camarilla vampire who aren�t actively opposing your ascent.


Sabbat Survivor

You�ve lived through at least one Sabbat attack and /or attempted recruitment. Your experience helps you anticipate situations where you might potentially be endangered by the Sabbat once again. You are at -1 difficulty on all Perception rolls when it comes to Sabbat based matters. This Merit comes into play most frequently as a means of avoiding ambushes and the like.

Safe Passage
You have the right to pass through the territory of some other vampire or sect that does not normally allow others passage through their territory. Toreador often have this Merit for various hostile cities, allowing then to enjoy the Elysium of those cities without fear.

Salubri - Blooding by the Code
For some reason, you were fortunate enough to receive a blooding by the Code of Samiel in the prescribed way. Consequently, you may learn abilities granted by this blooding if you can find a teacher. You must have an excellent reason for possessing this Merit, and your good fortune may arouse some suspicions both in and out of the clan. Only warrior Salubri may take this Merit.

Salubri - Protected
You have some shelter from the Tremere hunt, whether from an individual who shares a vow of friendship or from an organization that find you useful. Work out the generalities with your Storyteller, but she creates the final details and most likely plays the character who has an interest in keeping you around. Why doe these people risk themselves for you? These people are not Retainers (unless you purchase the Background as well), and protection has a way of running out if you misuse it or abuse your companion’ goodwill. For two points, your shelter is likely a mortal or ghoul who whistles when he sees the torches coming. For three points, you have a weak vampire companion who has a useful Discipline. At four points, you have the security of a church or monastery (with Faith), a coterie of vampires or a vampire ancilla age, and several Disciplines. With five points, you are sheltered by a powerful vampire elder, a church or monastery with Faith, or even a mortal lord and his retinue.

Salubri - Scent of Other
For some reason, you just don�t seem like a Salubri. Maybe you carry yourself like a Brujah, or it�s just one of those inexplicable things. Whatever it may be caused by, the end result is that people need to look hard before admitting to themselves that you are in fact a Salubri, and they will rationalize away what might otherwise be suspicious behavior of yours.

Salubri - Sight Beyond Sight
Your third eye occasionally sees things that are invisible to your normal sight. You have no control over what the eyes sees, and sometimes this additional vision can get you in a great deal of trouble. Perhaps you can sometimes see through Obfuscate or Chimerstry, or though magical illusions. Some Salubri have reported seeing into the Shadow lands or occasionally glimpsing the true form of a faerie. The third eye must be open for the Merit to work, whether through Valern or through a concentrated effort (Willpower, difficulty 6).

Salubri - Warrens
It doesn�t matter that the Tremere are hunting you. You have to go to ground. Whether your knowledge�s covers the catacombs, Roman ruins, dockside complexes or anywhere else you can imagine, you know a place or two where you can hole up and hide, safe and sound - at least for a little while.

Samedi - Fragrant
Perhaps the potency of your vitae keeps your rot from truly manifesting, or maybe you just don’t smell as bad as your corpse-like brethren. Whatever the reason, you count yourself among the less vomit-inducing walking corpses, and your horrid stench of decay hangs more closely about you than it otherwise would. You do still reek to those in close proximities, but you no longer stink up the entire room.

This Merit is sometimes called the halo effect; everyone consid4ers you pure and innocent, though not necessarily not naive. You have a saint-like quality that is hard to pinpoint but cannot be denied. You are trusted, even if you are not trustworthy. At Storyteller�s discretion, you tend to receive lesser punishments for wrongdoing, and you are liked by most.

Another vampire has promised you protection from all harm should you come to her sanctuary. This may be a mentor, a sire or someone who owes you a boon. The vampire has the power to protect you from most threats.

Sanguine Humor
The flush of life still seems to fill your veins; therefore, you appear more human than other vampires. Your skin never paled w/ death, you never really stopped breathing & even sneezing comes naturally. You can make your heart beat as long as you have at least one Blood Point.

Scholar of Enemies
You have taken the time to learn about and specialize in one particular enemy of the Camarilla. You are aware of at least some of the groups customs, strategies, abilities and long-term goals, and can put that knowledge to good use. This Merit is worth a -2 difficulty for all rolls pertaining specifically to the subject of your specialization. On the other hand, you are at a +1 difficulty when it comes to dealing with other enemies simply because you�re so thoroughly focused on your field.

Scholar of Others
This Merit functions identically to Scholar of Enemies, except that it applies to a group that is not necessarily inimical to the Camarilla.

You spend a point of Willpower to gain an automatic success, your self-confidence may allow you to gain the benefit of that expenditure without actually losing the Willpower point. You do not lose the point when you spend it, unless you end the roll with only one success (i.e. you do not gain any additional successes from the dice you roll. This Merit may only be used when you need confidence in your abilities in order to succeed. This means you can use it only when the difficulty of your roll is six or higher. You may spend Willpower at other times; however, if the difficulty is five or less, the Willpower will be spent no matter what you roll.

Setites - Addictive Blood
Your blood is especially delicious to others, Kindred or Kine, containing a substance they find physically addictive. Once they have drunk it, they must drink again, or spend a Willpower point at inconvenient moments to avoid the pangs of craving. Setites with this Merit find it much easier to Blood Bond an opponent, as once they have tasted the tainted vitae, they will do almost anything to drink again.

Setites - Agent of Prophecy
None other than mighty Set himself has foretold your coming, and it is whispered by the elders that you figure prominently in one or more of the Prophecies of Set. This mark of great destiny carries great weight among devout Setites, but it also makes you something of a prize to be sought after by ambitious elders seeking to bask in the reflected glow of Sets favor. The prophecies in question may not come to pass for many hundred years, but your fate will not be denied. This is a variable Merit, with cost representing the perceived importance of your role in the prophecy. Each point taken allows you to cancel a single botch during a give story, but also increases the expectations of your clan. As an added wrinkle, the Storyteller may decide that at least one of the prophecies you are intended for is soon to come, making you the locus of vast events that you may or may not have any control over. This merit does not indicate whether you have been able to translate your association with prophecy into any real authority among other Serpents. For that, you must purchase the Status Background.

Setites - Drug Resistance
You are unusually resistance to drugs. Alcohol, narcotics and similar addictive substances have little or no effect upon you. You can drink from winos with impunity, or pretend to be far drunker than you are in order to take advantage of an opponent.

Setites - Poisonous Bite
You have developed poison glands in the roof of your mouth. The poison is virulent, although Kindred and other supernatural creatures are unaffected by it. You, of course, are immune. When you bite, you always inject this poison usually killing your human victims. You must learn to feed in other ways, perhaps drawing the blood you need with a syringe or razor, if you do not wish to kill every time you feed.

Sheriffs Friend
For whatever reason (maybe your winning smile or perhaps just your superb groveling technique), the local head lawman likes you. He�s inclined to overlook your minor trespasses and lets you in on things you�re not supposed to know about. He even gives you warnings about occasional crackdowns and times when the prince isn�t feeling generous. Of course, abusing this connection might well turn a friendly sheriff into an enemy - and the change might not be apparent until it�s too late.

You have an unusual ability to move quietly that goes far beyond the norm. Reduce the difficulty on any Stealth roll involving moving quietly by two. you are even able to move quietly over dry leaves. Should the wind blow while you're moving, there's no way to hear you. Smell of the Grave
You exude an odor of dampness and newly turned earth, which no amount of scents of perfumes will cover. Mortals in your immediate presence become uncomfortable, so the difficulties to all Social rolls to affect mortals increase by one.

Soothe the Beast
The touch of your hands is calming, the sound of your voice lulling...but not to a restless body or over-stimulated mind - rather, to the Beast within all vampires. You have the ability to aid vampires in their attempts to resist the loss of their humanity. Depending on the point value of this Merit, you may be able to help preserve the serf-control of one Cainite you know well - your master, someone else you are close to, or a vampire with whom you are not particularly well-acquainted, depending on the value of the merit.

Soothing Voice
Your voice is calm and soothing, almost entrancing. You may add two dice to all rolls that directly involve use of your voice - singing, debating, leading etc.

Sorceress Awareness
For some reason, you have been gifted with the ability to detect when any of the Devils arts (i.e., magic) is in use or has been used recently within a 10ft radius of yourself. This also includes all supernatural Disciplines and Gifts. How much you may know about this magic depends upon the number of successes you roll using Perception + Occult (difficulty 8)

Special Gift
Your sire gave you a valuable gift after the Embrace. The Storyteller should create something suitable or choose one item from the Mystical Items lists to gave to you (though you can suggest�� something). The Storyteller will decide how much a particular item is worth.

Special Rapport
You have a special bond w/ another vampire that extends beyond any other bond you know of. You may not love the other vampire, but you have a special link to her. This link allows you to always know when she's in pain, when she's lying & when she needs you. In return, she knows the same about you as well.

Spirit Mentor
You have a ghostly companion and guide. The identity and exact powers of this spirit are up to the Storyteller, but it can be called upon in difficult situations for help and guidance.

Spy Network
You begin play with access to a group of mortals who frequently bring you information on the daylight world or on faraway places. Their information is both up-to-date and fairly reliable, and they are not likely to lie to you. However, these cannot be used as Allies or Retainers(unless you have that Background too); they have their own aims. Why do they keep you informed? Do you pay them? Perform occasional "favors" for them? Dominate their leader? Or are they mortal friends and family? Also, how much do they know about you? (The more they know, the better they can search out relevant information and pursue useful rumors - but the more damage they could do if they betray you.) A spy network might be anything from a peasant family to a coven of witches, a merchant family�s underlings to a network of wandering lepers. What they can discover will depend upon who they are; different people move in different circles, after all.

Strong Blood
Your blood's especially potent. Any Kindred who tastes your blood will find it extremely rich & potent & will recognize its great strength. Any diabolist who tastes it will lust after it. You can Blood Bond someone w/ but 2 drinks of your blood.

You serve as a mentor to a younger, more inexperienced vampire. The student is most likely a neonate or an ancilla. This student will assist you as you command, but you also consider this Kindred your ward. You take responsibility for training this vampire & for protecting her from harm.

Symbol Independence
The use of True faith against a supernatural creature typically requires use of holy symbol. however, Inquisitors & other hunters w/ this Virtue are free from this restriction; they may use their Faith unfettered by any such psychological or religious crutch.


Kindred must make their Strength plus Potence roll versus your Stamina to penetrate your skin with their bite. This only works if you struggle though. If unconscious or unmoving, a Kindred can slowly pierce your skin and drink. This only works with feeding or biting.

Time Sense
You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device. You can accomplish this whether you are concentrating or not. You can estimate the time of day within a minute or two, and the passage of time with the same accuracy.

Toreador - Closer Than Blood
You have an affinity with another Cainite (most likely a Toreador, but possibly one of another clan) not brought about by the Blood Oath or other artifice means. You would lay down your unlives for each other, and you feel empty without the other nearby. Such bonds can be same sex or opposite sex, and there is not way to predict who your "twin" will be. A 3-point Merit indicates that you occasionally can sense the others strong emotions (fear, joy, pain) if your "twin" is in the vicinity. A 5-point Merit means that you often sense the others emotions even at a distance, and can feel the others physical pain or peril.

Toreador - Fetch
You have access to a mortal who looks just like you. Perhaps she�s your twin sister, a long-lost relative, someone who has been Vicissituded or simply very good at disguise. Unless she is ghouled, however, she will age and eventually no longer be your double. Your fetch may move about during the day, conducting your business and keeping up your semblance of a mortal life- but also commits actions for which you will be held responsible. Remember, your fetch should be kept carefully informed regarding your relationship and business dealings. (Toreador)

Toreador - Patron
You have attracted the attention of another Toreador, who has made it her job to see you succeed. Perhaps you gained her attention because of your lineage, perhaps because of your artwork, or something you did or said. Whatever the reason, you have someone who will champion your work and speak up for you in the courts. She may even arrange for shelter or training. Be careful not to abuse your Patron - no one likes being taken for granted. A two-point Patron is someone who is about your own level in clan station, but is perhaps older than you and has good advice to offer. A four-point Patron has resource at her disposal and occupies a station high enough to make a significant difference in your unlife.

Toreador - Touched by God
Your art is considered truly inspired and inspiring. There is an essence of life and beauty about your work that moves others. Perhaps you were always gifted, or the Embrace might have opened you to the Almighty in ways you hadn�t expected. Your singing voice causes stones to melt, your paintings look as if their subjects might step off the canvas at any moment, or your storytelling holds people utterly spellbound. The difficulty on all Expression rolls is reduced by two. If the art being produced relates to God, the Church or similar higher ideals, the difficulty is reduced by three instead. Such perfection, however, can be engender jealously in mortal or Cainite rivals. Some suspicious clergy may believe that you sold your soul to achieve your talent, or that you are guilt of hubris by reaching too high with your endeavors.

Toreador - Vampiric Consort
You are in a relationship much like a marriage with another vampire. This pairing bestows the benefits of the Merit True Love on both of you. Taking this Merit in addition to Closer Than Blood allows you a remarkable degree of closeness - you may be even able to share Disciplines on occasion. Your consort is most likely your equal in power and status, but together you present a formidable front. You would die and kill for each other, and God help the fool who attempt to come between you or harm you lover.

Toreador - Controllable Thirst
Because Toreador spend so much time around mortals, resisting frenzy caused by the smell, sight or taste of blood is easier for them. Whenever the Kindred makes a Frenzy roll over blood, reduce the difficulty by three.

Toreador - Eye of Beauty
The Kindred is a natural critic. Reduce difficulties for Art Appreciation by 4.

Toreador - Mortal Double
You have the services of someone alive who looks just like you. This person might be your actual twin. (Other explanations are possible: a long-lost brother, a master of disguise, a victim of Vicissitude, etc.)However, unless he is made into a ghoul he will eventually age normally. Eventually, he will no longer be your exact double. The double may move about freely during the day, aiding you in hiding your vampiric nature. The double must be fully aware of your personal life, including all your relationships and activities. He must also be a good actor.

Toreador - Refined
You are a member of the elite. You are at home in high society and you never feel out of place around the "beautiful people." The difficulty on all Etiquette rolls involving high society is reduced by three. In addition, you are often invited to Toreador socials reserved for those of higher Toreador Prestige (or Camarilla Status) than yourself.

Toreador - Artistically Gifted
The difficulty on all Creativity rolls, and Artistic Expression rolls are reduced by three.

Toreador - Greater Colors
The vampire sees colors more distinctly and with greater definition. The world is far more colorful. Unfortunately, the vampire is more likely to become enraptured by colorful objects. Despite the drawback, when used in conjunction with Aura Perception, the vampire will discover far more information about her target. The difficulty for reading a target�s aura is reduced by five. The player may ask the Storyteller one question about the target for every success, and the Storyteller must provide accurate information. This may be used only once per story on a particular target. Finally, all Artistic Expression difficulties involving color are reduced by one.

Toreador - Supernatural Spouse
You share a relationship with a supernatural creature other than another Kindred. Both of you receive the benefits of the True Love Merit for one another. This creature may be a mage, a werewolf, a changeling, a wraith, or something even more unusual. Unfortunately, both of your kind would consider you threats if they knew of your relationship. You may declare your love for one another openly, although you risk becoming an outcast – or worse. You and your spouse would die or kill for one another.

Toreador - Powerful Ghoul
You have a very powerful ghoul Blood Bound to you. The ghoul has six points to put into any discipline other than Thaumaturgy, although at least one point must be put into Potence. The ghoul is also very competent, possessing fifteen points among Attributes, twenty-seven points in Abilities and five points in Backgrounds. The ghoul has reasonably good Virtues and Willpower ratings and will do anything you say, since it loves you so much. However, the ghoul may get jealous of any relationships you have with others.

Toreador - Vampire Spouse
You hold regnant over another Kindred, though she holds regnant over you as well. The two of you are in love, and you automatically have the benefit of the Merit: True Love. Your vampire spouse is your equal in terms of power and status. However, as a couple, you are very formidable. You allow nothing to get in the way of your love. You and your spouse would die or kill for one another.

Tremere - Attuned Taste
You've got a natural instinct for the favors in blood. When you taste blood, you can tell if the blood is from vampire, and you can automatically taste the generation. There is no test or cost. If the blood is not from a vampire, you only know that--you cannot specifically tell Lupine or faerie blood from human blood without other testing material.

Tremere - Natural Vicissitude
You have "inherited" more of your clans stolen Tzimisce blood than most of your clan mates and have thus become something of a throwback to your "parent" clan. You may, therefore choose Vicissitude, rather than Dominate, as a clan Discipline. Improving your rating of Vicissitude, however, may present difficulties. Unless you can locate another Tremere willing and able to teach you further mastery of Vicissitudes higher levels, you must seek further instruction from a Tzimisce (most likely though coercion).

True Faith
You have a deep-seated faith in and love for God, or whatever name you choose to call the Almighty. You being the game with one point of True Faith; this Trait adds one die per point to all Willpower and Virtue rolls. You must have a Humanity of 9 or higher to choose this Merit, and if you lose even a single point, all your Faith points are lost and may be regained only when the lost Humanity is recovered. Individuals with True Faith are capable of performing magical acts akin to miracles, but the exact nature of those acts is up to the Storyteller. . True Love
You have discovered, perhaps too late, a true love. He or she is mortal, but is the center of your existence, and inspires you to keep going in a world of darkness and despair. Whenever you suffer, the thought of your true love gives you one automatic success on all Willpower rolls, which can be negated only by a botch die. This can be a great gift and also a hindrance, for your true love may require protection and occasional rescue

Tzimisce - Dracon's Temperament
taking the notion of Azhi Dahaka to new levels, you've emulated the permutable nature of change and evolution into your very psyche. Like the protean Dracon, you are a whirlwind of temperaments. Unlike multiple personalities, which gives you more than one identity, you are the same person but with different and changing Natures. Essentially, you either have no anchored sense of self, or you're so mutable that you can be anybody. At the beginning of each story, until its conclusion, you may choose one Personality Archetype to function as your Nature. This doesn�t change your identity; it simply alters the way you perceive situations and how you deal with others. You also regain Willpower according to your new Nature and may be affected by other effects or Discipline powers as per your new Nature as well.

Tzimisce - Haven Affinity
Your territoriality rivals that of a Lupine. When acting on "home soil" (your main haven, not auxiliary havens), you gain an additional die to all Dice Pools. You may also home in on your haven by making an unmodified Perception roll (difficulty variable; 6 if across town, 8 if in another state or country, 9 if across the globe).

Tzimisce - Naturally Supple
You are attuned to Vicissitude like a fish in water (or blood, or puss…). Your difficulties are reduced by two when using Vicissitude on yourself (copying someone exactly, bone crafting someone into an elaborate shape etc.)

Tzimisce - Pain Tolerance
Note: You must have Callousness and Morale rating of 3 or higher to take this Merit. Either because of personal proclivity or the rigors of Vicissitude, you have become acclimatized to pain. This affinity enables you to ignore one die of wound penalties. Thus, when you are Hurt or Injured, you suffer no penalties to actions. You suffer only a one-die penalty to action at the Wounded and Mauled states, and even Crippling injuries subtract four dice rather than five. You are still Incapacitated normally.

Tzimisce - Revenant Disciplines
The ties to your revenant family stayed with you well past the Embrace. As such, the Disciplines that were innate to you as a ghoul have remained so as a Cainite. At character creation, select the ghoul family from which you hail. Instead of the Tzimisce's standard complement of disciplines, you instead draw from your three family Disciplines for your starting allocation. Also, you learn your family Disciplines at the cost of a clan Discipline. It's either or, however, meaning you cannot buy both the Tzimisce and family powers at clan cost unless they both share a particular ability.

Tzimisce - Secular
You have begun to explore the first glimmers of what awaits mankind after the renaissance. You have a dim understand of the scientific method, and while such concepts as evolution and entropy are still beyond you, you have begun to suspect that the world is much more complex than the Christians and pagan fools imagine. The difficulties to affect you with any Faith-based power (including Infernal magic!) is raised by one. Once per story, you may automatically regain a single Willpower point (you do not live with the same dread of d**nation that many other Cainites do). Moreover, by spending a Willpower point and making an appropriate Intelligence + Science roll, you may formulate concepts and invent machines unknown in your time (higher mathematics, elaborate torture devices, etc.). The Storyteller must use prudence in adjudicating this; a da Vinci-esque flying machine is remotely conceivable, while a A-bomb (fun as the thought might be) is impossible. You may not follow the Road of Heaven or the Roach of the Devil. Moreover, the difficulties of all Conscience/Conviction rolls are increased by one (you are too existential to be overly concerned with your actions.

Tzimisce - Vindictive
Your personal honor is your life, and you will go to the ends of the earth to settle a score or avenge a slight. When directly opposing someone who has insulted, shamed or harmed you, you gain an additional die to all combat Dice Pools. This bonus does not apply towards casual foes, only blood enemies. For example, a Tzimisce would not get this onus against the bandit who ambushes her on the road but would receive against the Shadow Lord who slew her sire and drove her from her ancestral fief. The down side to this Merit is that you must do everything in your power to avenge such deeds or insults. Should you refrain from action, the Storyteller is within his rights to deduct temporary Willpower from your character until such time as you pursue your vengeance once more.


You are immune to being blood bound.

Underworld Ties
You have both influence over and contacts in the local Mafia and organized street gangs. This provides you with limited access to a large number of "soldiers", as well as extensive links to the underworld of crime. The more often you use your ties with the criminal element, the weaker they grow.

Uncanny Sight
Either due to some innate ability or to your long exposure to vampires, you are aware on a visceral level of their inhuman nature. On meeting a vampire, possibly even at first glance, you may have an immediate sense that your new acquaintance bears the mark of Caine. This perception is not always accurate, depending on the Storyteller�s judgment.

You have control over a University. The trustees & important officials serve your interests. You have full access to the school & you can hunt the campus freely. The libraries & professors are useful in providing you w/ research information.

Useful Knowledge
You have expertise in a specific field that makes your conversation intriguing to an older Kindred. So long as your knowledge holds the other vampires attention, he has a vested interest in keeping you around. Then again, once he�s pumped you for every iota of information you possess, that patronage may suddenly vanish. (Note: This Merit should be played like a 1 - dot Mentor with a specific interest. However, unlike a Mentor, Useful Knowledge does not imply a permanent relationship.)


Valuable Secret
Others would kill or die to know this secret you guard. The Valuable Secret should be created & given by the Storyteller. perhaps the character knows that the Prince is & Infernal Diabolist or that the primogen are actually all Sabbat. Whatever the case, only those involved in the secret & the character know about the Valuable Secret.

Ventrue - Paragon
The Embrace has awakened within you an aspect of personality that others find particularly compelling. You may select one Background from the following group; Allies, Black Hand Membership, Clan Prestige, Contacts, Fame, Herd, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers, Sabbat Status or Status. Your maximum Trait score in that Background may exceed your normal generation limit by one. For example, a 10th-generation Kindred may take this Merit and enjoy the benefits of a Contacts Background of 6. You may take this Merit for only one Background, which may drop at the ST's discretion. Players should choose this Merit only for a Background that makes sense - - a Camarilla archon is unlikely to have a Black Hand Membership Background of 7, for example.


Weather Sense
This merit grants occasional warnings (with a Perception + Survival roll, difficulty 7) of impending inclement weather, even that which stems from unnatural causes.

Well-Placed Confessor
Either you or someone you control has obtained the position of personal confessor to a figure of some importance. It could be a local lord, an abbot or even a king. As confessor, or patron to the confessor, you have access to the content of the individuals confession, which may well include tidbits of extreme political importance, blackmail material or salable intelligence. Whether you honor the sanctity of the confessional is up to you; the information is in your hands to do with as you will.

You've traveled all over the globe, seen many different cities & meet a great number of Kindred. There's a chance you'll know of a vampire from another city when you hear his name. This is an Intelligence roll.

Werewolf Companion
You have a friend and ally who just happens to be a werewolf. Though you may call upon this being in time of need, it also has the right to call upon you (after all, you are friends). However, neither your kind nor its appreciates such a relationship, and your respective societies will punish both of you if your friendship is discovered. Arranging for meeting places and methods of communication will be difficulty. The Storyteller will create the werewolf character but will not reveal to you its full powers and potencies.





13th Generation
You were recently sired by a 12th-generation vampire. Few of your kind exist. You are considered to be part of an unofficial social step forming at the bottom of vampire society. You still bear the distinctions and predilections of your clan, but are largely overlooked by elders, ancillae, and many 12th-generation neonates. You have to shout twice as loud to be heard and work twice as hard to be noticed. Neither entitles you to respect or responsibility, yet. It's a strange era for you. Most of your generation has not arrived yet. When they do, perhaps things will be different. As a 13th-generation vampire, you have a maximum blood pool of 10 and may spend a single blood point per turn. Victorian and Dark Ages only.

14th Generation
You were created five or fewer years ago by a member of the 13th generation. Though you have 10 blood points in your body, only eight of them may be used to heal wounds, power Disciplines, raise Attributes etc. Obviously, taking this Flaw precludes you from taking the Generation Background, and you may not start with Status, either. You are likely a clan less Caitiff, for your blood is probably too thin to pass down the distinguished characteristics of a clan. Most 14th generation vampires should also take the Thin Blood Flaw.

15th Generation
You are the scum on the gene pool of vampirism. This flaw can only be taken by a caitiff. Vampires this far removed from Cain show no signs of any clan (you may not take any merits or flaws that are related to being a member or implying membership in a clan {like casts no reflection}). You must take the flaw Thin Blooded. You have 10 blood points, 6 of which are inactive (may only be used for waking up). Starting willpower for a 15th gen is 1, with a max of 4 willpower. You can never create blood bonds, ghouls, or sire a childe. You may never raise any discipline above the first intermediate level. Sunlight does normal damage to you, not aggravated damage (Its still likely to kill you in a mater of seconds). You can hold down mortal food for up to an hour by winning a static test (Difficulty varies). The food will be vomited back up later.(Assuming you don�t have the Eat Food Merit.)


This Flaw may not be taken with the Merit Concentration. Though you do not forget such things as Knowledge�s or Skills, you do forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your haven, you need to make a Wits roll or, as a last resort, spend a Willpower point.

Addicted to Kindred Vitae
You need the rush Vampire blood gives you when you drink it. You feel dead and listless otherwise. This is a very dangerous habit. It can only be overcome with long therapy and friends to help you quit cold turkey.

You suffer from an addiction to a substance, which must now be present in the blood you drink. This can be alcohol, nicotine, hard drugs or simply adrenaline. This substance always impairs you in some fashion.

You are not as spry as you used to be; you must lower on Physical Attribute score (your choice) by one point. You may take this Flaw once per decade above 40 years of age.

You are allergic to some substance, in a manner not unlike mortal allergies. However, you do not get hives or sneeze, but are actually incapacitated y your reaction. If the substance was in the blood you drank, the reaction will be very strong, though touch along is enough to disturb you. If it was in the blood, you will have five fewer dice on all your Dice Pools for 10 minutes. - if you just touched it, the penalty is reduced to two dice. Choose form the list below or make up the substance to which you are allergic: ? Plastic: 1pt, ? Alchohol:2pt, ? Illegal Drugs: 2pt, ? Metal: 3pt.

You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. (you can, if you wish, take up five points of other Flaws without specifying what they are, and leave it to the Storyteller to detail them. Over the course of the chronicle, you and your character will slowly discover them.

You have been a vampire for some time, an are unable (or unwilling) to keep up with the changing times. An Intelligence roll is needed whenever you have to deal with something from a later period than your own breathing days. If the roll is failed, total the net failures and use this total as a negative modifier to your attempts. Example: Osric, a fifth-century Goth by birth, has this Flaw and is attempting to deal with a computer. His Intelligence results in two net failures. Osric now has a two-dice penalty when determining the outcome of his attempt to make the infernal machine cooperate. Not that characters with this Flaw will generally have been vampires for a longer time than the 50 years suggested in Vampire, so Storytellers should decide whether or not to allow this Flaw in their characters.

You are uncomfortable with the trends of the night. Machines are noisy, coal is dirty, and gaslights make you understandably nervous. All of these things signal an increase in mortal power and just plain confuse you. Your unlife may become a genuine hell if this is the way things are headed. The difficulty of any Mental or Social actions you undertake are increased by two if they involve machinery or technology invented in the last fifty years.

Assamite - Blood Madness
The curse that the Baali of Chorazin laid upon the warrior caste has fallen on your head, and you are plagued with an unending hunger for the blood of other Cainites. Whenever you taste Cainite blood, you must make a Self-Control roll (difficulty 8) or you fall into a hunger frenzy in which you will do anything to gorge upon as much blood as physically possible. If you follow a Road that teaches Instinct, you are instantly lost to this frenzy; no roll is possible and the Flaw is worth four points. You often find yourself thinking of other Cainites - even other Assamites - as potential vessels rather than equals. This Flaw is mainly found among the warrior caste. It is much rarer among sorcerers and viziers, only affecting those who have partaken of warrior vitae or who spend the majority of their time associating with warriors.

Assamite - Disgraced
You broke the laws of the khabar at some point during your training, and though you have since partially made amends (enough to prevent yourself from being destroyed on the spot, and to be grudgingly accepted as a rafiq), your name still bears the stain of your misdeed. All dealings with other Assamites are at +1 difficulty, though the Storyteller has the discretion to vary this penalty fore individuals who know you well or whom you have served well or badly in the past. Clearing your name will be a strong motivation for performing well in all respects while on an assignment.

Assamite - Duat Enemy
During your apprenticeship at Alamut, you somehow incurred the displeasure of one of the duat, and your existence will be considerably more difficult as a result. Your enemy is unlikely to be your direct commander (the caliph in the case of warriors), and you may not even know his identity - though you may certainly try to find out and make your peace somehow.

Assamite - Magical Addict
Whether through a weak will, a lingering anomaly from you r mortals day or overuse of ritual components like kalif, you have become addicted to the alchemical psycho- active drugs that some sorcerers use to focus their blood magic. Going beyond a mere physical or psychological addiction, this dependence goes so far as to affect your very mastery of the powers at your command. Your competence with Assamite Sorcery is dependent on the frequency at which you cater to your addiction. If you take this Flaw at 3 points, suffer a +2 difficulty to all rolls related to blood magic, including (but not limited to) use of path powers and rituals, whenever you are not under the effect of your drug of choice. For 5 points, you are completely unable to focus yourself enough to perform even the simplest blood magic if the drug is not in your system. Only characters with at least one dot in Assamite Sorcery may take this Flaw. Non-Assamites may take this Flaw if they somehow receive tutelage in the Discipline. MET System: If you take the Flaw at 3 points, you must bid two extra Traits on all challenges related to your blood magic when you are not under the influence of your substance of choice. For 5 points, you may not use any of your blood magic powers or rituals without the aid of-your preferred chemical. You may not take this Flaw unless you have at least one basic Assamite Sorcery power. For the assistance of the terminally stupid, we'll say this explicitly: Role-play your character's drug use, don't actually do it yourself.

Assamite - Outcaste
You have rejected the role of the caste into which you were Embraced, choosing instead to define your own existence and follow the path of another caste. While many Assamites take this course with few negative repercussions, you have managed to make enough waves to gain a certain amount of notoriety. Perhaps you made a public spectacle of your lack of interest in your heritage, or maybe you asked a mentor in another caste to take you as his surrogate childe. Whatever the specifics may be, you have shown your lineage a great deal of disrespect. Your sire refuses to acknowledge your existence, and all other members of your caste treat you with scorn You suffer a +2 difficulty penalty on all Social rolls involving dealing with your Embrace caste.

Assamite - Religious Prohibition
In your breathing days, you were either Jewish or Muslim, and have retained your faith through the Embrace. As both religions prohibit their followers from tasting, let alone drinking, blood, this creates a moral dilemma for you. Even animal blood is a forbid, den substance, and your conscience pricks whenever you feed. This Flaw has a variable point value. At two points, you voluntarily restrict your feeding to animals or blood that has been drained by a ritual butcher. At four points, you refuse to feed unless it is an immediate necessity (blood pool is three or less), and even then you may fall victim to depression and self-loathing for several night after the forbidden act.

Assamite - Silsila Enemy
A member of the silsila has taken against you for some reason - faction enmity, for example - and will exert influence to thwart your chances of promotion, make sure you get difficult or inglorious jobs, and generally make your existence uncomfortable. The Storyteller should decide whether you know who your enemy is at the start of the game, though you may do what you can to find out.

Assamite - Unbroken
For whatever reason, the Tremere curse was stronger in you than in most of your clanmates. This was no great liability while all of you were so afflicted. However, when Ur-Shulgi cast the Breaking, the great ritual's power did not fully cleanse you. You now share your caste's thirst for Cainite blood - but for you, the very substance you crave is still a poison. The Tremere curse that once affected your clan has been weakened in you, but it is not completely gone. When you drink non-Assamite Cainite vitae, each blood point enters your blood pool normally. However, on the way down, it inflicts one automatic, unsoakable level of lethal damage in a combination of unnatural toxic shock and internal acid bums. On the plus side, all your difficulties to resist the warrior caste's addiction are at -1 difficulty - think of it as aversion therapy. If you are a sorcerer or vizier, this Flaw is worth one additional point (for a total of 4), but you gain the warrior caste's addiction in addition to your own caste's weakness. MET System: You take one health level of lethal damage for every Blood Trait of non-Assamite blood you ingest, though these BloodTraits do enter your Blood Pool after the damage is inflicted. You may not use Fortitude powers or other supernatural abilities to reduce this dam- age. You gain one free retest on every Self-Control challenge dealing with the warrior caste flaw.

Assamite - Unconquered Enemy
You have an enemy among the Unconquered who will try to thwart your plans and may even try to destroy you if this can be done without being found out. Your enemy has been blackening your name, and as a result you find that all dealings with the Unconquered are at +1 difficulty.


Bad Sight
Your sight is defective. The difficulties of any dice rolls involving use of your eyesight are increased by two. As a one point Flaw, this condition can be corrected with glasses or contacts; as a three-point Flaw, the condition is too sever to be corrected.

Baali - Carrion Comfort
Certain Baali associate too closely with spirits of corruption and plague to take please from normal feeding. These vampires must instead take the cold blood of the dead, and if putrefaction has begun to set in, all the better. Of course, cold blood is less nutritious than warm, and vampires wit this Flaw take one fewer Blood Points benefit than they should from feeding.

span style="font-size:x-small;"> Baali - Infernal Aura

Not only does True Faith cause Baali with this Flaw to flee, but their mere presence alerts those touched by the Divine that evil is in the vicinity. Any character with True Faith within a mile of a Baali with an Infernal Aura is instantly aware of his presence and general direction.

Baali - Lord of Flies
This singular affliction is seen as a sign of infernal favor; indeed, among devotees of the Swarm-God, the severity of ones affliction is treated as a badge of rank. Insects find the character irresistible (despite or perhaps because of her unliving nature), and flock to her immediate vicinity. Once attracted, the vermin never leave her presence. Instead, they circle in a grotesque cloud, not matter when she goes or what precautions she takes. As this swarm can never be dispelled, Baali afflicted with such devotees have certain problems in non-Baali social circles.

Baali - Touch From Beyond
Often referred to as the "Devils marks" by mundane inhabitants of the Medieval world, these anatomical aberrations sometimes manifest on those who spend too much time consorting with demoniac powers. Certain mortals or vampires who have entered into bargains with the infernal or have otherwise kept company with the denizens of the nether realms may also display these physical anomalies, at the Storyteller option. Possible deformities include, but are not limited to: malformed teeth, club feet, horrid stench, slimy excretions, tough or warty hide, parasitic infestations, putrescence, vestigial wings or other ineffectual (perhaps additional) limbs. The victim may never remove or "improve" these disfigurements, although magic or Disciplines can hide them from plain sight. Note: The disfigurements mentioned here are not a replacement for the marks of Demonic Investments. Instead, they manifest in addition to those tangible proofs of dealings with the infernal.

Bastard Childer
You have sired one or more childer without the permission of the local prince or Justicar. Under Kindred law, both you and you4r childer may be subject to a Blood Hunt should other vampires discover your secret. This flaw is cumulative and must be taken once per bastard sired.

Beacon of the Unholy
You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well.

Beast Within
The Beast is awake within you. You are prone to frenzies, just like Vampires. These are caused by situations of intense emotions: Fear, anger, hate, etc. You are a figure of great rage and fear to the rest of humanity, much like Charles Manson. Mortals with a high Humanity who buy this Flaw are doomed, like the Kindred, to a horrible degeneration into bestiality.

You're being blackmailed by a Kindred powerful enough or smart enough to keep you from destroying her. Your blackmailer uses you to her personal advantages, forcing you to do all sorts of awful things you hate doing. She may take money from you, she may take blood or she may force you to aid her in her own schemes.

Blasphemer Among Heretics
While the Cainite Heresy itself rests somewhat outside the bounds of Christian orthodoxy, your particular flavors of theological imagining are bizarre even by Heretical standards. You no longer stand within the Heresy itself but have been expelled; you have both the Heresy and the faithful as your enemies. If your blasphemy is minor and you still have friendly dealings with other heretics, this flaw is worth I point; otherwise, it is worth 2.

You cannot see. Characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory input, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform, especially under stressful conditions. Difficulties of all Dexterity-based rolls are increased by two. Oddly, vampires with Level Two Auspex (Aura Perception) are still able to use this ability, though the information is interpretably via other senses.

Blood Hunted
You have been made the target of a blood hunt, and for you to return to your home city is death. For four points, this Flaw means that only your home city is off limits to you. For six, it means that the entire Camarilla is howling for your vitae.

Botched Presentation
When your sire presented you to the prince of the city, you flubbed it. Now you�re convince His Majesty hates you (whether he does or not). You need to succeed on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) just to stand in front of the prince or one of his duly authorized representatives without running, blubbering or otherwise making a fool of yourself.

You are blood bound to another vampire. Your regnant may not necessarily treat you badly, but the fact remains that your will is not entirely your own. The knowledge gnaws at you, even as you find yourself lost in devotion to your vampiric master.

Brujah - Lack of Control
For whatever reason (thin blood, an uneducated lineage), the characters control over on or both physical disciplines is lacking. Brujah with this flaw have demonstrated numerous deficiencies: Celerity may only be used for running and combat movement,. Any attacks made while using Celerity are at +1 difficulty. Activities requiring precision such as saddling a mount or garbing oneself in armor are impossible with Celerity activated (one point). The character cannot control his own Strength and must concentrate on keeping it in check lest havoc result (breaking a friends hand in greeting him, for example, or snapping his spine with a hug). If a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) fails, the character must apply his full Potence in damage to the target object. Additionally, an unsuccessful attack with a melee weapon necessitates a Dexterity + Melee roll (difficulty of the characters Strength + Potence). An unsuccessful roll means the character loses his next action while recovering his balance (two points) The blood of the character does not focus his strength effectively. Potence successes are not automatic, but instead are only added as additional dice for Strength and damage rolls. A physical action such as lifting a gate or overturning a cart requires a Strength + Potence roll (difficulty 6). The result is the number of dice that the character can apply to the task (three points) Some truly inept Brujah have flaws in their control of both Celerity and Potence, and face the constant derision of their peers. With proper tutelage from a trained elder the character might be able to remove this Flaw, but she has best set aside a lifetime or two to devote upon the task. A Cainite should not be hindered with more than one expression of this Flaw at a time.

Brujah - Obvious Predator
Either your face or your immediate disposition lets people know that you have nothing good in store for them. Mortals react poorly to people who exude such a blatant air of menace, and all your difficulties for Social rolls increase by two (with the exception of Intimidation- related rolls). In MET, this is largely a matter of role-playing. A player who chooses this Flaw must wear a card or other item that identifies him as an Obvious Predator. Kindred with this Flaw lose all ties in social challenges with mortals. Obvious Predator does not inflict a penalty upon Intimidation-related challenges.

Brujah - Pariah
The Brujah consider themselves a clan of brothers (and sister) working towards common goals, if by different means. The clan encourages self-determination, but the character has taken her individuality too far and is now outcast. At the two-point level she has insulted, by word or deed, one of the two extremes of the Brujah clan. As a descendant of ancient scholar-kings, she may have vigorously denounced the rash brutality of her more radical clanmates. Alternately, the Brujah might feel that the goals of the elders are mere fantasies, and has acted according to her own whims - whims that have come in direct conflict with her more conservative brethren. Difficulties of all Social rolls in dealing with Brujah holding the opposite viewpoint increase by three. This penalty is reduced to one for more middle-of the road Brujah. A character with four-point Flaw has committed an act of treachery or murder against a clan-mate. Word of this crime has spread throughout the clan, resulting in her ostracism. Brujah will neither come to her aid nor speak with her, nor will they accept her assistance unless at risk of Final Death. The clan considers the character Caitiff. While it is conceivable for a pariah to be restored to good standing within the Brujah, many do not bother to seek such opportunities.

Brujah - Uncontrollable
Rage and passion constantly war in the soul of a volatile Brujah. Perhaps you were ill tempered before the Embrace, or perhaps your Brujah lineage awakened some latent fury. In any case, even more so than your classmates, you are prone to frenzy. Difficulties to resist frenzy are always 10 for this character. Prepare for a short, hellish ride. In MET, characters with this Flaw always lose on ties in attempts to resist frenzy. Uncontrollable can easily disrupt a LARP, and Storytellers are cautioned to carefully consider whether it's be appropriate in their games.

The thought of drinking blood is repulsive to you, and while you acknowledge the need to feed, you often have the irresistible desire to forcibly remove the blood from your system. It is likely that you had an eating disorder in your life before you were Embraced. In order to successfully hold the blood inside of your system until your body has absorbed all of the precious fluid, you must make a Stamina roll against a difficulty of 8. Failure means the sudden and extremely messy (to say nothing of embarrassing) loss of all newly consumed Blood Points as they are vomited from your body. However, any blood gained while in a feeding frenzy can be kept down. So, the only guaranteed method of nourishment is to feed when frenzying. This can prove to be socially demeaning and often places the Masquerade in jeopardy


Can�t Cross Running Water
You cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. "Running water" is any body of water more than two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant. A Kindred with this Flaw obviously believes too much in old wives’ tales.

Cappadocians - Horrific Appearance
An increasingly frequent occurrence among Cappadocians is a strange accentuation of their inherent clan weakness. Numerous Cappadocians, already prone to resembling walking corpses, have show a more pronounced Horrific Appearance. Those who exhibit this aberrant trait become even more corpse like; their skin draws tight over their bones and scales away entirely in patches. Advances cases may exhibit open sores, excessive decomposition of the body, limbs and head (commonly resulting in the loss of the nose and ears) and a repulsive scent reminiscent of the grave. Cappadocians suffering from this Flaw have Appearance ratings of 0. This may never be improved although it may be physically hidden or masked with magic or Disciplines.

Cappadocians - Mad Visions
Some Cappadocians report cases of peculiar aberrations of Prescience, in which the afflicted Cainites claim to have apocalyptic visions. The vampire cursed with Mad Visions sinks periodically into tormented trances, sometimes in the middle of performing tasks, and drops to the ground, twitching feebly. When questioned as to the nature of these waking nightmares, the Cappadocians reports either visions of hellish person agony or vivid by inexplicable premonitions of the entire clans destruction. A few frail psyches even block out all memory of the episodes. Cappadocians who suffer Mad Visions or experience Prescience rarely share their visions with Cainites outside the clan. Indeed, many of those with the visions are driven to the verge of madness by burgeoning Cassandra Complexes in which the prescient know the horrid truth of the future and realize their inability to prevent it. Thankfully, this condition is infrequent, and few suffer to the dullest extent , though more than one Grave robber has had to be alleviated of her misery.

Cast No Reflection (Lasombra)
You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampires of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw (and you may be mistaken for one for them if you posses this).

Cats paw
You�ve done dirty work for someone high up in the cities hierarchy in the past - the sheriff, the primogen, or even the prince. However, instead of granting you a favor, your deeds have made you an embarrassment or a liability. For the moment, your former employer�s concern is to keep you quiet. In the long term, it�s to get rid of you.

You were a small child at the time of the Embrace. Although time and experience may have changed your outlook, you are stuck with a childs body. You have the Short Flaw, and you find it difficult to be taken seriously by others (two-dice penalty to all relevant rolls). Because you have never before experienced any sort of transformation change (never having undergone experiences of puberty), you are ill suited to withstand the demands of the Hunger (the difficulties of all such rolls are one greater). Additionally, certain clubs may not admit you, because you are "underage".

Childe, Vengeful
You have sired a childe who has grown to loathe you. Not only does your childe not aid you in your dealings with other Kindred, he actively works towards detriment. At time you feel your childe would commit diablerie upon you if given half a chance, and you could be right.

Clan Enmity
For some reason something about you inspires contempt or hatred in members of a clan other than your own. There is a two dice penalty to all social rolls for social dealings with members of this other clan. Select the enemy clan randomly or choose. For 4 points: One clan in particular wants you dead. You have offended the entire clan, from elders to neonates, and as a result every member from that bloodline wants your head on a plate. The effects of the Flaw may manifest as anything from very public snubs and insults to actual attempts on your existence. You are also at +2 difficulty on all Social rolls relating to members of the clan in question.

Cold Breeze
A chill wind follows you wherever you go. While it may make for dramatic entrances, this effect also discomforts mortals (+1 difficulty on all appropriate Social rolls) and also endangers the Masquerade. Cold winds sweeping through executive offices or crowed nightclubs can raise all sorts of questions.

Color Blindness
You can see in black ad white. Color means nothing to you, though you are sensitive to color density, which you perceive as shades of gray. This makes it impossible to use the Level Two Auspex power of Aura Perception. (Note color blindness actually indicates an inability to distinguish between two colors, but we fudged a bit for the sake of brevity.

You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gaming, exaggeration or just talking. A compulsion can be temporality avoided at the cost of a Willpower point, but is in effect at all other times.

You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very disoriented and twisted place. Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to role-play this behavior all the time to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you (such as when a number of different people talk all at once, or you enter a nightclub with loud pounding music). You may spend Willpower to override the effects of your confusion, but only temporarily.

Conspicuous Consumption
It is not enough for you to draw nourishment from the blood of mortals - you believe you must also consume your victim�s heart, liver and the blood-rich tissue. OF course, this will necessitate the deaths of all your victims (unless you are extremely creative), which might lead to numerous problems with the Masquerade and maintaining Humanity. Characters with this Flaw must additionally purchase the Eat Food Merit.

You�re a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. Your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. The resist the temptation make a Wits roll. The diff starts at 5 and can go to 9 depending on the situation.

You have been cursed by someone or something with supernatural or magical powers. This curse is specific and detailed, it cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life-threatening. Some examples follow: ? If you pass on a secret that was told to you, your betrayal will later harm you in some way (1pt), ? You stutter uncontrollably when you try to describe what you have seen or heard (2pt), ? You are doomed to make enemies of those to whom you have become most attached (so whatever you do, don�t get too close to other characters!) (4pt), Every one of your accomplishments or achievements will eventually, inevitably, become soiled and fail in some way.

Your faith is less than a perfect faith. While this condition, in and of itself, may not be a bad thing, someone has noticed the flaw in your reverence. It may be a superior within the Heresy, it may be your devoted followers, or it may be a rival who wants to get past you to ascend in the Church (or Heretical) hierarchy. In any case, your standing within the Heresy has been damaged by your inability to conceal your true feelings.


Dangerous Bias
You are blinded by popular cultural illusions. You see individuals based solely on their economic position, social status, and racial or ethnic background. To you, a valet or a foreigner is a kind of person distinctly different from an Englishman. The difficulties of all Perception, Empathy, Leadership, Streetwise, and Investigation rolls are raised by two if they regard persons of a social or economic group other than your own. On any roll involving two of the prior Traits, the difficulty increases by three instead. Your behavior, if properly role-played, might very well make Manipulation and Charisma actions more difficult among these groups as well.

Dark Fate
You are doomed to experience a most horrible demise or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, someday, your struggles, and your dreams will come to naught. Your fate is certain and there is nothing you can do about it. Even more ghastly, you have partial knowledge of this, for you occasionally have visions of your fate - and they are most disturbing. The malaise these visions inspire in you can only be overcome through the use of Willpower, and will return after each vision. At some point in the chronicle, you will indeed face your fate, but when and how is completely up to the Storyteller. Though you can�t do anything about your fate, you can still attempt to reach some goal before it occurs, or at least try to make sure that your friends are not destroyed as well. This is a difficult Flaw to role-play; though it may seem as if it takes away all free will, we have found that ironically, it grants freedom.

Dark Secret
You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah in the Kindred community. This can be anything from having murdered an elder to having once been a member of the Sabbat. While this secret weighs on your mind at all times, it will only surface in occasional stories. Otherwise, it will being to lose its impact.

You cannot hear. While you may ignore some applications of Dominate, you may not listen to electronic or vocal media, and the difficulties of many Alertness rolls are increased by three.

Death Wish
You have an unconscious wish to die the True Death. The search for blood, the politics and pain, the constant knowledge of all eternity looming ahead of you, and perhaps your own cowardice, all have their effect on you. Although you never deliberately do anything to harm yourself, you do tend to hinder yourself at awkward times. At any time during a story, the Storyteller may ask you to re-roll a Skill check, The least successful of the two rolls is the actual result of your action. The Storyteller may do this a number of times per story equal to the number of points taken in this Flaw.

Death sight
Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse; mortals look diseased, buildings seems decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. You are at -2 difficulty to resist all rolls based on Appearance, but by the same token you are at +2 difficulty on all Perception-based rolls. In addition, you find social interaction difficult and are at +1 difficulty on all Social based rolls.

Deep Sleeper
When you sleep, it is very difficult for you to awaken. Raise the difficulty by two on any such rolls, and role-play how you never seem to be on time when you have an appointment early in the evening.

You have some kind of deformity - a misshapen limb, a hunchback or whatever - which affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. The difficulties of all dice rolls related to physical appearance are raised by two. Your deformity will also raise the difficulty of some Dexterity rolls by two, depending on the type of deformity you possess.

Demon Hounded
A demon has taken a special interest in your soul. She appears to you occasionally, using threats, bribes and honeyed words to win you to her cause. Sometimes she just asks you to perform innocuous favors for her. Sometimes she just asks you to sell your soul. Sometimes she offers you favors or information without any apparent catch. In any case, it is not your interests she serves, but those of her diabolical masters. All of her plots are ultimately designed to ensnare you and win your soul. A minor demon (1pt Flaw) may be an annoying imp, incapable of no more than distracting you, thieving small items and pleading for your soul; its plans are unimpressive, but can be frustrating. A greater creature (4pt Flaw) is your physical equal and can concoct horrible devious plans to win your soul. In either case the Storyteller creates the character for the demon, and keeps track of its plots.

Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. Choose a Derangement for your character, you can temporarily overcome this insanity with a Willpower roll though you can never lose this flaw.

Diabolic Sire
Your sire is engaged in acts that could cause a tremendous uproar in the Camarilla. She could be wantonly breaking the Masquerade, or hunting down elders of the city and feasting on their blood. Archons are likely to come to you in order to discover your sire�s whereabouts, and they may not believe you if you tell them you don�t know.

Diabolist, Known
You have committed diablerie at least once to achieve your current position of power. Although not all members of elder Kindred society known of your terrible flaw, at least some elders of import are aware of it. You are certain word of your proscribed behavior is slowly making its way though society. Other elders could easily discover this at any time and, at the very least, most of society knows that you are to be shunned. Adding to the danger, there is always the possibility of a Blood Hunt despite your elder status. If they haven�t already, certain elders can be expected to use their information to force you to back their cause. You receive a +3 difficulty modifier on any Social roll involving elder Kindred who know your secret.

Diabolist, Secret
You have committed diablerie at least once to achieve your current position of power, but no one yet knows your secret. Should the information ever be revealed, other elders may well refused you aid, shun you or, even worse, turn against you, perhaps even calling a Blood Hunt. It is imperative you keep this information hidden. Should your secret ever be reveled you will received a +3 difficulty modifier to any Social roll involving elder Kindred.

Disease Carrier
Your blood carries a lethal and highly contagious disease. The disease can be anything from rabies to HIV, and Kindred who drink your blood have a 10 percent chance of becoming a carrier as well. You must spend an extra blood point each night on awakening, or you will being manifesting symptoms of the disease (increased chance to frenzy for rabies, reduced soak rolls for HIV, etc.)

A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice as well as remember. You therefore have a zero Appearance, much like the Nosferatu (who cannot take this Flaw)

Disgrace to the Blood
Your sire regards the fact that he Embraced you to be a titanic mistake, and has let everyone know it. You are mocked in Elysium, taunted by your peers and actively despised by the one who should be giving you guidance. Any request or petition you make is likely to be looked down upon by friends of your sire, and your achievements are likely to be discounted.

Driving Goal
You have personal goal, which sometimes compels and directs you in starting ways. The goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. It could be to eradicate the Sabbat or achieve Golconda. Because you must work towards your goal throughout the chronicle (thought you can avoid it for short periods by spending Willpower), it will get you into trouble and may jeopardize other actions. Choose your driving goal carefully, as it will direct and focus everything your character does.

Dulled Bite
For some reason your fangs never fully developed - they may not have manifested at all. When feeding, you need to find some other method of making the blood flow. Failing that, you must achieve double the normal amount of successes in order to make your bite penetrate properly. A number of Caitiff and high-generation vampires often manifest this Flaw.


Eerie Presence
Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes them anxious and ill at ease in your presence. Because of this, difficulties of all dice rolls relating to social interaction with mortals are increased by two.

Emotional Isolation
You have seen too many friend and family, Kindred and kine alike, swept away on the river of time and cast into oblivion. The pain of seeing so many die while you continued to exist was horrible to bear, so horrible that you have now isolated yourself emotionally from all others. You often come across as cold and utterly without feeling, but what is that to you? You are now safe from pain. Due to your total emotional isolation, you receive a +1 difficulty modifier to any Social skill rolls involving emotions and cannot spend experience points on the Empathy Talent.

You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The value of this flaw determines how powerful these enemies are. The most powerful enemies (Methuselahs or Arch-mages) would be five point Flaws, while someone nearer to your own power would be worth only one point. You must decide who your enemy is and how you became enemies in the first place.

You are world-weary. You have seen enough to know that nothing is ever truly new; the same events and so called passions are merely replayed again and again, with only the faces and names shifting as the many, many years go by. You rarely pay attention to those around you, assuming you know all there is to know of them once you have determined what part they play on the world stage (+1 difficulty to Perception rolls involving people you know) . Due to your belief in the predictability of others, you also receive +1 difficulty to the difficulty level of the first action taken following a surprise (such as an ambush).

Escaped Target
The flip side of Rival Sires, Escaped Target means that you had targeted a mortal for the Embrace, but someone else got there first. You cannot stand the humiliation of being cheated of your prize, and fly into a rage (+2 difficulty to avoid frenzy) whenever you see the one who got away. This hatred may lead you into other irrational behaviors, like Embracing enemies of the neonate, creating unauthorized childer or even trying to kill your rival. Furthermore, your petty and irrational behavior is well-known and quite noticeable, and as a result you are at +1 difficult on all Charisma rolls until the situation is resolved.

Someone in power doesn�t want you around. Maybe she wants territory you possess, or is jealous of the attention you�re getting from a prize mortal retainer - the details are irrelevant. What does matter is that she has the power to maneuver you into dangerous situations "for the good of the Camarilla" and has not compunctions about doing so.


You once held a title in the city, but failed catastrophically in your duties. Now you are branded incompetent, excluded from circles of power and responsibility and generally ostracized by those one their way up. Your exclusion may make you a target for recruitment by the Sabbat (or so the whispers run, making you even more distrusted). Conversely, the consequences of your error - a breach of the Masquerade, an unauthorized Embrace, a lawbreaker allowed to escape - might come back to haunt you.

Fanatical Devotion
You are of the heretical faithful, to the point where your devotion overwhelms all worldly concerns. You pray and make your devotions to the exclusion of all else, even forgetting to feed until desperate hunger drives you to do so. (Of course, by waiting till the last minute, you run the risk of feeding indiscriminately and thus committing acts sure to require repeated acts of repentance, which will drive you deeper into your prayers until you hunger again...) To tear yourself away from your religious duties (often self-imposed) requires a Willpower check (diff 7). It is also flatly impossible for you to do anything that contradicts the tenets of your faith. The expenditure of a point of Willpower -might- make such acts possible under extreme circumstances, though you may feel compelled to make some great act of contrition afterwards.

Fear of the Devil
Your religious beliefs may be particularly strong or all but nonexistent, and your experience and intellect may offer all kinds of reassurances, but still you harbor a deep-rooted, irrational fear that someday, for some reason, you will be dragged down to an eternity of torment at the hands of the Devil. This panic may be triggered by anything you associate with black magic� or by anything violating the teachings of the Church, and obviously will make your interactions with vampires considerably more complex. Although the degree to which you keep your feelings under control may vary, note that this terror is not a conscious choice on your characters part and cannot be reasoned away over time. Like many Flaws, Fear of the Devil is presented as more of an opportunity for role-playing than min-maxing a particular character.

Your particular flavor of devotion includes the practice of self-flagellation. You scourge yourself with whips, wear a hair shirt or otherwise inflict suffering on yourself as an act of faith. Although others may or may not react poorly to this behavior (in some circles, after all, it is a sign of great holiness), being a flagellant does mean that you run through a great deal of vitae to sustain and heal yourself after routinely receiving the sort of beating a Cainite can inflict. In addition, at any given moment you are likely to be down one or two health levels from self-inflicted wounds.

You managed to make it through the Creation Rights, but not wholly intact. The most insignificant thing can throw you into a different mood or state of mind. Your behavior is extremely unpredictable. Because of your precarious emotional state, your Willpower fluctuates. At the beginning of each story, make a Willpower roll (you may not spend Willpower for an automatic success, obviously). If you succeed, you may participate in the story as normal. If you fail, however, your Willpower is considered to be 1 for the duration of the session. You may roll again at the beginning of the next session to see if you regain your wits.

Flesh of the Corpse
Your flesh does not fully regenerate once it is damaged. While you are able to heal yourself to the point of regaining fill functionality, your skin still retains the cuts, tears, bullet holes, etc., which you have incurred. Depending on the nature of the damage, this Flaw will make social dealings exceedingly difficult.

Former Prince
Once, you held near-absolute power in a city, but those nights are gone now. Perhaps you stepped down, perhaps you were deposed, or perhaps your city fell to the Sabbat; it matters little in your reduced state. What does matter is that the prince in the city where you now dwell is aware of your prior employment, and has concerns that you might be trying to make a comeback. The machinery of the Camarilla in the city where you now make your home is subtly stacked against you, and if the prince sees and opportunity to get rid of you he just might take it.

Frail Stomach
You are physically unable to stomach blood that you consider filthy or poor. The overwhelming stink of kerosene and coal in a factory worker's blood might turn you away - or perhaps the sticky caramel-sweet blood of the aristocracy. This Flaw cannot be combined with Prey Exclusion and is more than just a matter of distaste. To keep down any blood from a source deemed unfit by you requires a Stamina + Self Control roll (difficulty 8_. You may stomach a number of blood points equal to the successes. Anything else is regurgitated.

Fraudulent Order
You claim to be a member of a distant knightly order but are no such thing. You may claim to belong to a true and recognized order such as the Templar�s. This pretense gives you a combination of prestige without obligation that suits you just fine. It is a risky proposition, however, because you face very serious consequences if others discover your fraud. If exposed, you will be disgraced, probably banished from respectable company and may face the ire of other knights.


Garou - Animal Musk
You smell like an animal even in Homid form. You suffer +2 diff on Social rolls in a situation where your smell is obvious (Anywhere indoors). This scent does not bother wolves, only humans.

Garou - Banned Transformation
One of the following prevents you from changing, except back to your breed form. You must spend a Willpower point and make a Willpower roll to change if such a thing occurs. 1pt - Soothing Music, 2pt - Wolfsbane is near, 3pt - Must spend a Rage, 4pt - When Silver is near, 5pt - During the day, 6pt - When the moon cannot be seen.

Garou - Blabbermouth
You can�t keep a secret, not even to save your life. If you know something hidden from others you just have to tell someone. This may get you in trouble with friends or even bring trouble to your tribe. To maintain silence, you must spend a willpower and get at least 1 success on a Wits + Enigmas roll (diff 7). This is a 2pt flaw for all except Uktena, for them it is a 3pt flaw.

Garou - Dark Moments
You experience moments of mental darkness under great stress or in the face of utter failure. Your conscious mind enters a black place where you lose any awareness of what you are doing. This flaw takes effect whenever you botch a Rage or Willpower roll. During this time, the Storyteller takes charge of your character.

Garou - Double Jeopardy
You were born not with one, but two metis deformities. These are incurable and cannot be eliminated through experience points or events in the chronicle. Gaia has either marked you for something special or cursed you for some unknown reason.

Garou - Foe From the Past
An enemy of one of your ancestors still seeks revenge, through you. Vampires or spirits are worth 3pts. A hunter or supernatural mortal is worth one or two points depending on their power. You must have the Background Past Life to purchase this flaw.

Garou - Forced Transformation
Some event or condition forces you to change. You must spend a Willpower each turn to resist the change. Once changed, you cannot shift back until the situation has passed. Please get with your Storyteller about what the situation is and how much it is worth.

Garou - Insane Past Life
One of your ancestors was mad. This past life takes over during certain situations and is quite a hindrance. Get with your Storyteller about the situation and about creating the ancestor.

Garou - Mark of the Predator
Herbivores fear you, and carnivores see you as a threat. You cannot possess any points of Animal Ken.

Garou - No Partial Transformation
You cannot take any mixed forms at all, only the full forms.

Garou - Pack Mentality
The pack is your life, without it, you are nothing. When in the presence of at least one packmate, you receive a -1 on all pack tactics, when alone, you receive a +1 to ALL difficulties.

Garou - Persistent Parents
Your parents refuse to let your memory lie, and they actively run a missing teens program to search for you. They also use hired detectives to hunt for you.

Garou - Pierced Veil
Your Crinos form doesn�t trigger the Delirium in mortals. This Flaw can be a dangerous one, as werewolf hunters find it easier to trace you and perhaps find your caern.

Garou - Sign of the Wolf
You find it difficult to hide your werewolf heritage. In fact your Homid form has all the folkloric signs of being a werewolf. It is very difficult to hide your true form.. A pentagram may even appear on your palm just before and during your auspice�s phase of the moon.

Garou - Slip Sideways
You can�t always control your passage to the Umbra. During a stressful situation and you come across a reflective surface, roll Wits + Occult (diff 7) to avoid making the shift. You must still make a Gnosis roll to pass the Gauntlet in this instance, though your diff is 1 less (only when accidental step)

Garou - Strict Carnivore
You derive no nourishment from vegetables, and you must rely solely on meat, preferably raw. It is hard for you to subsist in a desolate landscape where prey is scarce.

Garou - Territorial
You don�t like to leave your territory, nor do you like to have strangers enter it. In fact, you get so nervous and disoriented while outside your territory that you are +1 on all difficulties. In addition, you must make a frenzy roll to keep yourself from attacking intruders who enter your territory, unless they obtain your permission to do so.

Garou - Unsuited to Tribe
You were obviously born in the wrong tribe. You constantly feel out of place with your own people. You even have to pay out of Tribe costs on purchasing all Gifts.

Garou - Witch Finder
For some reason you attract the attention of witches. The best thing to say about this flaw is that at least you will always have something interesting complicating your life.

Garou - Witch Kin
You are known to be related to a known witch, because of this relationship your tribe and other garou alike, dislike you. All positions of leadership are closed to you and everything you do gives rise to suspicion.

Garou - Wolf Years
Your life span is that of a wold, rather than that of a normal Garou. In other words, you�ve got 12 to 20 years at most. You begin to take aging effects at eight years if you are lupus or within five years of the Change for a homid character. Naturally, homids with this Flaw begin aging quickly only after the Change.

Garou - Bone Gnawers - Anosmia
You�ve lost all sense of taste or smell. Maybe it�s because you�ve been surrounded by the stink of the city for so long, or it may simply be a genetic defect. Some Bone Gnawer metis are born with this affliction; this Flaw is always in addition to the more crippling and obvious metis deformity chosen during character creation. Regardless of the cause of this Flaw, you automatically fail any roll involving these two sense, including Primal-Urge rolls for tracking or hunting. In Lupus form, it�s even more crippling, since smell is a wolf�s most acute sense; this Flaw cancels out the -2 diff to Perception rolls a Garou gets in that form. There�s a slight benefit, however: At the Storyteller�s discretion, you may be immune to Gifts and supernatural abilities that rely on odors or stink, such as the Gift: Odor of the Skunk. Bone Gnawer Cooking also tastes just fine to you, even if the texture is occasionally repulsive.

Garou - Jackal�s Blood
You�re cursed. In fact, you make the average Bone Gnawer look lucky. Once per session, something you attempt will go horribly, horribly wrong. It may be something as minor as spilling a drink or as major as swinging at a foe in combat and hitting your best friend.

Garou - Bone Gnawer - Last Homid
You can�t remember anything since your First Change. At times, you can�t remember back much farther than a year or two. Your first transformation was so intense, so vivid, that it completely ripped away all memory of your former life. You no doubt wandered the streets for months before the Bone Gnawer tribe found you and taught you who you really were - no other tribe would take you in. After all, most Garou don�t share the tolerance Bone Gnawers and Children of Gaia have for the mentally ill. This Flaw is only available to Homid Garou. Living on the streets has thoroughly distanced you from the human world. You lived like an animal, and so you have lost much of your understanding for how humans live. As part of this, you have the same restrictions on Abilities as a lupus. You have fallen between the cracks of society, and so begin play without identification, a human name, or any ties to human society. You can not take the Struggling flaw as well.

Garou - Bone Gnawer - Phobia
A character with the Phobia Flaw has a strong aversion to a type of encounter or confrontation that�s likely to occur in a story. When presented with this stimulus, the character must make a Willpower 9 roll. Any successes overrides the phobia. No successes, he�ll spend the rest of the scene trying to avoid or flee the situation. A botch puts the character in paralyzed fear for at least 1 round. Willpower may be spent to override a botch for at least 1 round.

Garou - CoG - Ahimsa
You have taken a vow not to kill any animal large enough to see (this does not include germs, plants, tiny insects, etc). This includes the Vegan Flaw (which you may not take along with this one) as well as deliberately inflicting lethal damage. You may fight (you will need to) but you must strive only to defeat your foes, not slay them. Many Children take this vow. If you kill accidently, you will not lose the freebie points generated from this Flaw, but if you deliberately take another being�s life the Storyteller will remove 3 points from your character anywhere that she sees fit.

Garou - CoG - Burned Out
If anyone starts with the peace and love crap again, you just might lose it. Your lengthy struggle for good has taken its toll. You are depressed, cynical and prone to Harano; the diff of all Willpower rolls is raised by 1.

Garou - CoG - Charach
You are known to have a Garou lover. You may be performing the Rite of the Clouds and Rain, or simply be involved romantically. The Storyteller will create this character for you, if needed, but you should be aware that any charach is regarded by Garou (even some Children of Gaia) as a perverted criminal who deserves death. Other Garou may be very angry with you for breaking the Litany, and may insist on punishing you. You automatically begin the game with 1 less point of Renown, and must lose that point of Renown from Honor if at all possible.

Garou - CoG
For better or for worse, you are docile in nature. Your distance from �the wolf� is noticeable to others. They may use the words �domesticated� or �dog�. Some Children of Gaia lupus who have this Gift are actually somewhat dog-like in appearance. For every point of Docile you take, your maximum Rage is lowered by 2, and can never be bought above that level.

Garou - CoG - Naive
You are hopelessly naive about the nature of reality and see all through �rose-colored glasses.� You may have been brought up in wealth and privilege, or be a survivor of abuse and trauma that you have repressed. You are unwilling to suspect evil or foul play, which can be a serious problem. The diff for any rolls to detect another person�s ill intent, from Sense Wyrm Gift to Empathy rolls, is raised by 2.

Garou - CoG - Vegan

You cannot eat any food that comes from an animal�s body. You also must avoid using animal products such as leather, fur or wool. If flesh so much as enters your mouth, the Storyteller may force you to make a Willpower roll to avoid gagging. This makes you unwelcome at most social events (especially among lupus) and you cannot hunt (except for spirits).

Garou - Get of Fenris - Gregarious
Although most Get of Fenris cannot purchase the Contacts Background, you are somewhat more outgoing than your tribemates, and have managed to make a few connections and acquaintances here and there. You have a small number of minor contacts, whenever you need to get in touch with one, you may roll 3 dice (diff 7) to locate the person you need. This Merit does not, however, provide any major contacts.

Garou - Get of Fenris - Wotan�s Curse
The curse of Wotan has fallen on your bloodline, and has unluckily manifested itself in you. You are vulnerable to the powers of the walking dead, the servants of One-Eye. Whenever a vampire, wraith of other undead entity attempts to affect you with one of their supernatural powers, the diff to do so is reduced by 1. This curse makes you somewhat of a liability in many operations, which may affect your standing among fellow Fenrir.

Garou - Red Talons - Human Attention
Humans have spotted you in a place where no wolves should be, and now they�re trying to find you again. This Flaw assumes you were seen in a place you frequent and can�t just avoid from now on. For 1 point, word of �wolves in our forest� has leaked out. For 3 points the locals take offense to lupine infringement on �their� land and have started carrying rifles and looking for wolves. For 5 points, you�ve caught the attention of a supernatural being or beings.

Garou - Silent Striders - Freak Magnet
You attract the very worst sorts of ghosts. Thus, when your �Haunted� weakness comes into play, the ghost attracted to you is always a Spectre (powerful Bane) that will seek to do you physical or psychological harm or corrupt you into ruin.

Garou - Silver Fangs - Harano
Garou of any tribe may suffer from the dread associated with Harano, but Silver Fangs are particularly note for carrying this great weight. Harano is an inexplicable gloom and inexpressible longing for unnamable things. Garou for suffer from Harano are prone to depression, lassitude and sudden mood swings. A player who suffers from Harano must make a Willpower roll (diff 6) for each scene, if the roll fails, the character plunges into Harano. All Dice Pools are reduced by 1. If the roll botches, the character gains a temporary Derangement. Garou - Silver Fangs - Hubris
Hubris is not just overconfidence, but overweening pride and arrogance. You view the �lesser tribes� with a haughty and judgmental stare. They, in return, are �jealous and petty� when dealing with you. You believe that you have a great destiny, that the Celestines blessed you upon birth. This may be true, but you are still a snob. Most Garou consider you an egotistical, self-centered elitist; even other Silver Fangs chastise you for your presumption. You suffer all the penalties of the Overconfident flaw, but receive no points for that Flaw. What�s more, your arrogance makes you unpopular and you suffer +2 diff on all Social rolls when dealing with �social inferiors.�

Garou - Uktena - Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias
You have an instinctive dislike for garou whose ancestors came from Europe to invade the Pure Lands. Even though your reason may tell you that the time for old hatreds has passed, and that Gaia needs all her defenders to work together in these days before the Apocalypse, you still find it hard to tolerate the pretensions and arrogant assumptions of the Wyrmcorner tribes. You have a +2 diff on all die involving interaction with Garou other than Wendigo. With the ST�s permission, you may exempt up to 3 tribes - such as the Stargazers, Silent Striders and CoG - from your roster of �foreigners� The Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias should not cripple your ability to function in a pack with non-native Garou. You may eventually acquire evidence from companions that enable you to buy off this Flaw.

Garou - Uktena - Taint of Suspicion
Something indefinable arouses more distrust in you than in the average Uktena. Although you do not register as �Wyrm-tainted,� your presence raises the hackles of most Garou, as if something sinister has worked its way into your spirit. Perhaps you have had one too many �close encounters� with fomori or Banes, maybe you spent more time than most Garou nosing about Hellholes and Leeches� lairs. You should work out with the Storyteller the reasons why you invoke such strong feelings of discomfort and unease in other Garou. Many Bane Tenders eventually acquire this Flaw.

Garou - Wendigo - Bitter
You exceed even your fellow Wendigo in bitterness, anger over the state of the tribe, the world or your Kin. Perhaps you were raised on a native reservation in extreme poverty or you spent the first years of your life in a wolf pack evading hunters. Whatever the reason, you get angry easily at individuals whom you perceive to be the cause of your problems. You are at -1 diff to frenzy when in their presence.

Gangrel - Pied Piper
Animals like you too much. Every night, when you rise from your sleep, they are there waiting. They follow you around like a pack, looking to you for leadership. They gather from the nearby area; generally, all creatures of a particular type within the six miles collect during the day around your resting place. They disperse while you sleep, only to regroup with the coming of night. At 2 points, the affected animals are small like rats or mice, which will be overlooked. At 3 points, they are slightly larger and attract more attention, like cats. At 4 points, you�re followed by creatures that are hard to overlook, wolves, bears or stags. People can use this to find your havens or track your movements, and it makes it difficult for you to avoid detection if you remain in place for very long.

Ghoul - Circular Vision
One of your eyes has been moved to the back of your head, granting you the ability to see at a wider angle. This is a difficult operation and can be performed only by masters of medicine and Vicissitude. In addition, your depth perception is poor at any angle, and you suffer a two-die penalty to any rolls that involve gauging distance, including use of missile weapons. You must take the Monstrous Flaw.

Ghoul - Fangs
Your teeth have been lengthened and sharpened; your smile may resemble a shark's or cat's, or may be unlike anything found in nature. You may use the Bite maneuver, but lose two dice from any Manipulation Dice Pools that do not involve intimidation or causing fear.

Ghoul - Artificially Aged
You have been fleshcrafted to look like an adult, although true maturity is still some time in your future. Although you can pass as older than you actually feel, you have difficulty dealing with complex situations. Your difficulty to resist frenzy is only one less than that of a vampire (or one more than normal, in the case of Bratovitches); tantrums come easily to you. You must also subtract one die from all Social Dice Pools that involve subtlety or sophistication.

Ghoul - Domitor Pariah
You are Bound to a vampire who, for whatever reason, is unwelcome among or even hated by the other Kindred of the chronicle area. Without Cainite allies, she finds herself relying on her human and ghoul associates to get by. You will likely find yourself given additional responsibilities, which may present opportunities for you to further ingratiate yourself with the master. However, if other Kindred discover whom you serve, your life might well be in danger. The Storyteller will determine why your domitor is so despised; you are welcome to offer suggestions, but the Storyteller is under no obligation to tell you the cause of such antipathy. You might not even know that your beloved liege is hated at all; after all, who could dislike such a wonderful creature as she... ?

Ghoul - Romantic Notions
You believe your entire existence as a ghoul to be head and shoulders above your previous life. You feel that your domitor needs you, and that every feeding is nothing short of an act of purest love. Revenants with this Flaw want nothing more than to serve the glorious ideals of the Sabbat, and leap to indulge any Sabbat vampire's whim. Your Willpower is considered to be two points lower when the object of your romanticism attempts to use Dominate or Presence on you. For a vassal, the domitor triggers this penalty; for revenants, any vampire known to be Sabbat may easily influence a ghoul with this Flaw. Independents may not take this Flaw unless the Storyteller approves a common sort of vampire whom the ghoul idolizes, and with whom the ghoul puts herself at a disadvantage in dealings, due to her romanticized ideas.

Ghoul - Vitae sink
For whatever reason, you metabolize vitae more quickly than other ghouls do. You must be fed every two weeks, rather than every month, or lose all supernatural traits and revert to a human once more. Few ghouls with this Flaw last beyond their natural life spans; at this rate, missed feedings do happen.

Giovanni - Inbreed
A common occurrence among the incestuous Giovanni clan, inbreeding can take many forms, and this Flaw is best discusses with the Storyteller before player take it for her character. The Inbreed Flaw covers all manner of physical, mental and emotional defects. A one-point Inbreeding is something simple and unobtrusive, like eyes too close together or an underbite. A three-point Inbreeding is more sever: a congenital health condition (for mortals) or a crippling physical deformity. Five-point Inbreedings are grossly disabling or emotionally crippling - everything form uselessly atrophied legs to a permanent Derangement, decided on mutually by the player ad storyteller. Inbred conditions may or may not be immediately discernible, though their point costs should be relative to their magnitude.

Glowing Eyes
You have the stereotypical glowing eyes of vampire legend, which gives you a -1 difficulty on Intimidation rolls when you�re dealing with mortals. However, the tradeoffs are many, you are a walking tear in the Masquerade and must constantly disguise your condition (no contacts don�t cut it); the glow impairs your vision and puts you at +1 difficulty on all sight-based roll (including the use of ranged weapons); and the radiance emanating form your eye sockets make it difficult to hide (+2 difficulty to Stealth rolls) in the dark.

Grip of the damned
There is no ecstasy in your Embrace - only terror and pain. Mortals upon whom you feed struggle and shriek all the while as you attempt to feed, requiring you to grapple with them for as long as you wish to take their blood. For vampires with high Humanity , this experience may require a Humanity roll, at the discretion of the Storyteller.

You simply cannot come to grips with the fact that you must drink blood to survive. You suffer horrible guilt over each time you feed (roll Conscience, difficulty 7, or else frenzy every time you feed) and try to avoid doing so as much as possible. This means that you rarely have much blood in your system, leaving you vulnerable to both attacks and hunger-based frenzies.

Gulpy A gulpy vampire is one who is gullible and easily duped. Kindred with this flaw can become victims of cons and jokes and are less able to resist conspiritorial and other manipulation. Each level, to a maximum of three levels, reduces the hapless vampire's dice pool by one die for rolls to resist manipulation and trickery.


Harbinger of Gehenna
This Flaw encompasses both the 14th Generation and Thin Blood flaws from Vampire: The Masquerade. You are more than merely week in the eyes of Victorian vampires, you are a symbol of ruin. Your presence is offensive, at least, and most likely, frightening for your fellow Kindred. You might find solace in the presence of neonates or fools, but many vampires would rather burn you than consider what you represent. Quite simply, anyone who knows the secrets of your weak blood probably despises you for it. Tread carefully.

Hard of Hearing
Your hearing is defective. The difficulties of any dice rolls involving the use of hearing are increased by two.

You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. You may hate a species of animal, a class of person, a color, a situation - anything. You must make a frenzy roll whenever faced wit the object of your hatred. You constantly pursue opportunities to harm the hated object or gain power over it.

You are haunted by an angry and tormented spirit, most likely one of your first victims. This spirit actively attempts to hinder you, especially when feeding, and does its utmost to vent its anguish upon you and anyone in your presence, The Storyteller determines the exact nature of the spirit, its powers, and whether or not it can eventually be laid to rest.

Hemophiliac (Banned currently)
If you get cut, you will not stop bleeding without medical help. Any Kindred who bites you will find that they cannot seal the wound with a lick.

You have come to the attention of a witch-hunter, or some similar individual who now seeks your destruction. This hunter is beyond reason and has some form of power, influence or authority that puts you at a disadvantage. Your friends, family and associates are likewise endangered. Sooner or later, this Flaw will result in a confrontation. The resolution should not be an easy one, and until then you are in for one hellish time.

Hunted Like a Dog
Another sect or group of vampires-e it an independent clan or the Sabbat as a whole - has decided you�re a target for extermination, and pursue you relentlessly. On the bright side, the enemies of your enemy may well wish to help you out, potentially garnering your llies in this one instance.


Through lack of education or as the result of a condition like dyslexia, you are unable to read or write.

You have no patience for standing around and waiting. You want to do everything now, and the Devil take the hindmost. Every time you are forced to wait around instead off acting, a Self-Control roll is required to see if you go haring off on your own instead.

Incomplete Understand
The whole matter has been explained to you, but you�re still not quite sure how this whole Camarilla/Masquerade thing works. Your imperfect understanding of the riles and regulations of your new existence means that sooner or later, you�re going to make a mistake. It�s only a matter of time�

You are not attuned to your natural aptitudes, and therefore have five fewer points to spend on your Talents (the most you could take on your Talents would be eight, and the least would be 0). Of course, you can still spend freebie points to take Talents. However, you cannot at the start of the game, have any Talents at 3 or higher.

Infamous Lineage
Your family name turns heads for all the wrong reasons. Your grandfather may have been an infernalist or your great uncle a traitor and scoundrel, but a pall of ill repute hangs over you because of it. You may still have station and substantial authority, but you play at a disadvantage in the spheres of courtly rumor and troubadour stories. You suffer a +1 diff penalty on social rolls in such circumstances.

Infamous Sire
Your sire was, and perhaps still is, distrusted and disliked by many of the Kindred in the city. As a result, you are distrusted and disliked as well ,This is a heavy load, and one not easily shed.

Infectious Bite
You lack the enzymes that allow most Kindred to seal the wounds caused by their feeding. You may not automatically lick the wounds of your feeding closed. IN fact, your bites have a one on five chance of becoming infected and causing mortal victims to become seriously ill. The precise nature of the infection is determined by the Storyteller.

Infertile Vitae
For some reason you're unable to create new vampires. All those you try to Embrace die. Your vitae is faulty even beyond that of Thin Blood. You may not create any childer no matter what you do. However, unlike the Flaw Thin Blood, you can use your blood just as all other vampires can.

Inquisitor - Arrogant
Whether or not you actually think you�re better than others, those around you consistently feel that you have a �holier than thou� attitude. You may phrase things sarcastically too often, or you may really believe that you are holier than most of those you interact with. In any case, you suffer a +1 diff modifier on all social rolls made to sway others of equal or lower social stature. This Flaw only affects the character�s friends and allies, and has no impact on his dealings with the Enemy.

Inquisitor - Convert
Although you are Catholic, you were originally brought up in another faith. Your past as a Jew (or even a Saracen) is unmistakable and comes back to haunt you from time to time. You suffer a +1 diff on Social rolls when dealing with other inquisitors who do not know you. When dealing with inquisitors in the grips of Callousness, you suffer a +2 diff. Their prejudice is likely to be expressed in surprisingly direct and petty ways.

Inquisitor - Criminal Past
While you are currently an honest and highly devout individual, that has not always been the case. At some point in the past, you were a known and violent criminal and may have been a hunted man for your criminal activities. All Social rolls with those who know your criminal history are made at +2 diff. Certain self-righteous clergy, in particular, will especially eager to bring you to justice should they learn of your past. Those who know you are unlikely to ever give you the benefit of the doubt unless you have truly proven yourself reformed.

Inquisitor - Curse Prone
Some inquisitors are fated to wield great divine power with relatively little burden in their struggles against the Enemy. Others, like you, may gain the advantage of divine power, but it almost always comes with a heavy price. In addition to whatever other modifiers may come into play, all rolls related to acquiring new Curses are subject to a +2 modifier.

Inquisitor - Devil�s Puppet
Demons and other possessing spirits find your body unusually easy to take over and use as their own. Any sort of possessing entity, whether it be demons, vampires, warlocks, or some other creature, has a far easier time taking over your body than another nearby victim. Creatures possessing you do so with a -2 diff.

Inquisitor - Ecstatic
Sometimes, your joy in the touch of the Holy Ghost utterly overwhelms you and you speak in tongues, have ecstatic fits or starts prophesying incomprehensibly. Every time you use a Blessing or the Holy Art and score more than 3 successes, you must roll Willpower (difficulty 6) or give in to ecstatic behavior. You may spend a Willpower point to delay the effect by one scene, if you wish.

Inquisitor - Elderly
God did not call you to his service until late in your life. Although your mind and faith are strong, your body is frail. Still, you bring experience to the Inquisition, which mean that you never question the wisdom of His choice, even though you lack the ability to stand side by side with your more active brethren. All difficulties on physical rolls increase by one, and if you ever botch such a roll, you must immediately roll the appropriate Attribute at difficulty 6. If that roll botches, you lose a dot from that Attribute. Dropping to zero in a Physical Attribute may cripple of kill, at the Storyteller�s discretion.

Inquisitor - God�s Judgment
You have sinned against the Lord sometime in the past, and as a punishment upon you he has barred you from receiving some of His Blessings. A 2pt Flaw bars you from gaining Orisons; a 3pt Flaw from a particular form of Endowment or path of the Holy Art; 4pt ban you from gaining Blessings entirely. These are NOT cumulative. You suffer the penalty for the appropriate level only. That is, a character with the 4pt version may learn Orisons and the Holy Art, but not Endowments.

Inquisitor - Insomniac
Getting to sleep is hard when you know the sorts of creatures that are roaming the night, doing the Devil�s work. Staying asleep is harder. You toss and turn and can�t sleep at night. Roll Willpower (diff 7) every night before your character goes to sleep. If the roll fails, you do not sleep and all Perception diff increase by 2. Blessings that keep the character from sleeping only make this flaw worse.

Inquisitor - Low Pain Threshold
While you may have been generously blessed in many ways, that is not the case when it comes to dealing with physical discomfort. Your pain threshold is extremely low. What others consider a minor pain debilitates you. Although you soak damage normally, you suffer an additional -1 die pool penalty whenever you�re injured (and a -1 penalty even at the bruised stage).

Inquisitor - Malicious Zealot
God-fearing Christians have nothing to fear from you, but you take great delight in causing pain and suffering to those who do not follow God. Heretics, witches and those following any faith but strict Catholicism are open targets for you. Anytime you have an opportunity to make a heathen suffer in any way, you�re inclined to take it. Make a Willpower roll (diff 6) when the character is in a position to cause pain or suffering to a non-believer; if even one success is rolled, the character masters her sadistic streak. Otherwise, she takes the opportunity to torment the victim as sadistically as possible. If the character is Callous, the diff of the roll goes up to 8.

Inquisitor - Reformed Heretic
Many monastic and clerical orders have experimented with variations on Christianity, which are tolerated until such a time as a Papal Bull declares them to be heresy. You followed such a path some years ago, prior to joining the Inquisition. You were granted the chance to repent and confess your sins when your chosen faith was declared heresy, and you accepted. While you are redeemed in the eyes of the Church, many individuals, if they learn of your history, will regard you with suspicion and possibly even hatred. Should your history be revealed to other inquisitors, members of the Church or even the laity, it is up to the Storyteller to determine how they react to you, but the response should be difficult to deal with.

Inquisitor - Sickened by the Flesh
You are easily sickened by the sight of base flesh and all things to do with it. Whenever you witness a gory scene of battle, obvious signs of corrupted flesh of the enemy or an overt display of carnal list, you must roll Willpower (diff 6). If the roll fails, you are overcome with nausea for the next few minutes. While this doesn�t mean you spend the time vomiting (unless the roll botches), it does mean that all difficulties increase by one during that time.

Inquisitor - Spiritual Cripple
Despite your great Conviction and devotion to God and the Church, you are still challenged to gain a higher understanding of a particular Superior Virtue. One of the three Superior Virtues, is completely beyond your understanding. You may be too lazy to develop Zeal, too headstrong to develop Wisdom or too jaded to develop Faith, but regardless of the cause, you cannot acquire that Superior Virtue.

Inquisitor - Supernaturally Ignorant
Your brief taste on inquisitorial life has made you pretty savvy when it comes to the supernatural, or so you think. Most of what you think you know is egregiously wrong. When you find out, for example, that silver weapons don�t in fact kill vampires, or that saints� medals don�t protect you from the spells of witches, you�re likely to assume that is was something unique to that particular vampire or witch, not that your �knowledge� was wrong. The player must somehow rid himself of this Flaw before he can gain any Endowments above the Acolyte level.

Inquisitor - Unlucky
Given how dedicated you are to doing the work of God, and the fact that you know He�s watching over you, it�s surprising how rarely things go your way. Every time an opportunity comes along that might let you shine, something comes along to ruin it. Once per game session, the Storyteller should increase the diff of a critical roll you make by 2. If you fail the roll, it�s due to some random element of bad luck.

Inquisitor - Weak Lungs
God gives all inquisitors their own burdens to bear. Yours is a deformity of your lungs, meaning that you become winded easily. Increase the difficulties of all sustained physical activity (running, prolonged combat, climbing, etc) by one.

Inquisitor - Worship Obsession
God has laid a heavy burden upon you. You sense that he demands an unusually harsh regimen of worship from you. It might be regular prayer at predetermined times, as practiced by monastic bothers (1pt flaw). Two points might mean that you have to stop and pray with every obvious sinner you meet. A 3pt flaw might mean that you have to give up all worldly goods of your own whenever you receive them, whereas a 4pt flaw might demand self-mortification or flagellation each evening, to drive all the impurities from your corrupted flesh. Failure to perform your chosen worship costs you two points of Conviction for each day you miss, and missing more than two consecutive days requires a roll to avoid losing Piety.

Insane Sire
Your sire has completely lost his grip on reality, and has become dangerously insane. Any wrong committed by your sire may affect your standing, and some of your sire�s dangerous schemes may somehow involve you. Because their sires are already assumed to be insane, Malkavians cannot take this Flaw.

You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing. This may be an animal, a class of person, a color, a situation, or just about anything at all. The difficulties of all dice tolls involving the subject are increased by two. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial to be reflect here - a dislike of White Wolf Magazine or tissue paper, for instance, will have little effect on play in most chronicles. The Storyteller is the final arbiter on what you can pick to dislike.



Kinfolk - Airhead
You�re so wrapped up in your own little world, you don�t have a clue about reality! Perhaps you retreat into yourself because you�re afraid or avoiding a problem, but more likely, you simply aren�t using your gray cells. Maybe you fall in and out of conversations and spout non sequiturs. Whatever the case, the werewolves and other Kin snicker at you behind your back.

Kinfolk - Barren/Sterile
Kinfolk fill a limited number of roles in Garou society. For Kinfolk who serve werewolves as perpetuators of the species, inability to reproduce is a series Flaw indeed. Not only does it carry a social stigma, it may also call down abuse, neglect or exile. Kinfolk men or women who can�t reproduce lose a great deal of their usefulness in Garou eyes.

Kinfolk - Inferiority Complex
Nope, you�re not worthy. Never have been, never will be. You�ll keep trying and tackle whatever task the Garou set you to, but even if you succeed and make a good job of it, it still won�t be good enough for you. In situations requiring you to take charge and strut your stuff, all your difficulties are raised by one.

Kinfolk - Masochist
You like to suffer for the Garou! Pain, torture and ridicule are your meat and drink, so you gladly volunteer for any venture that guarantees physical or mental agony. Masochism goes beyond a desire to prove worth and loyalty; your mind finds pleasure in it. Less caring werewolves take advantage of this Flaw; wiser ones think you�re sick in the head.

Kinfolk - Outsider
Because of false rumors, an ill-done deed or some other reason, you have a poor reputation among Kinfolk and Garou. They don�t necessarily hurt you, but they let you know you aren�t welcome in their camps or homes. Mall all Social rolls involving interaction with werewolves and Kin at +2 diff.

Kinfolk - Ulterior Motive
Something other than love and respect for your Garou relatives and Kinfolk guides your actions. This �something� may be as simple as greed or a lust for vengeance against an enemy. Whatever the case, the cause or your secret holds your ultimate loyalty.

Kinfolk - Unscented
For some reason, you have no discernible scent. While this might be an advantage against predators, it�s a disadvantage among werewolves. They might attack you, unaware that you are Kin. Some might suspect your lack of scent is some sort of Wyrm power. No gift can detect you as Kinfolk.

Kinfolk - Veiled
You may believe in Gaia and the Garou way with all your heart and soul, but, for some reason, you�re not immune to the Delirium. Gifts such as Rending the Veil and the Rite of the Parted Veil have no effect on you. You do receive a +1 bonus on the Delirium chart and retain all memories of what you see, but the sight of a Garou in Crinos form still invokes some sort of instinctive, uncontrollable reaction in you.

Kinfolk - Wyrm-Tainted
Whether through your own twisted service to the Wyrm, an unfortunate quirk of heredity or just because of a supernatural accident, you reek of the enemy�s blight. A number of Gifts allow shapechangers to notice your foul stench and most may want to kill you outright. This is a risky Flaw!

Known Heretic
You were known and denounced as a heretic of some sort before you ever received the Embrace, and indeed has some notoriety for your blasphemies. Whether you were a Chathar perfecti, preached your own version of the gospel or denounced the Papacy, you made a name for yourself as an enemy of the true Church. Witch hunters and scions of the Church are likely to recognize you, and to show you no mercy as a result. Furthermore, if your death is common knowledge, such recognition is likely to bring down an intensive Church investigation whose results are likely to be unpleasant. Furthermore, your notoriety is such that you may find it difficult to locate converts or friendly congregations. In regions where your particular brand of heresy is unwelcome (for example, if you were known as a Cathar perfecti and tried to find adherents along the Baltic coast), all rolls relating to Social matters are at +2 difficulty. This effect is reversed when you are on friendly ground, but odds are that there is a great deal more unfriendly territory out there waiting for you.

Known to be Dead
Communities are small, and deaths and disappearances are known to all. You originally lived in the area where the chronicle is set, and the locals know that you are dead. Perhaps they saw you die, or you were discovered in torpor and pronounced dead (perhaps even buried). At ht moment this causes you no problems - but if you use your real name or are spotted by people who knew you. Then you can expect problems. Exorcists, pious knights and others (perhaps even local Lupines) will seek to destroy you; demons, mages and others may come to offer you "assistance".


Your legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively. You suffer a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls related to movement. A character may not take this Flaw along with Double Jointed.

Through some reversal of fortune you have been stripped of the land that helped define you as a knight. Pagans, Moors or rival lords may have overrun your fief; plague or curse may have made it uninhabitable. Already having earned your spurs, you retain something of your status, but it is now only founded in service and action, not in wealth and position. You may not have high Resources, and high Influence. You suffer a +1 diff penalty on social rolls in the company of landed knights.

Lasombra - Cloaked in Shadows
The shadows come to you even when you do not call them, wrapping themselves around you like a cloak in constant motion. This makes you stand out in any crowd, and you can no longer pass for "normal" even when you so wish. Other Cainites may well avoid your company, being discomforted by your strange affliction. Lasombra in particular find you unpleasant company (+2 difficulty on all Social rolls) because your inability to master your shadows demonstrate a failure of will on your part.

Lasombra - Death�s Reflection
You cast a reflection normally, which would cancel out the clan weakness - - except that your reflection always shows the state you�d be in if you were dead. Any Lasombra more than a few decades old looks in reflection like an ambling skeleton. Younger vampires appear as rotting corpses.

Lasombra - Enmity of Shadows
The shadows summoned by the Lasombra are unpredictable, and could possibly attack the summoner. The Lasombra must make a Willpower roll difficulty 6 each time he uses Obtenebration power of Level 3 or greater. A success indicates that the power functions normally; with a failure the summoned shadow attacks their putative master. Lasombra - Poseidon�s Call
Your self control varies with the weather. Make rolls to resist frenzy at -1 difficulty in completely calm weather, but +1 difficulty on rough seas, +2 in thunderstorms and +3 in hurricanes.

Lasombra - Marked for Death
The Courts of Blood have found you and at least one fledgling is now hot after your blood. While you probably can defeat this threat on your own, the wait is maddening. Furthermore,. There is the implied insult bound up in the court�s decision - your peers obviously feel that you are incompetent and need to be replaced. After all, even if you defeat one would-be diablerist, there is no guarantee you won�t be hunted by a second, or third. The point cost of this Flaw varies, depending upon the strength of the Cainite who has been granted permission to hunt you, the conditions laid upon the hunt and whether or not the court has seen fit to inform you of your current status. Consult with your Storyteller to see what the details of your situation are - and how many she�ll share with you.

Lasombra - Pelagic Compulsion
You become increasingly agitated when on land. Raise the difficulty of all Willpower rolls made when you�ve been away from the sea for more than 24 hours by one.

Lasombra - Religious Prohibition
Taken from Hebrew stock, you grew up strongly religious. Part of that religion, however, is a dietary restriction forbidding you to taste blood. Even animal blood is forbidden to you by this law, and you find yourself racked by pangs of conscience every time you feed. This is a variable Flaw. At 2 points, you simply restrict yourself to feeding on animals or blood that has been drained by a ritual butcher. At 4 points you abstain from feeding unless it is absolutely necessary (3 Blood Points or less), and even then you may well fall into pits of self-flagellating despair.

Lasombra - Unable To Swim
The character has never learned to swim, or has been taught but reverts to helpless flailing. Consider this character's Athletics rating to be zero for purposes of the movement rules (see "Blood-Dimmed Tides"). A character cannot take this flaw unless he has at least one dot in Athletics, and a character with the Secondary Ability: Swimming cannot take this Flaw for obvious reasons. At the storyteller's discretion, a character who takes swimming lessons after game play begins may buy off this Flaw at the cost of six experience points after using experience to raise his Athletics score at least one dot.

Lasombra - Uncontrollable Night Sight
Light and dark are permanently inverted for you. Pitch black darkness seems bright and uniformly lit to you, while any light brighter than a hundred watts bulb creates a zone of pure darkness. The penalties for partial darkness apply to weak illumination instead. This Flaw doesn�t allow you to see through Obtenebration created darkness, which glows with pure white light that obscures all details.

Somehow you�re draw the scorn of the local harpies, who make you their favorite and reflexive target. You are at +2 difficulty on all Social roll in Elysium and a +1 anywhere else in the city. In addition, you are at +2 difficulty to use Intimidation or any Dominate powers on anyone who has heard the stories mocking you.

You're simply lazy. you don't like to do anything that requires a lot of effort on your part. You prefer to let others do the hard work. You like to lie around and, by vampiric standards, you're certainly a coffin potato.

Before you were Embraced you suffered from leprosy or a skin disease which might be easily confused with leprosy. Your Appearance may be no higher than 2, and your flesh is marred by rashes, pale patches, festering sores, scars etc. Your skin disease whatever it actually is, is obvious to any who look upon you. Mortal authorities refuse you entry to any city, and you will be treated with fear and revulsion. Very likely (Storyteller�s discretion) your condition is still contagious, though being undead it cannot have any further effect on you. This Flaw is worth only 1 point to Nosferatu, and then only if the disease is contagious.

Light Sensitive
You are even more sensitive to sunlight than other vampires are. Sunlight causes double damage, and even moonlight (which is, after all, the reflected light of the sun) harms you. Indeed, even bright lights can be painful, but the pain can be mitigated by wearing sunglasses. When the moon is shining, the light it casts will cause wounds in the same way sunlight does for normal individuals. However, the wounds caused by the moon are not aggravated, and can be healed normally. Remember, even on nights when the moon is full, it may have already set when you venture outside, or be obscured by the clouds.

Loathsome Regnant
Not only are you blood bound, but you are also in thrall to a vampire who mistreats you hideously., perhaps you are publicly abused or humiliated; perhaps your master forces you to commit unspeakable acts for him, In any case, existence under the bond is a never-ending nightmare, with your regnant serving to conduct the symphony of malice. Lord of the Flies
Buzzing harbingers of decay swirl around you everywhere. Their constant presence makes it difficult for you to interact socially (+1 difficulty when appropriate) and nearly impossible to sneak up on someone or hide effectively. The buzzing of the files inevitably gives you away - all Stealth rolls are at +2 difficulty.

Low Self-Image
You lack self-confidence and don�t believe in yourself. You have two fewer dice in situations where you don�t expect to succeed (at Storyteller�s discretion), though the penalty might be limited to one die if you help the Storyteller by pointing out times when this Flaw might affect you). At the Storyteller�s option, you may be required to make Willpower rolls to do things that require self-confidence, or even to use a Willpower point when others would not be obliged to do so.

You are affected by the phases of the moon, increasing your chances of frenzy. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two. When the moon is full, difficulties increase by three.


Magic Susceptibility
You are susceptible to the magical rituals of the Tremere, as well as to spells of mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty to cast a spell upon you is two less, and all spells cast have twice normal effect on you.

Malkavian - Glossolalia
Your delirium has not only infected your senses, but your ability to communicate with others. During moments of stress, or whenever the Storyteller deems it appropriate (such as after botching a social roll or entering frenzy), you can only speak in tongues. No matter how hard you try, everything comes out as gibberish. A willpower point can be spent to utter a single sentence, but after this you can only babble for the duration of the scene.

Malkavian - Infectious
Your bite transmits the madness of your clan. Whenever you feed from a mortal, the power of the Kiss holds them in place as normal. However, your mortal prey gains a temporary derangement for every three blood points you take from them; the madness lasts for a week or so. Malkavians with this Flaw are often the ones you hear about infesting asylums; its the most lowkey place for them to feed.

Malkavian - Stigmata
You constantly seep blood from phantom wounds; even though your flesh remains unbroke, you bleed. The bleeding is fairly slight, but is incessant, costing you an extra blood point each evening. If you bleed from visible locations, you are at +1 diff to all Social rolls, although certain vampires will probably take your reputation as a seer more seriously. The 4pt version of this Flaw indicates that you bleed from your eye sockets. All Social Rolls raise to +2 difficulty. In addition, the constant bleeding interferes with your vision, adding one to the diff of all visual Perception rolls.

Malkavian - Touched by the Ancients
Old blood flows through your veins and something about you makes elders nervous or curious. This attention is usually unwelcome and comes in the form of mistrust, fear or obsession. Whether you want it or not, you are the focus of elder attention. Some whisper that you are a harbinger of Caine, others see Malkav�s madness on you and give you a wide berth. The player suffers a +1 difficulty penalty on all social actions with elders that depend on trust, because they fear the character.

Masquerade Breaker
In your first nights as a member of the Kindred, you accidentally broke the Masquerade - and were spotted doing so. Someone else covered for your mistake, but holds the favor over you. Now you exits in fear that your error will be revealed. In the meantime, you "savior" takes pitiless advantage of you.

You have committed diablerie upon your own sire. If this information becomes known among elder vampires you will be shunned, or perhaps even put to the sun. You are most certainly an easy target for blackmail, and you must always be alert to the signs of other Kindred searching for information about your sire and his untimely demise (or "disappearance").

Methuselah�s Thirst
You're no longer capable of drinking mortal blood to sustain yourself & must feed upon the vitae of other Kindred.
Mistaken Identity
You look similar to another Kindred, and are mistaken for her, much to your chagrin. This individual�s allies will approach you and tell you things you do not want to hear, her enemies will attempt to do away with you, and other will treat you in odd ways. Ultimately you might be able to sort out things, but it will take tremendous effort.

There is something wholly monstrous about you, something that makes you even more hideous than a Nosferatu. You scarcely look human, but the manner in which you differ is up to you. Perhaps you have grown scales or warts all over your body, or perhaps the scream you issued when you died has been permanently frozen on your face. Not only is your Appearance a zero, but you make even the Nosferatu uneasy. Nosferatu may take this Flaw, but only gain one point for it.

You cannot speak. You communicate with the Storyteller and describe your actions, but cannot talk to player or Storyteller characters unless everyone concerned uses Linguistics dots to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say.


You are known to be a snitch, an informer planted in the sheriff�s pocket. Those on whom you might yet inform loathe you as a result, feeding you misinformation when they can in an attempt to discredit you. Given the opportunity, they might do you mischief. Regardless, our reputation as a full fledged weasel precedes you, putting you at +1 difficulty on all Social rolls against those who don�t agree with you politics

New Arrival
You�ve just arrived in your new city of residence, and have done so without knowing anyone in the place. Existing fractions may try to recruit or eliminate you, while the harpies size you up and take your measure. Meanwhile, your ignorance of the city�s current events, history and politics (not to mention the personality quirks of the vampires already in place) may cause you to make a serious blunder.

New Kid
You�re the latest Embracee in the city, and everyone knows it. That automatically puts you at the bottom of the social totem pole. Other neonates take every opportunity to demonstrate your inferiority to you, proving that the dynamics of the schoolyard are alive and well in the Camarilla. Even if someone else is added to the ranks of the unliving , you�re still regarded as something as a bit of a geek by your peers - a distinction that can have dangerous consequences if bullets start flying. All Social rolls are at -1 difficulty when you are dealing with other neonates.

You experience horrendous nightmare (day-mares?) every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Sometimes the nightmares are so bad they cause you to lose one die on all your actions for the next night. (Storyteller�s discretion). Some of the nightmares may be so intense that you mistake them for reality. A crafty Storyteller will be quick to take advantage of this.

Nosferatu - Anosmia
You have no sense of smell or taste. The vilest odors and flavors imaginable cannot affect you; in fact, you do not even recognize their presence. You cannot attempt a Perception roll that involves either of these senses. However, any supernatural attack involving horrific odors and tastes does not affect you. Granted, Nosferatu who have surrounded themselves with unseemly funk long enough become immune to just about any foul odor, but you simply do not recognize smells at all. MET: From the reek of spoiled milk to the delicate perfume of a magnolia in bloom, from the tang of blood on your tongue to the memory of your last martini, the world of scent and taste is lost to you. You may not take this Flaw and the Merits: Acute Sense: Smell or Acute Sense: Taste. You automatically lose any challenges relating to smell or taste; Heightened Senses for taste or smell has no affect on this.

Nosferatu - Blunt Fangs
Your teeth are huge and square, not sharp like those of other vampires. To do damage with a bite attack, you must score an additional success (thus, this extra success subtracts from the amount of damage you do). Once you have sunk you teeth into your prey, you inflict a level of damage for every two blood points you take. Once your fangs are locked in a victim�s flesh, you�ve got to chew and chew and chew.... MET: You need to make an extra Physical Challenge (in addition to any required to grapple your victim) in order to get your teeth in your victim. Your dulled bite does a level of damage to your victim for each Blood Trait you acquire.

Nosferatu - Club Foot
One of your feet is gnarled and deformed. You move at only half normal speed.

Nosferatu - Contagious
Dead bodies contain all sorts of infectious bateria, fungi and spores. There's a reason coroners wear gloves when handling corpses. Thanks to a rather virulent version of Nosferatu's curse, a few doomed varieties of Nosferatu retain these infections after their Embrace. Contagious Nosferatu can never interact with mortals without the possibility of spreading sickness and disease. A mortal who touches a Contagious Nosferatu must make a Stamina roll (diff 9) or fall prey to illness for the next week. At the end of each week, the victim must make another roll; once he succeeds, he recovers from the illness. While this may seem like a rather crippling Flaw, it does force players to think of new ways of interacting with the human world. To maintain a sense of game balance, most other supernatural creatures have ways of dealing with this Flaw.

Nosferatu - Enemy Brood
A brood of your fellow Nosferatu have an unceasing vendetta against you. You can run from them, but you can�t hide. If you stay in the same city, they will pool whatever resources they have to make your existence a living hell. Traveling through the local sewers is a nightmare. If you flee, they will use their influence and contacts to call in favors in the next city you show your ugly mug. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw, but only after you�ve completed a story in which you�ve resolved and overcome this social stigma. MET: This is a specialized variation of the Flaw: Hunted, found in Laws of the Night. Consult your Storyteller before you take it, and work with her to determine why you�re hunted.

Nosferatu - Incoherent
You are incapable of human speech. Maybe your jaw has collapsed or you've been abandoned in the sewers for too long. Pointing, grunting, wheezing and wildly gesturing are all within your repertoire, but actually forming words is not. While a player portraying this character can describe what he is doing, the character can never utter a word. The only exception to this is communicating with animals; you can express yourself to beasts with noverbal language.

Nosferatu - Infamous Autarkis
The Camarilla won�t accept you as one of its own under any circumstance. The Sabbat wouldn�t think of submitting you to Creation Rites � it�s just not worth it. Something in your past, your reputation or your sire�s background is so abhorrent that both sects reject you utterly. You aren�t just autarkis; your infamy spreads throughout both sects of vampiric society. Although you might find a coterie that�s willing to work with you, they would not dare take you to any gathering of Camarilla or Sabbat vampires for fear of damaging their own reputations. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw but only after you�ve completed a story in which you�ve resolved and overcome this social stigma. MET: You may never gain Camarilla or Sabbat Status. This marks you as automatic prey for the Scourge in a Camarilla city, and for any likely hunters in a Sabbat city.

Nosferatu - Necrophile
No, you don�t have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and �invite� them over to your domain. Your haven is distastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them and entertain frequently. Some vampires of particularly refined temperament may need to overcome a Courage roll (difficulty 4) to enter a room where you�ve left your guests and their accouterments. Toreador go apenuts; Toreador antitribu applaud. For some reason, this Flaw is very popular among Leatherfaces.

Nosferatu - Nosferatu Caitiff
You were Embraced by a Nosferatu, but failed to meet the standards of even that clan, and were subsequently rejected by your sire, As you did not complete the Becoming process, you were not fully transformed, but you still look rather odd. You begin the game with an Appearance rating of 1, and raising your Appearance costs double the usual number of experience points. In addition, you present a tempting target for just about any bully - other Caitiff may not have much to kick around, but a "Nosferatu reject" certainly offers possibilities for abuse. Not all Caitiff sired by Nosferatu have this flaw; nobody knows why some do and some don�t.

Nosferatu - Parasitic Infestation
In many ways this Flaw is the negative counterpart of Swarm Attractor. Several species of hemovores - ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, leeches and the like - find your blood particularly tasty. These creatures crawl and hide among the creases and folds of your skin despite your best efforts to remove them. Particularly persistent are those vermin that drink from you three times and thus become enormous, bloated, Blood Bound ghouls. You may not command the vermin in any fashion; they are too intoxicated on your vitae to be of any use (though they do love you for what�s it�s worth). The parasites also drink from one to four of your Blood Point each night (roll a die and divide by three, rounding up). This forces you to hunt more often. Finally the constant itching and irritation increases by one the difficulties of all your rolls to avoid frenzy.

Nosferatu - Parasitic Infestation - REVISED
Other creatures live on or inside you. Exotic hemovores � chiggers, gnats, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, leeches and unnamable bloodsucking fungal spores � consider the creases, folds and scabrous layers of your skin delightful. Your flesh continuously twitches and writhes, and living things burrow inside you, possibly even nesting in the cavities of your body. Despite all your ingenious methods of discouraging them, this loathsome hosting will not disperse. You cannot command these vermin in any fashion; in fact, the worst of them are very defiant because they have been strengthened and corrupted by your foul vitae. Each day, when you rise, roll one die. Divide the result b y three, rounding up. The result is the number of blood points you lose to the blood-intoxicated parasites within and upon you. In addition, the constant itching puts on you edge; increase the difficulty of all Self-Control rolls by one. MET: When you go into play at the beginning of the evening, make the usual vitae test. Once you learn your level of vitae, make four Simple Tests � each loss or tie indicates a Blood Trait lost to your parasites. You suffer a one-Trait penalty during Self-Control tests. Roleplay the constant itching the parasites give you; also wear a tag to indicate to onlookers that your skin is quite literally crawling.

Nosferatu - Putrescence
The mystic process that inhibit the natural decay of the vampiric form were less effective on you. As a result, you constantly rot, though a day�s rest checks and to some degree heals the effects. Your soak Dice Pool is reduced by one, and if you are jarred or hit violently (more than three successes after soak) you must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 6). If you fail, one of your facial features or fingers falls off if you botch, one of the levels of damage is aggravated and one of your limbs falls off. This will regrow when the aggravated wound is healed.

Nosferatu - Stench
Few Nosferatu smell good, but you reach a new nadir or odiferousness. Even other Nosferatu are repulsed by your stink, and your Stealth Dice Pools are reduced by two against any creature that can small, unless you are upwind. Clan Book Nosferatu (pub)2000: Nosferatu - Stench (1pt Flaw) Even other Nosferatu recoil at your horrific odor. Subtract two dice from any Stealth roll when evading any creature that can smell (unless you are upwind). MET: Lose all ties related to stealth automatically with this Flaw; it�s pretty hard to sneak up on someone when he can smell you coming. You need not actually neglect personal hygiene to roleplay this Flaw. Wear a tag indicating your deformity.

Nosferatu - Traitor
Oh, you're a bastard all right, and if the other Nosferatu find out about this, they'll kill you on sight. You've been leaving information about your alleged allies. This might involved regular e-mails, messages hidden at the same spot or a package you drop off for a courier. You must betray secrets about your allies, usually the members of your own coterie, every game session. At the end of the session, you must tell the Storyteller what you've done; if you haven't been enough of a bastard, one of your secrets winds up on the local information network.

Nosferatu - Withered Leg
For whatever reason, one of your legs does not work as well as the other. You subtract 3 dice when attempting any action that involves movement, and you move at half normal speed.

You have a bad reputation among the Kindred of your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your sire. There is a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings with the city�s Kindred. A character with this Flaw may not take the Merit of Reputation.


Offensive to Animals
For some reason, animals cringe from your touch and are uneasy in your presence. Perhaps it is because you have been tainted by your dealings with the Infernal, or perhaps they just dislike your smell. For whatever reason, animals are jittery around you, including any hounds used to guard your Cenaculum. You have a two dice penalty in any actions involving animals.

Old Flame
Someone you once cared for deeply is now with the enemy. He still attempts to play on your sympathies "for old times� sake" while working against you. Unless you succeed on a contested Manipulation + Expression roll against your former friend, you do not act against him unless the situation becomes life-threatening.

One Arm
You have only one arm - choose which, or determine randomly at character creation. This happened before the Embrace. It is assumed that you are accustomed to using your remaining hand, so you suffer no off-hand penalty. However, you do suffer a two-dice penalty to any Dice Pool where two hands would normally be needed to perform a task. A character may not take this Flaw with the Merit Ambidextrous.

One Eye
You have lost an eye, and cannot regenerate it. You have no peripheral vision on your blind side, and must roll two fewer dice for any feat requiring depth perception (including missile combat).

Open Wound
You have one or more wounds that refuse to heal, and which constantly drip blood. This slow leakage costs you an extra blood point per evening (marked off just before dawn), in addition to drawing attention to you. If the wound is visible, you are +1 difficulty for all Social-based rolls. For two points, the Flaw is simply unsightly and has the basic effect mentioned above; for four points the seeping wound is serious or disfiguring and includes the effects of the Flaw Permanent Wound.

You are an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of your own worth and capabilities - you never hesitate to trust your abilities, even in situations where you risk defeat. Because your abilities may not be enough, such overconfidence can be very dangerous. When you do fail, you quickly find someone or something else to blame. If you are convincing enough, you can infect others with you overconfidence.

You�ve got your fingers in too many pies, and people are starting to notice. You have too many ghouls, too many retainers and too many influences, which ,means that a lot of people have vested interest in trimming back your operations. These enemies take every opportunity to reduce your power and influence, and if that means lying, cheating or killing, so be it. Furthermore, your enemies block every attempt you make to move into new areas of control. You�re boxed in, and the box is getting smaller.


Pack Disgrace

You've done something that has brought shame to your pack & your personally. You lose two dice on all related dice rolls & your Pack Recognition may be considered two points lower than it should be.

Pack Enemy
You made an enemy within your pack. This individual would like to see you out of the pack & possibly destroyed: perhaps just because he doesn't like you or perhaps for a good reason.

Pack Punishment
You're bound by some special punishment imposed on you by your pack for doing something in opposition to pack rules. You're limited from doing something you normally could do, such as making solo trips, going w/ the pack out of town, hanging around the Rack, associating w/ certain individuals and so on.

Pack Rival
You have an intense rivalry with a member of your pack. You're always competing with this individual, either for fun or out of spite. You've been known to go to extremes to best this person and he has been known to do the same to you. Your rival occasionally gets the best of you, but you also do the same to him.

Paramour, Jilted
You had a long-term relationship (minimum 50 years) with a fellow Kindred. Although the relationship proved useful and pleasant while it lasted, you grew weary of your former paramour and ended the long term test. Unfortunately, your former paramour did not take the ending of the affair well, and has apparently developed a strong antipathy for you. You both known many of each other�s secrets and this has caused a stalemate thus far, but you are concerned that your ex-paramour may interfere in your affairs at some time in the future. The cost of this Flaw depends on the relative power and position of your ex-paramour in Kindred society ( 1 for an ancilla, 2 for another elder of equal power, 3 for a more powerful elder).

Paranoia, Extreme
You are certain the world is full of creatures and people who wish to see you destroyed. However, you do not worry about those individuals who loathe you from a distance. It is the ones you let get near you, the ones who profess some caring towards you, you are the real danger. Of course, not all your associates and so-called friends are actually enemies (at least they probably all aren�t). However, you know that no one ever does anything they don�t believe to be for their own benefit. You are constantly alert seeking to commit diablerie, stake you, or worst. Whenever someone you know performs an act that appears selfless, you must make a successful Self-Control roll to resist branding them a traitorous, implacable enemy bent on your destruction (and taking appropriate actions against such a monster!). The Storyteller may also decide that your companions� actions are suspiciously altruistic and necessitate such a roll.

You can hardly move without the assistance, such as a pair of crutches or a wheelchair. Even then it can be painful and cumbersome to do so. The Storyteller and you should take care to roleplay this Flaw correctly, not matter how difficult it makes things. A character may not take this Flaw along with the Merit Double-Jointed.

Partial Blindness
You have been stricken with blindness in one eye; choose which, or determine randomly during character creation. You have no peripheral vision on your blind side, your sight rolls are halved.

Pelagic Compulsion
The afflicted character feels inexplicably drawn to the sea at the expense of his ability to concentrate on other matters (+1 difficulty to all Willpower rolls if the character has been out of sight of the ocean for more than 24 hours). This call can be temporarily satisfied by an extended sea voyage, and is most often felt in the first 50 years of unlife.

Permanent Fangs
Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you�ve had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetics, sooner or later you�re going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from ever occurring. You are also limited to an Appearance rating of 3 at most.

Permanent Wound
You suffered injuries during the Embrace, which your sire did nothing to repair. You start each night at the Wounded Health Level. This can be healed like normal damage, but each evening, after sleep, your wounds always return.

You have an overpowering fear of something. You instinctively and illogically retreat from and avoid the object of your fear. Common objects of phobias include certain animals, insects, crowds, open spaces, confined spaces and heights. You must make a Courage roll whenever you encounter the object you fear. The difficulty of this roll is determined by the Storyteller. IF you fail the roll, you must retreat from the object.

Phobia, Severe
You have an overpowering fear of something. Common objects of fear include certain animals, insects, crows, open spaces, confined spaces, heights, and so on. You must make a Courage roll not to enter Rotschreck when faced with the object of your fear. The difficulty depends on the circumstances. If you fail the roll, you must retreat in terror from the object of fear. IF you score fewer than three successes, you will not approach it. The Storyteller has final say over which phobias are allowed in a chronicle.

Poseidon's Call
An individual with this condition, finds her stability directly tied to that of the weather, calming as skies clear and growing progressively more bloodthirsty as a storm mounts (rolls to resist frenzy are at -1 difficulty in completely calm weather, but +1 on rough seas, +2 in the middle of a thunderstorm, and +3 during a hurricane).

You are very poor for an elder vampire. Either you never bothered to save anything over the years, or you throw away any accumulated wealth for your own, obscure reasons. You may not take nay Resources.

You are diseased. While the disease cannot kill you, smallpox, pneumonia, or consumption (tuberculosis) was introduced into the system of vitae running through your body during a chance feeding. Lack of fresh, untainted vitae nightly will cost 1 blood point for every night you are not able to feed, up to a fortnight's time. If at the fortnight's end you are still unable to feed, you lose one point of Stamina. Should your blood pool reduce to zero, you fall into torpor. Pox has a social stigma as well. Your visage takes on the characteristic of the disease you've contrated. Smallpox left pocklike scars on the faces of its victims, while consumption wasted away their energy. Appearance is reduced by 1. These physical flaws are countered only by the feeding upon fresh, disease-free vitae, as above.

Presentation Debt
You currently owe a boon to one or more other Kindred. This debt could have been incurred far in the past, or only last week, but the Kindred to whom you owe the debt is still extant. As such, she has gained some Status over you, and you are at a slight disadvantage in any dealings you have with her. It is also conceivable that your debt could be called in, and that you could be asked to perform some service or favor for any such vampire to whom you are indebted.

Prey Exclusion
You have an overpowering fear of something. For instance and animal-lover might decide to hunt only humans, or a character might decide to spare a class of person she particularly admires: police, teachers, medical professionals, clergy, peace activists and so on. You are disturbed when others feed from this type of prey, and could possibly enter a frenzy (Storyteller�s discretion). If you accidentally feed upon this class of prey yourself, you will automatically frenzy and will need to make a roll for Humanity (difficulty 8 or greater. Note: This is not as restrictive as the Ventrue limitation, which limits a vampire to a certain class of prey (therefore Ventrue cannot take this Flaw)

Probationary Sect Member
You are a defector. You tuned traitor to the Camarilla, Sabbat, Followers of Set or other Vampiric orders, and you still have much to prove before you are accepted by the Kindred you have defected to. Elders, Ancilla and even neonates treat you with distrust and even hostility, and your reputation might even sully those whom you regularly associate with.



Ravnos - Family Enmity
By an act of betrayal, or perhaps a simple "misunderstanding", you have gained the scorn of one of the families. They will not offer any assistance to you, and may even alert your enemies to your presence in a city. Until you redeem yourself, be it through unrewarded loyalty or perhaps remarkable cunning, they will interfere with your plans and darken your name wherever they travel. Note: You may not take a Family Enmity with the Tsurara or the Ravnos families.

Ravnos - Marhime
You have committed some grievous crimes against the Rom, and are now shunned by their families (including the Ravnos). Though they do not work against you, they avoid contact, as you might contaminate them (difficulties of all Social rolls involving other Gypsies increase by two). Cleansing yourself of your crime is an arduous uphill battle; until you are redeem by a kris, you are unable to travel in the company of your people for anything longer than a few nights before they drive you away.

Ravnos - Wuzho Enemy
You have drawn the attention of one of the Wuzho. This enemy is quite dangerous, as he wishes nothing more than to send you to your end. Though he does not confront you directly, he works to thwart your plans whenever possible - destroying family ties or angering other mulo against you - waiting for the night when you are not longer able to defend yourself against him.

Recently Arisen
You have been lying in a state of torpor until very recently. The years have left you in their wake and the world has been remade in your absence. The culture shock is very jarring, and you still find it difficult to make your way in this strange new environment. Only the general flow of Kindred politics and society remains reasonably familiar; the rest of the world is gibberish. You receive +2 difficulty level of rolls involving technology and social interactions with everyone save other Kindred.

Recruitment Target
The Sabbat want you, and they want you bad. Every effort is being made to recruit you, willing or no, and the press gangs usually show up at the worst possible time.

Red List
You are either being considered for or are already on the dreaded Red List, the registry of those vampires the Camarilla most wants extinguished. Any Camarilla vampire will either attack you on sight or, more likely, call in for a great deal of help.

Religious Hysteria
Even among the devoutly religious, there are those that take things too far. Unlike religious ecstatics, who occasionally have visions of Heaven, your visions seem a bit too often, and a bit too untenable. You see everything as an omen for a sign from God, devils and angels are everywhere and you just can't read the Good Book too many times. The difference between this Flaw and the Ecstatic Merit is that people don't take you seriously. Whenever you are in social encounters, you have a one die penalty.

Repelled by Crosses
You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses (just as if they were holy). Kindred who were of the Church prior to their Embrace are the ones most likely to possess this Flaw; they perceive that their new form is a judgment from God.

Repulsed by Garlic
You cannot abide the smell of garlic, and the smallest taint of its scent will drive you from a room. The full force of its pungent odor will bring blood tears to your face and render you early blind, while its touch can cause boils and even open wounds.

Rogue Knight
You are known as a rogue, a knight who has abandoned his holdings and responsibilities for life as a bandit or mercenary. There may well be extenuating circumstances to your position - not least of which is the Curse of Caine - but few people pay any attention to them. You suffer at least a +1 diff penalty on social rolls in the company of �respectable� knights and nobles, and they will likely assume you to be a liar, murderer and cur on principal.

Rival Sires
Not one, but two vampires wanted to gift you with the Embrace. One succeeded, one failed - and she�s not happy about that failure. Either you, your actually sire or both of you have become the target of the failed suitor�s ire. Regardless, your persecutor is at +2 difficulty to refrain from frenzy in your presence. In addition, she may be working actively to discredit or destroy you.

Through the ages you have settled into somewhat of a routine. You tend to go to the same places at the same times of year, and to proceed from haven to haven in a regular order. If others studied you behavior closely, they might be able to take advantage of it to do you harm. The Storyteller may lower the difficulty level for anyone attempting to surprise the character from 1-3 points depending on the specific nature of the situation.


Sacred Oath
Many Cainites leading lives as mortal knights claim to have taken an oath not to see the sun for one reason or another. You may do so as well, but in addition, you have taken a true oath that limits you in another way. This oath must both be important to you and known to others in order to qualify. The limitations imposed on you by your pledge determines the Flaw�s point cost. A 1 point oath might be to honor a lady with a special gift on her marriage or birthday; a 3 point oath might be to wear a hair shirt until Jerusalem is again in Christian hands. Violating an oath can have dire consequences. At the very least it will damage your reputation (gain the Virtueless Flaw if this happens.)

Salubri - Odd Eye
Your third eye looks strikingly different than the two you were born (and Embraced) with. For one point, the third eye us merely a different color (i.e. blue, when you have brown eyes), while for two points it�s something rather disturbing (i.e. violet, red, slitted, like a cat�s eyes). Needles to say, this inhuman feature is not going to help your reputation.

Salubri - Stubborn
There is conviction of spirit, there is unshakable will, and there is just plain being ornery. You fall into the last category. When your mind is made up, or when you�re set on doing something, nothing can divert you. For one point, you�re set in your ways, but a convincing argument will turn you around. For two points, you�re a regular mule, and nothing�s likely to change your mid short of a catastrophe. For three points, you�ll not only defend you conviction to Hell�s door, you�ll kick it in and argue with the Devil. This Flaw is most often taken by warriors.

Salubri - Unblooded
You never received any ritual of blooding from your sire or other warriors, and so your training is at a standstill. You may not progress beyond the second level of Valern until you receive a ritual of blooding, ad you are two Traits down in any Social roll against a blooded Salubri. Only warriors Salubri make take this Flaw.

Salubri - Visible Eye
You cannot get your third eye to close. It remains open even when you sleep. While you can cover it, covering it tightly is too painful to be borne. You may spend Willpower to force it shut for 10 minutes, but it snaps back open immediately thereafter.

Scourged by God
God has decided to punish you for your sins of heresy and blasphemy, and He torments you both night and day for your crimes. Dull peasants shine with the light of True Faith when you try to feed upon them, the light of the sun finds its way into your chambers by day, and a chorus of angelic voices haunts your pitiful sleep. The effects of this persecution are obvious to all; your appearance is haggard, you occasionally manifest wounds or stigmata, your face is often lit by a hellish glow and other marks of divine disfavor appear about your person. The actual source of your punishment is unknown, but as far as you�re concerned, it�s God punishing you, and that�s that. Who knows? You might even be correct. A few Cainites cursed with this Flaw choose to see it as a badge of honor, as a laldabaoth�s attempt to punish them for seeing the truth. Such vampires are proud of their afflictions and parade them openly. Characters thus afflicted by the Lord of Hosts suffer several disadvantages. They are at +2 diff on all rolls involving Appearance, they act as a magnet for mortals with True Faith (who somehow unerringly know how to find the blasphemer), they find themselves down blood points or health levels at inopportune moments due to some sort of supernatural intervention, and True Faith punishes them twice as several as it afflicts normal Cainites. Other, more spectacular effects are left up to the Storyteller�s whim.

Second-Class Citizen
The simple happenstance of birth has made you a second-class citizen in medieval Europe. This tends to come in two forms. First, you might simply be female. Mortal men may treat you as a natural inferior, and many male Cainites also discriminate against you. Furthermore, you must rationalize taking any combat-oriented skills (Brawl, Melee, or Archery) or certain Knowledge�s (Bureaucracy, Finance, Academics) during character creation. Being a woman usually precludes tuition in these exclusively male areas. Alternately, you might be a member of a disliked or persecuted social group, and your appearance, speech or local reputation marks you as a member of this group. You are excluded from local politics, and are distrusted and hated by most local mortal. (Remember too, that many Cainites retain prejudices of the societies which bore or sustain them.) You may be an Arab in Western Europe, or a Jew. Or perhaps you were convicted thief, with a brand on you face or forehead attesting to your conviction, or an infamous local prostitute. You also might be a member of a resented immigrant group (like a wealthy Norman from Wales). Either way you can be targeted by angry mobs needing a scapegoat�Bear in mind that you need not take this Flaw! A female vampire without this flaw is simply assumed to be able to overcome societal pressures and garner respect. Take this Flaw only if you want to role-play a vampire at a social disadvantage.

Selective Digestion
You can digest only certain types of blood. You can choose whether you can drink only cold blood (the blood of a dead person), blood with the taste of fear (found in blood only in moments of terror), or blood with the taste of job, or perhaps only certain types (A,O, etc.) This Flaw may not be taken by Ventrue characters, since they already have something like it though their clan weakness.

Setites - Aura of the Wyrm
You radiate corruption to such a degree that any Garou in the locale are drawn towards you. This is a serious Flaw, as your unlife is constantly threatened by frenzied attacks directed against you by enraged werewolves.

Setites - Forked Tongue
Your tongue is forked and flickering, like that of a snake. You speak with a hiss. Upholding the Masquerade becomes difficult for you. Note that this tongue does not inflict aggravated damage, nor draw blood.

Setites - Heartless
Having removed your heart via the fifth level of Serpentis, you have lost it. The heart might be in the possession of a foe, or simply missing. If it is possesses by some other Cainite (perhaps a Setite elder, or your sire) you must obey their every command. If it is lost, the anxiety this causes you interferes with your nightly existence.

Setites - Nameless
Whether by accident or the actions of a rival, your name and all traces of your existence have been wiped from the earth. No one remembers your name, no writings remain that speak of you, and no mortal descendants (or vampire progeny) exist who bear your name. In Egyptian tradition, you have become a nonentity. While your physical presence would seem to argue against this, as far as the rest of your clan is concerned, you no longer exist. You have no status within the clan, nor will any future progeny you create. In fact, it is incumbent upon any Setites who encounter you to diablerize you and return Set�s vitae back to his remaining children! Further, any wealth, lands or objects in your possession may be taken from you by other Setites without fear of retribution.

Setites - Scales
During your Embrace, a portion of your skin became scales. If only a small area, one easily hidden, such as a patch of skin on your shoulder, this is only a one-point Flaw. Having an entire limb affected, such as an arm, forcing you to wear long gloves at all times, is a two-point Flaw, while having a scaled, lipless face is a three-point Flaw.

You are below average height, and have trouble seeing over high objects and moving quickly. You suffer a two-dice penalty to all pursuit rolls and you and the Storyteller should make sure your height is taken into account in all situations. In some circumstances, this will give you a concealment bonus.

You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and try to avoid social situations whenever possible. The difficulties of all rolls concerned with social dealings are increased by one; the difficulties of any rolls made while you are the center of attention are increased by two. Don�t expect such a character to make a public speech.

Sire�s Resentment Your sire dislikes you and wishes you ill. Given the smallest opportunity, your sire will seek to do you harm, and may even attack you if provoked. Your sire�s friends will also work against you, and many elders will thus resent you.

Sleeping with the Enemy
You have some sort of intimate connection with a member of an opposing sect or inimical clan. You may have a love, a childe, a friend or a contact working the other side of the fence, but regardless of politics you retain a friendly (or more than friendly) relationship with your putative foe. Your close ties to someone on the other side would be regarded as treason by your superiors within the Camarilla, and if you are discovered the penalty will surely be death. Slow Healing
You have difficulty healing wounds. It requires two blood points to heal one health level of normal damage, and you heal one health level of aggravated damage every five days (plus the usual five blood points and Willpower expenditure.

Short Fuse
You are easily angered. The difficulties of rolls to avoid frenzy are always two less, no matter how you were provoked. This is a dangerous Flaw; don�t choose it without careful thought.

You cannot stand to watch others suffer-not necessarily because you care about what happened to them, but simply because you dislike the intensity of emotion. You avoid any situation that involves causing someone physical or emotional pain, unless you make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). You must have a Humanity rating of 7 or above to take this Flaw. If you are the direct cause of the suffering, and you witness it, you will experience nights of nausea and days of sleepless grief. Whenever you must witness suffering, difficulties of all rolls are increased by two for the next hour.

Special Responsibility
Shortly after your Embrace, you volunteered for some task in order to gain respect and approval from your pack member. Now, you wish you had never opened your d**n mouth! While you are not given any special credit for performing this duty, you would lose much respect from the pack if you were to stop. The nature and the details of your duty should be worked out with the Storyteller in advance. Ideas can range from lending money to pack members to acting as pack messenger or possibly gathering victims for Blood Feasts.

Speech Impediment
You have a stammer or some other speech impediment which hampers verbal communication. The difficulties of all relevant rolls are increased by two. Do not feel obliged to role-play this impediment all the time but in time of duress, or when dealing with outsiders, you should attempt to simulate it.

You buy heavily into all the vampire legendary you�ve read and heard. You wear a cape, speak with an accent and otherwise act in a cartoon-ish fashion. Such behavior is embarrassing in the extreme to other Kindred, who are likely to ostracize or mock you (+2 difficulty to Social rolls with other vampires who don�t share your habits). Also, you stand out to hunters, and run the risk of violating the Masquerade every time you take to the streets.

You have publicly expressed sympathy for some of the Sabbat�s goals and policies. Your outspoken views on the subject have made you suspect in the eyes of the city�s hierarchy, and you may be suspected of (or arrested for) treason.


The blossoming of technology over the last 150 years, and the way it reaches into every part of life, makes you very uneasy. You see technology as a dark, unpredictable force, far more inexplicable and threatening than the familiar magic and superstition you grew up with. Some of the newer contraptions seem to be controlled by some malign intelligence, and few of them seem as though they�re out to get you personally. You have a two-dice penalty to all attempts to deal with devices powered by steam, internal combustion or electricity.

You are extremely territorial, staking out a particular area as your hunting ground and reacting aggressively to trespassers. If another vampire enters your territory, you must make a frenzy roll. If you fail, you immediately attack the interloper and continue attacking until the intruder is dead or has left your hunting grounds. You are reluctant to leave your territory except in desperate circumstance.

Thin Blood
Your blood is thin, weak and does not sustain you well. All blood points costs are doubled (e.g. using blood-related Disciplines or healing damage), and you are unable to create a blood bond. Furthermore, efforts to sire other vampires succeed only 20% of the time.

Thirst for Innocence
The sight of innocence - of and sort - arouses in you a terrible bloodlust. Roll Self-Control, or else frenzy and attack the source of your hunger.

Toreador - D�mesur�
D�mesur� refers to sinful pride that results in extraordinary (and sometimes horrendous) costs to the possessor and those around him. The most famous example is that of Childe Roland, who refused to allow his men to retreat as the Moors slaughtered them, his pride goading him to remain so that he would not appear as a coward. A player who takes this Flaw should select one (maybe more) things that his character takes great pride in - his clothes, his horsemanship, his fighting, etc. When that pride is insulted or threatened, the player must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9). If he fails, he pursues the salvation of his "honor" to the exclusion of all other business. This obsession can result in lost allies, plans gone completely awry, loss of loved ones or even Final Death. Each time the character achieves goals relating to his obsession, he may make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to see if he can let the obsession rest for the remainder of the night.

Toreador - Disparaged
You married someone beneath your station, and thus have lost social standing yourself. An example, would be a countess who has married a knight or a duke who married a baron�s daughter. Among your own social class, you are treated with disrespect or eve actively snubbed, while your spouse is ignored or treated rudely. Your spouse�s peers don�t know how to behave with you, resulting in a further awkward relations or standoffishness. A +2 difficulty is added to your Social rolls when dealing with your peers. Your marriage may be a happy one, but you have paid a terrible price for it.

Toreador - Rivalry
You have an ongoing rivalry with someone (perhaps another Toreador, another Cainite, or even a mortal). You may or may not remember how the competition started, but now you and your rival are inseparable. This rival takes advantage of every opportunity to slander you and advance himself at your expense. There may be ways to cool or end this quarrel, but doing so will take a long time. A 1-point rival is at your own power level, and is often annoying but not too dangerous. A 2-point rival occasionally takes harmful action against you, or his words have some measure of influence. A 3-point rival has no qualms about occasionally attempting to have you killed or has some serious clout with someone of higher standing than you (a mortal authority or clan elder). For him, your rivalry has become a matter of death or dishonor.

Toreador - Used and Abused
For some reason, you have incurred the wrath of those higher in station in your clan. These Cainites have the power o make your life miserable - injuring your reputation, spreading nasty gossip, slandering your lovers - and all for reasons that you can�t understand. However, just because you�re being abused doesn�t mean you necessarily have to endure it meekly. You may be able to find assistance from others who disbelieve the slander - but you may have to prove yourself several time over first.

Toreador - Vulgar
You are rude and socially unacceptable. You seem constitutionally incapable of saying or doing the right things, in spite of all attempts to teach you. Your sire is criticized and ridiculed for choosing you, and you are frequently left off guest lists. You may eventually work off this Flaw, but the Storyteller should make it particularly difficult. At Storytellers option, you may be at +2 difficulty on all Social rolls.

Toreador - Poor Taste
You can never have the Art Appreciation Skill. You are forever a Poseur, and you have no ability to judge a masterpiece from trash. In fact, if you had the choice, you would choose the trash.

Toreador - Tortured Artist
You must suffer for your work. Your work is never good enough to suit you. You often suffer ennui for extended periods of time, preventing you from working steadily. In addition, you constantly find yourself in heartbreaking positions; perhaps you subconsciously lead yourself into those situations to acquire the experience you need to work.

Toreador - Vulgar
You will never fit into high society. You are crude, rude, and socially unacceptable, forever a Philistine. You are treated as having one less level of Status when invitations to Toreador socials are prepared. You will never be fully accepted as a Toreador. Many will question your Sire and possibly ridicule him for choosing you.

Toreador - Artistically Inept
You must work harder than most artists to accomplish great work. You are still capable for creating a masterpiece, but it is tougher for you than for someone else with equal training. All difficulties on Creativity rolls and Artistic Expression rolls are increased by two to a maximum of nine.

Toreador - Social Outcast
You have severed your ties to the Artistes and Poseurs. You no longer play their silly games. You will never rise in Clan Prestige, and you are thee equivalent of an Anarch. However, the anarch�s won�t accept you due to some past transgressions you have committed against them. You have no place in the world of the d**ned.

Touch of Frost or Taint of Corruption
Plants wither as you approach and die at your touch. Your touch leeches heat from living beings, as though you are made of ice.

Tremere - Bound to the Council
Whenever you want to do something that violates the commands of the Tremere hierarchy, you must expend a willpower trait. Violating this oath is literally as difficult as a blood bound thrall trying to betray her regnant. Your actions will be highly constrained, you may be thrust into unpleasant situations against your will. You'll be in a world of hurt if you ever manage to get past the blood.

Tremere - False Third Eye
For reasons unknown to you or your sir, your Embrace left you with the imprint of a third eye upon your forehead. This remainder of Tremere�s diablerie of Saulot renders you both an embarrassment to other members of your clan and a figure of distrust to all except those who know you. The "third eye" does not open or function. Unless you conceal it under a hood or beneath your hair, the stigma is obvious to all who see you. All Social rolls ate at +2 difficulty whenever interacting with any Cainites other than your coterie or closest allies. Attempting to pass as a Salubri is not advisable.

Tremere - Thaumaturgically Inept
Your character finds Thaumaturgy to be his worst subject. As a result, this adds one trait to the difficulty of any Static test, and adds five minutes to the casting time of any effect (because you're fumbling with the words, you miss-drew the circle, etc). You are one Social Trait down on resolution of challenges when dealing with Tremere of higher ranks than yourself.

Twisted Upbringing
Your sire was quite malevolent and taught you all the wrong things about Kindred society. All your beliefs about how vampires interact are wrong, and your faulty beliefs are likely to get you into a great deal of trouble. Over time, after many hard lessons, you can overcome this bad start (the Storyteller will tell you when). But until then, you will continue to believe what you were first told, no matter how others try to "trick" you into thinking otherwise.

You have some sort of repetitive motion that you make in times of stress, and it�s a dead giveaway as to your identity. Examples include a nervous cough, constantly wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles and so on. It costs one Willpower point to refrain from engaging in your twitch.

Tzimisce - Ancestral Soil Dependence
Dependence on their native soil hampered the Tzimisce's flight from Eastern Europe. Even a few childer sired elsewhere required the soil of a homeland they had never visited, making them particularly vulnerable to enemies who knew of this weakness. In the modern nights, rapid transportation makes such a threat much less severe, but even childer sired generations after their ancestors relocated occasionally manifest this Flaw. The will of the spirits from the ancestral Tzimisce homeland weighs heavy on your blood - - soil from a place important to you as a mortal won't do. You actually need two handfuls of the tainted Eastern European soil of the Tzimisce homeland. Ancestral Soil Dependence most commonly manifest in the childer of koldun and the branch of the clan thought to be descendant from Yorak. Characters Embraced in Easter Europe can't take this Flaw.

Tzimisce - Consumption
Portions of the Antediluvian are not only within you, they're active and act like a cancer that devours you from the inside out. Your very blood is wrought with a corrosive, flesh eating bacteria. At the beginning of each evening, you suffer one health level of bashing that cannot be soaked nor healed with blood. The only way to counteract the effect is by ingesting one-tenth of your body-weight in flesh to supplement your depleted carcass. Whether you kill and devour the skin from humans or raid the biohazard containers of liposuction clinics for sipped fat, you need your ration of human flesh in order to survive. If you try and ingest this macabre meal before damage is done, you'll simply vomit it out like any other food -- this does not impart the benefits of the Eat Food Merit.

Tzimisce - Privacy Obsession
You carry the Tzimisce respect for privacy to extremes. You must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to enter another being�s dwelling without being invited (though you will go to fiendishly clever lengths to garner an unwitting invitation). When disturbed in your manse by an uninvited guest, you must make a Self-Control or Instincts roll (difficulty 7) to avoid frenzy.

Tzimisce - Revenant Weakness
You were once part of a revenant family. Following the Embrace, you suffered the double-whammy of your clan's weakness and your revenant family's limitation.

Tzimisce - Scar face
You're a walking mess of scars. Although you heal damage with Cainite efficiency, the manner in which you do so is all too human. For some reason, the regenerating flesh returns as scar tissue. Vicissitude doesn't help; in fact, it aggravates your condition with stretch marks and cicatrices anywhere your skin breaks. While this doesn't hamper you physically, it does affect your interactions with other people. For 2 points, all Social roll difficulties increase by one. At 3 points, your face and body are so horribly blemished that your Appearance rating can never exceed 2. At 4 points, the swath of scars is thick enough to hinder your actions through skin-resistance. All Dexterity roll difficulties also increase by one in addition to the other level's penalties.


You fail to see the need for the Masquerade, and have gone on record as saying so. Taking your stand has made you suspect in the eyes of your elders, and may have attracted the Sabbat�s attention as well.

You have received absolutely no education, and have five fewer points to spend on you Knowledge Abilities (with eight being the greatest you could have, and 0 being the least). You can still spend freebie points to take Knowledges. As part of this, you cannot have any Knowledge higher than 3 at the beginning of the game.

A Kindred with this Flaw is barred from entering any private residence for which he has not been given an express invitation by the person who dwells within. This invitation need not necessarily come from the owner of the home, but a vampire cannot bypass the power of this Flaw by having any old stranger invite him into a home for which they have no intimate connection. If the character gains an invitation, the invitation must be spoke aloud, he may enter that home freely from there on.

Un-Retractable Fangs
You're unable to retract your fangs. you should be very careful, lest the wrong mortals see them. Vicissitude 3 (Bonecraft) can be used to forcibly cause them to shrink, but the process is painful & the fangs will return the next night.

You have never trained extensively in any skill or craft, and therefore have five fewer points to spend on you Skills (with eight being the greatest you could have, and 0 being the least). While freebies can be spent to raise your Skills, no Skill may be higher than 3 at the beginning of the game.

You are proud of your new status and clan - so proud that you�ve shot your mouth off to other Kindred and made some enemies. Wiser vampires laugh at you and chalk your rudeness up to youth, but others regard you as arrogant and insulting. These enemies will take action to embarrass or harm you. Furthermore, you are at +2 difficulty on all Social rolls against any vampires you have alienated through your yammering - and you may not know who they are. At Storytellers discretion, you may also be required to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to keep your mouth shut any time the opportunity presents itself for you to brag about your lineage, your clan or your status.


You are boastful and know that you deserve any praise you receive. You are particularly found of Kindred who realize their lesser standing in the face of your obvious superiority, although you tend to view any who speak well of you as more intelligence and deserving than most. Due to your arrogance and love of sycophants, you receive an increase of one to three points on the difficulty level for resisting any attempts at Manipulation using flattery (the modifier is doubled if the flatter has a flattery specialty). The modifier is determined by the rating of this Flaw.

You have a score to settle, incurred either during your mortal days or after your Embrace. You are obsessed with taking your revenge on an individual or group, and it is your overriding priority in any situation where you encounter the object of your revenge. You may temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending Willpower point.

Victim of the Masquerade
The Camarilla�s propaganda machine did too good a job on you. Even after your Embrace you refused to believe you were a vampire. You remain convinced that there is some logical explanation for your condition, and spend as much time as you can searching for it. You also have problems feeding, and may insist on trying to eat regular food. None of these habits makes you particularly pleasant company for other Kindred. This Flaw must be roleplayed at all times.

Chivalrous culture places more and more importance on the observation of a pantheon of virtues. Knights must display these virtues. You have gained the unfortunate reputation for being lacking in one of the major virtues. Perhaps you made inappropriate advances to the wrong lady, broke your word, consistently lose at tourney or even fled the field of battle. This black mark hangs around your neck, hampering your career. You suffer a +1 diff on all social rolls among knights and nobles. Eliminating this Flaw is a task both long and hard. You must prove that you were slandered or have made amends and that you are now a paragon of the virtue you supposedly lacked.

Vulnerability to Silver
You suffer aggravated wounds from silver, just like a werewolf.


You are devoted to the protection of a mortal. You may describe your ward, though the Storyteller will actually create her. This character id often a friend or relative from your living days. Retainers do not count as wards, as they "pay their own way". Wards have a talent for getting caught up in the actions of stories, and are frequently target�s of a character�s enemies.

You are highly susceptible to Dominate and intimidation by others; you are, in fact unable to use your Willpower freely. You can employ your Willpower only when survival is at stake or it is appropriate to you Nature.

Woman in Disguise
You are one of those rare women who have decided to live the knight�s life. The opinions of your fellows - both male and female - have forced you to assume the role of a man, changing your name and appearance as best you can. You life your life in a careful subterfuge, doing everything you can to avoid the discovery of your secret, while still appearing at tourney and at court. You likely have trusted aids who share your secret and help you keep it. If your secret were revealed, you would, in all likelihood, be utterly disgraced as a liar and a woman who doesn�t know her place. This Flaw does not grant you the ability to maintain the disguise.

Woman in Spurs
A Joan of Arc long before the day, you flout convention and publicly act as a knight without hiding your gender. This closes many doors to you, and most mortal knights will refuse to treat you as anything resembling an equal - most think you insane, evil or possessed, in fact. Only by proving yourself to each and every man you face will you gain even a modicum of respect. In Cainite circles, you are treated more fairly, but masquerading as a mortal is nearly impossible unless you shed your arms.